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‘Deer Chaimnan Grassley and Ranking Member Feinstein: ‘Weare mea and womea who Imew Brett Kavanaugh well high school, We have ceen. reports today that Julie Swetick, who says she giadusied fom Gaithersburg High School subuuited 2 declaration tote Comittee llegang that Brettparticipated in horrific conduct daring ‘ugh school, ichuding targetme gals for gang rape. Nonsease. We never witnessed any behavior that even approaches Waal 1s described m ths allegation. Itiseprehenable In the extensive amomnt of time we collectively spent with Bret, we do not recall having ever met someone named Julie Swetnick. Nor did we ever cbserve Bret engiging in any conduct ‘eotmbling that dereribedin Me, Swetick's declaration, Brett Kavanaugh is a good man. He hes aways tested women with respect and decency. ‘He is aman of honor integnry. and compassion. These shameftl atcks must end. This process is a disgrace andis harming good people Raceall Aaronson Tunothy Gandette Daniel Ansstasi James Gavia Steve Barmes William Geiner Pavick Beranek Mary Beth Greene ‘Michael Bidwll Mary Ellen Greene ‘Michael Boland Danel Hanley David Brigati Melisa Hetmessy Micey Bigelow Corr Baccy Moran Jackzon Sharon Creuch Clk Briaa H Jolnetoa Steve Comivs Maura Kane Cit Conway Kevin Kane Mak Daly ‘Tuomas Kane DeLancey Davis Amarie Kappa Jalie DeVol George M. Kappiz ‘Meg Wiliams Dierick ‘Timothy Kilin Paula Duke Ebel Kelly Leonard Micheel Fegaa Maura M. Lindsey ‘Maura Fitzgerald John F. Loome, IV susan Fizgerlé ‘Suzanne Mata Jim Foley ‘Meghan McCaled Sect MeCale> Mark A. Quina ‘Bemard McCarthy, J. Mae Joyce Rhoten Michael. McCay Mark Richardson Stephanie McGill L Maurice Rowe, 1V Stephanie McGrail Stephen Royeton Byron J. Mitchell Alice Kelley Scanlon Sem Mspiy Jeanes Sullivan Paul. Muzay ‘Cynhia Urg0 Dougias D. Olsen Donald Ure, Jr John F. Ostonic Patuck T. Waters Elizabeth Betsy) Manfise Pothier Megan Williams ‘Matthew Quinn Jodi Yeager