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The Third Dimension

HR201 Assignment1 - Management Style

Name: Rattanan Wanikorn

Student ID: 6002641147

Questionnaire Results
VisualDna Test
I am Captain!!!

Openness 84%, Conscientiousness79%, Extraversion92%, Agreeableness86%

and Neurotism34%

TheoryX and TheoryY

TheoryX = 37

TheoryY = 63

Result: Y26

ISTJ - Introverted (I), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), Judging (J).
Management Style Essay
Beginning from VisualDNA, the test with multiple pictures including with few words,
the result of the test makes me very surprised since it is definitely accurate to my character and
behavior. The outcome is that I am a captain including with five different personalities: 88
percent of Openness, 79 percent Conscientiousness, 92 percent of Extraversion, 86 percent of
agreeableness and 34 percent of neuroticism.

The first characteristic is extraversion. My highest level reflects how energetically and
socially I engage with the outside world. This kind of person means experiencing positive
emotion from social situations and activities. The meaning is completely true. I love meeting
and interacting a lot of people moreover; I always feel very joyful to acquaint new friends
from new society. The second one is openness. It shows my willingness to embrace the new
challenging opportunity. Honestly, I am imaginative, creative, and comfortable with varieties
and changes in additions; I am so excited to find more new experience and challenge from the
real world. The third one is agreeableness. It indicates my concern for the happiness of social
group. It assumes that social harmony is the important goal for individuals finding it
significant to get along others. The result implies that I am always willing to put my duty to
act reasonable care toward others furthermore; I am helpful, friendly, and generous to help
others. The fourth one is conscientiousness of which I quite agree with this result. I am one of
the people who are deeply aware of future. For example, when teachers provide the new topics
of the lesson to me, I will not hesitate to open and read it entirely because I feel that in the
future if there is something happen to me, I will not have time to understand all. The last one
is neuroticism which I have got the lowest score from the test. Neuroticism is defined as the
tendency to respond emotionally to events and situations. The reason why I got it the lowest
point because I think I can be tolerated to any kind of stress. When there are some distressful
situations happening to my life, I will control my emotion first and think deeply rather than
feel frustrated and hopeless until I can finally find some appropriate solutions. For example,
when the midterm examination is coming, I will not be serious, frightened, and frustrated
nonetheless, I will do my best and the result must be satisfying.

The second personality test provided to me is MBTI. My result from the test is ISTJ
personality which stands for Introverted (I), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), Judging (J). Being
ISTJ trait means the primary mode of living is internal. The secondary mode is external, where
I deal with things rationally and logically. ISTJs are very loyal, faithful, and dependable. I
have always focused on the great importance of honesty and integrity. While I am taking
things very seriously, I usually have a common sense of humor to provide a lot of fun to
people, especially for my family or group works. The most important of an ISTJs trait is that I
will never entirely give up Moreover; I am going to put my effort on completing my
responsibility and achieving my goals. In my opinion, I totally agree with the result when
compared to my own character. Whenever I have encountered with any problems, I am going
to take my knowledge with some academics sense to solve them. I always realize that all of
my duties always come with integrity; every responsibility will be successful if we put our
effort as well as our honesty. I usually experience with the group working as a leader. My
difficulty is to manage the group members while they are working under pressure. I must
provide them some relaxation for them for example, telling them about funny jokes including
with ridiculous stories will make them more relaxed and joyful during the serious time. I do
not want anyone undertaking their task too much seriously but everyone must receive some
enjoy and happiness during their working.

Finally, referring to theory X and theory Y as the last test I have already finished. The
theories explain how my perception affects my management style. I have got theory X 37
points and theory Y 63 points. The outcome of the test concludes that I am theory Y person. It
means I am happy and self-motivated to work and completes tasks, more involved in decision-
making. Moreover; you solve problems creatively and imaginatively. In my opinion, managers
should convince and stimulate the employee to participate in organization’s plan in additions
this point will lead the opportunities to the employee to express their idea. I totally believe that
the best way to make decision-making occur from every level of worker in the organization.

In conclusion, after I have already finished three personality tests which are
VisualDNA, MBTI and theory X and theory Y. The tests help me figure out my strength and
weakness. Beginning from my strength, I believe that I am an ambitious, industrious,
generous, and sociable person. When I totally attempt to do something, I am going to try every
way to achieve my goals. Therefore I believe every objective can be possible if it is in my
hands. In addition, my ways to reach the goals will occur not only from my endeavour but also
morality which I should realize; I enjoy helping all of the people without wishing any
feedback because I believe that our wonderful society will start from my own will I do a lot of
activities, especially in university to improve myself Moreover; my attitude of working is that
whenever I receive some responsibility, I must complete it without avoiding any obstacles,
using my own effort and some integrity in myself. Teamwork is very important; I actually
believe that if I work alone, I can achieve something but if I work with my teams, I can
achieve everything. According to my weakness, obviously I am too much serious person;
whenever I try to do something best, I usually make anyone worried and stressful from my
action. However, this problem happened to me always makes me stronger and more
professional. I should manage my time carefully and do everything steps by steps while I am
handling any responsibilities. Furthermore; I need to seek more relaxation to myself. For
example, I often spend my time playing football and talking to my friends and family every
weekend. Not only do I achieve my goals but also my mental health is still healthy.
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Figure1: VisualDna Results

Figure2: TheoryX and TheoryY results
Figure3: MBTI results (ISTJ)
Figure4: Turnitin Results