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Peer Observation Template

Step 1. Details of the class being observed.

1. Observation details

Date: Time Class

Teacher Observed: Teacher(s) Observing:

Lesson Aim: Materials:

Step 2. Details of the focus of the peer observation.

2. Observation focus

The peer observation focus is… The agreed types of evidence

collected during the observation
will be…

Step 3. Observations relating to the agreed focus

3. Capturing your observations
a) The lesson and materials
Is the lesson aim achieved? Are the
materials error-free? Does the
teacher deal with questions about
target language appropriately?
Does the teacher encourage
students to communicate: with
partners; with the class in groups;
with the teacher?

b) The activities
Do the activities support the aim?
Is there varying difficulty? Is there
a mix of production/reception
activities? Is the classroom
managed effectively? Is the timing
of activities appropriate?

c) The language
Is the teacher’s language
comprehensible? Is teacher talk
used effectively? Are instructions
given clearly? Does the teacher use
language accurately?

d) The students
Are all the students involved and
motivated? Are students given
feedback? Do students understand
language that they produce? Is
language used by teacher and
students for self-expression? Do
the students have good rapport
with the teacher?

e) Questions
The observer might have questions
to clarify with the teacher, or
thoughts which can be listed here

Step 4. Details of reflections and actions to work on for the future.

4. Going forward
Observer Reflection Observed Teacher Action Points

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