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Last updated: 2nd Oct 2009

Durjan Hussain (Mr.)
Flast#D-408 Own Paradise, Garden West, Karachi, Pakistan Mobile: +92 (0) 3312757028


Personal Statement:
I am a highly motivated Masters level Software Engineer also detail-oriented and resourceful in explaining logical and analytical aspects of programming and software engineering concepts. I have good communication skills and perform confidently and effectively under pressure. Good team player and ability to use own initiative to achieve company objectives. Excellent computer skills, Versatile personality and learn new tasks/skills quickly. Proven leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve their objectives and also dedicated to maintain high quality standards.

• • • MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) .Net Framework 2.0 Web Application. Java Programming: SCJP1.4 (Sun Certified Java Programmer) Server Programming: SCWCD 1.3 (Sun Certified Web Component Developer) for J2EE platform.

• Software Project Management: Good understanding of Software methodologies (Agile, XP, RUP) and have sound theoretical and research experiences in software development life cycles (SDLC). • Design and Development: Good command in analysing problem and designing software solutions and develop all level of software in C# (ASP.NET), PHP, VB6.0 and JAVA. • Operating systems: Good understanding of inter process communication, mutual exclusions and parallel processing, comfortable in working on Linux (Ubunt), Windows (95, 98, 2000, 2000 server, XP, Millennium, NT, 2003 server, Vista, 2008 server and Windows 7). • Database:


2005 & 2008).0/ ASP Classic SQL SERVER 2000 SQL SERVER 2005 PHP/MYSQL Linux Crystal Reports Oracle 10g Pascal/C JavaScript Struts /Hibernate Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Ajax SQL Server Reporting Services Experience 4 year working experience 2 years teaching and working experience. 2008 and Oracle 9i and also used SQL analysis services.Net (2003. Skill set with Experience: Skill C# (ASP. Visio 2003. 6. • Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0. 4 years working experience. I worked in SQL server 2000. Servlet) VB6. 5. 1 year working experience 1 year working experience 2 . • Network Programming: Good understanding of Socket programming and network communication and good knowledge of network security algorithms. I can model all kinds of database management system. Dream Weaver. Used while doing Degree project. 8).NET) Java (Jsp. 1 year teaching and degree project experience. Eclipse. 1 year working experience. 4 years working experience 2 years working experience 2 years working experience 1 year working experience. Microsoft Visual Studio. Swish. Flash.5). 2 years working experience. Rational Rose. and Front Page.5. 1 year working experience.Good understanding of database development and design. Oracle JDeveloper10g. K Develop (Linux). 2005. JBuilder (3. Apache Tomcat (4.0. 1 year teaching experience. MS Project 2003. Photoshop.

0. Main Project worked: • www.Net Software Engineer Responsibilities: • Requirement Engineering. testing code.onlyfinance.5) • Visual Studio (2005. deploying application on staging and production server. • Ajax Technologies Used: • Asp. Views. maintaining SourceSafe.Triggersoft www.0. • http://www.5) • Visual Studio (2005.Net Framework (2. • Meeting with clients.3. Work Experience: 1. 2008) • Database and Test Project in VS team suite. CSS 02/08– 10/08 02/09– 06/09 3 .Net Web Developer (Asp.only.0 • . 2008) • NUnit • SQL Server 2005 • NHibernate • SVN • Smart Client Software Factory • Web Services Location: Gloucestershire (UK) (Permanent role) Designation: . Technologies Used • C# 2. Web Services.5) Responsibilities: • Rebuild Internal CMS Loan Project.0.onlyleads.UML 1 year designing and teaching experience.triggersoft. Stored 2. LINQ.3. helping junior developer.Net Framework (2. • Unit Testing • Writing library of codes. deploying application on staging and production (2.www. • Rebuild New Leads Project with Group www.0 • . JQuery.0 & (Permanent role) Designation: Senior . • Writing Standard Codes. 3.5) • C# 2. JavaScript.3.

huddle. (http://209. Build desktop based application to enter lotto/euro numbers to national lottery website (http://www.3. 2008) • Ajax .5) • Visual Studio (2005.29.Net Developer Responsibilities: • Requirement Engineering. • Testing (Automated and Manual). • Adding new functionality.185).net(C# & vb. Main Project: Huddle localization. • Maintaining Current (Contract role) Designation: .co.5) • C# 2. London(UK) 3. Redeveloped lottolondon project with new technology 03/06 – 12/06 06/07-----12/07 • 4 .0.Ninian Solution www.0.nationallottery.0 & 3. • Writing standard code. • Updating system.lottolondon.3. Technologies Used: • Asp. IIS (2. with sql server 2000.Nakedpenguinboy ltd (www.• • • • SQL Server 2005 Share point 2007 Crystal Report SourceSafe Location: Aldgate East.5) Responsibilities: • Implementing complete software project management structure in the company. • Writing stored procedures. 2005 • MS SourceSafe • SQL Reporting Services Location: ) Designation: .149. London (UK) Developer (Asp. CSS • SQL Server 2.Net Framework (2.nakedpenguinboy.0 • .0(Windows 2003). • Network Administration. Project: • • Worked on Lotto London project (http://www. 3.

0.Location: Farringdon. Karachi (Pakistan) 5 . CSS. VB6. JavaScript and amendment in a code then configure with system. Windows Applications Office: Clifton. Linux.Net & Crystal Report 9. • System Design and documentation • Complete Project Life cycle Documentation Using Open source (php. Creating a website using Dream Weaver. CMS Technologies: • Php/Mysql • Debian Linux • Dream weaver/ Front page Office: Ashwin Street London E8 3DL. London (UK) 5. Html. mysql. Project: • E-Commerce site. FrontPage tools.NET (both web and desktop) application. Apache Web Server). SQL Server 2000 and web Server IIS 6. Garden Karachi Designation: . Html etc Project: • Job Site.UK 6. VB.0 Project: • Library system • Home based system • E-Commerce site • Job site Office: Garden. using ADO. JavaScript.NET. Karachi Pakistan 02/ 01 – 03/ 02 03/02 – 03/04 10/04 – 12/05 Designation: Classic Asp Developer Key Responsibilities: • Programming in classic asp using Sql Server 2000. Karachi (Pakistan) 7.C#.Cyber-Bridge.Net Developer Key Responsibilities: • Software design and development • Software Quality Assurance • Project development • Programming in ASP.Common Resource Ltd Ashwin Street London E8 3DL Designation: Volunteer e-commerce developer Main responsibilities include: • Requirement Engineering.Sultanabad Software House.

Accounting. JDeveloper 10g) Project: Build a linux based Wi-Fi management system using Php/Mysql. FreeRADIUS and Chillispot.BSc. Marketing and Psychology Minors: REFERENCES: References will be available on request.Karachi University (2002-2004) Majors: • • • • • Software Engineering Methodologies Algorithm Analysis and techniques Data Warehousing (BI) Object Oriented Programming Java. C#. Management.Qualifications: 1. Servlet. 2.Jan 2007) Majors: • • • • • • Research Methodologies Requirement Engineering and Management Developing Object Oriented Solution –JAVA Software Engineering Tools -Oracle 10. It will be used in small town or city to provide Wi-Fi. Web Technologies. Software was a part of research in Wireless Mesh Topology. sponsored by UK and China. Hibernate. Software Engineering .Kingston University London (Jan 2006. Computer Science . Network Security. Struts. Xml. 6 .g ADF Project and Risk Management Advanced Java Programming (Jsp.MSc.