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Definition of factory:
There must be premises involved,
the boundaries of which can be
Within those premises, there is PART II SAFETY, HEALTH AND
manual labor going on in WELFARE
PART VI GENERAL connection with one of the • Premises must be structurally sound
• General penalty processes specified with saf access to work areas,
RM2000.00 The process must involve the materials and goods must be safely
• Certain sections is making, altering, repairing, stacked (Section 10)
RM5000.00 (section 51) ornamenting, finishing, cleaning, • Machinery must be of sound
washing, breaking up demolition or construction and dangerous parts
adapting for sale any article must be fenced (section 14, 15, 16)
PART V NOTICE OF The processes must be carried on • Employees must not misuse safety
OCCUPTION OF FACTORY by trade or for gain and health equipment (Section 20)
AND Other definitions - building • Employees not allowed to act in a
REGISTRATION AND USE operations, hoisting machine, way that could endanger the safety of
OF MACHINERY machinery, steam boiler himself or other person
• Premises must be kept in clean, with
• Notify Department of adequate work space , ventilation,
Occupational Safety and PART IV NOTIFICATION OF lighting and toilets (Section 22)
Health (DOSH) ACCIDENT, DANGEROUS • Persons must be supplied with
OCCURRENCE AND DANGEROUS adequate facilities for clothing,
within 3 months of the DISEASES
intended start date storage, drinking, water, first aid and
(section 34) washing facilities (section 25)
• Building operations The occupier must notify the • Employees must be trained on the
must be notified if last nearest inspector of accidents and safety of machinery (section 26)
more than 6 weeks disease.
(section 35) Accidents include:
• Changes to the use of • Loss of life
factory or machinery • Injury to a person who loses more CERTIFICATES OF COMPETENCY
must be notified than 4 days work (loss time injury –
• Serious damage to machinery or • Machinery operators must be
• Fills a standard form adequately trained or under the
together with (a) layout other property (Section 31).
Inspectors may investigate accidents supervision of a trained person
plan of the (section 26)
and dangerous occurrence and hold
factory; (b) list of enquiries into more serious cases • Young persons (<16 years) must not
products to be (Section 33) operate machinery (section 28)
manufactured; (c) list of
machines to be used; (d)
list of chemicals, toxic or
substances to be used
and (e) detail flow chart
of the processes

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