The Story Of Jack

Written By: Ian Whitehouse


I dedicate this Book to My Family And Friends Who without Them I would never be The way I am now. Also, I Would Like to Thank My English

Teachers For helping And Inspiring Me to Make A book. Thank You And Enjoy… Caution. This book has descriptions of violence. some

foul language. and blood. Most characters in this novel are based off of real people with their eager consent. Reader discretion is advised.


Chapter 1: The Beginning.

I was always around death when I was a child. My grandparents, my pets, a lot of people and animals I had close died. I then learned that death is just a way of life. Everything dies. As I started growing up, I just got used to it. It became the less of my worries. I knew that eventually my parents would pass away. And my parents did pass away. Then all I had was my friends. They were always

around me. My friends Shawn, Adam, and my other friends Troy, Oscar, and Jay. They were my family. But I’ve known Shawn and Adam way longer than I’ve known the others. So they were more like family to me. After high school, I went to college and worked hard. I graduated from college on the day of June the 16th 2015. And I took up a career as a writer. My name is Jack Vandell. I’m currently twenty five. I have long black wavy hair. I have a mustache. I lived

in a house in San Diego. I loved my simple house. It had glass sliding doors that led to my small back yard, and all of the things anyone would need. It had a nice view of downtown, High windows, a big front yard, and a secret hatch that led to my roof. San Diego was the sunniest city in the world. Everything was beautiful about the city. The Beaches, the houses, the people. Everything was perfect. San Diego was a shiny beautiful paradise. It was the year 2018. But

Ever since the outbreak, the city of San Diego was never the same. There was a pharmaceutical company called the AFZM. They were the top pharmaceutical company in all of the nation. The Corporate office building of the company here in the middle of downtown that stood higher than almost any other building in the area. They made a lot of different medications. AFZM had their own helicopter to transport things around the city.

Everybody bought something from them. Meds, Special air filters, pet foods, “personal products”, you name it. I then heard on the news that a couple of scientists that worked for the AFZM went to South America and found that a small population of natives got infected with an unknown virus. The scientists stayed for a while to study and extract the virus. All of the infected had various wounds and bites on various locations in their body. The infected were

made as comfortable as possible and cremated after death. The scientists took a sample and brought it back to San Diego study it. Now that technology was having it large improvements, the crime rate rose. And many criminals were arrested also. The scientists tested the virus on some death row convicts. I would watch the morning news talk about it. And it would show how the convicts were losing skin discoloration, and many were vomiting and

screaming. After That here was no news about anything for a while until the late night news revealed that the virus was fatal and had absolutely no cure. The scientists naively left the dead on the autopsy tables unguarded and unchained thinking it was just a killing disease. I didn’t hear anything about it anymore until one Saturday morning my phone rang. “Hello?” It was Shawn. “Hey Jack, guess what, turn on the

news, you have to see this.” I used my remote to turn my TV on. The reporter was hastily talking. And In the background, you could see people panicking and running away from the direction of the AFZM building. And some had bloody clothing and wounds. They screamed and panicked and some people went towards the commotion armed with guns and other various weapons. The camera had some blood drops on its lens. “Live at the gas lamp

in downtown San Diego, Reports of large mobs of insane civilians roaming the city and biting and attacking anybody that they can, Local law enforcement have been dispatched to stop these horrible people and their chaotic rampage. Also, local vigilante groups of armed civilians have volunteered to help the law enforcement.” Then the signal switched to another camera showing a barricade of cop cars, lightly armed cops and civilians. The funny thing I

noticed was, that the civilians packed more firepower than the police. A chubby cop yelled into his megaphone, “Stop this rampage now, you are all under arrest, surrender or we will shoot you.” The mob kept approaching undaunted. They just kept walking at a slow pace towards the barricades with their arms out moaning. I then figured these weren’t normal people. How could I have been so foolish. I could tell, they looked drugged. Their mouths were all

bloody from biting people, they had large bite wounds in various places like arms, legs, neck, their eyes were a filmed white, they also staggered towards the barricade in a very slow manner, and some of their limbs were missing. These were zombies. Zombie was a nickname for people who have contracted the zombie virus dubbed Solanum, they eventually die and reanimate to spread the virus by biting other humans. The virus is

usually spread through saliva or blood. There were other ways of infection other than bites. Blood ingestion, having blood or saliva splattered into your mouth, ears, eyes, nose, or any open wounds would also infect you and inevitably turn you into the living dead. The only way of getting rid of the virus from your body before becoming a zombie is killing yourself. The people must have been infected from that virus that the scientists brought back. Thus I figured the

virus was Solanum. My parents and friends never believed in zombies. When I was a kid I took it to the extreme. I made a zombie plan and had a bat next to my bed. I would train almost every day with random weapons like my shotgun or crow bar, my bat, or even a sledgehammer. My friends would laugh at the thought of zombies. They thought that Solanum was a myth. I kept watching TV as the zombies approached the open barricade and attacked the

defenders. The cops and civilians fired at the zombies but were not aware that a head shot was the only way to take down a zombie. That was the zombie’s core, its weak spot. Once the virus would enter your blood stream it goes straight to the brain and multiplies like cells into an organ within the brain. By the time it would be complete you would be dead. Dying would take approximately twenty two hours. But before then, the process would be slow and painful.

The cops were overrun as the undead horde grabbed those valiant fighters and bit into them as they screamed and attempted to push them off. Many collapsed and were engulfed by large groups of attackers as they were devoured. Then the camera fell and the signal died. I got up, walked to my room and opened my closet. I took out my baseball bat. I walked into my attic and grabbed my twelve gauge shotgun that I had practiced with for years. I picked up my

phone and called Shawn. I knew that Shawn’s brother Dane could help us. He was very skillful at survival, hand to hand fighting and other things that were essential to zombie survival. So he knew a lot more about what to do than I did. I mean I knew a lot. But I could’ve still used more help. I also called Oscar, Jay and Troy and told them to meet me at Shawn’s house. I got into my black car and brought my Shotgun and Bat. I drove quickly avoiding

downtown. There was nobody on the streets. Since I was a few miles away from downtown, the undead horde has not affected this area yet. But I could see that many curtains were shut in most of the houses. Hopefully most of the people would be able to have survived. I drove for another fifteen minutes and arrived at Shawn’s house and walked in. Shawn, a tall black guy with really curly hair and glasses. Sat on his couch with a Machete and a

desert eagle. “Hey, Oscar, Troy and Jay are here. Oscar was the shortest out of all. He was a small dark skinned guy with long straight hair and a baby face. He was armed with a 45 pistol. Troy was about my height with medium length hair and had always had a serious mood. He was armed with a puny snub nose revolver. Jay was the skinniest out of all of us. Short blondish hair, taller than me. And he also was armed with a 45 pistol. We were all about the same age. Except for

Dane and Oscar. Dane was twenty nine. Oscar was twenty two. Dane was really skinny. He had extremely curly hair like his brother. He had a narrow goatee on his chin. He always wore bandanas. He was armed with a 10 gauge shotgun. We all started brainstorming about how we were going to survive any onslaught of the undead that would dare try to attack us. Jay brought all of the food from his house. So we would be able to eat freely for about a month. Troy

brought all of his electronics. His TV, his walkie-talkies, his gaming consoles. And a backup generator. Shawn was the provider of water. He had ten jugs of fresh water that was deliciously cold all the time. So I was the only one who brought homemade, c4 plastic explosives, and my knowledge of zombies. So technically I was the strategist. There was a knock on the door. Shawn looked through the peephole and sighed in relief and said. “Its just

Adam.” Adam was Shawn’s cousin. He had long straight hair. He was buff and about my height. He held and arsenal of guns in a burlap sack. But overall, he preferred the magnum revolver. When we all got settled, Shawn went to his well enclosed back yard and came back holding stacks of lumber, five hammers, and a pack of two hundred nails. We hastily boarded up his house so there was no possible way that zombies could come in for the

moment. I turned the TV on to channel seven. There was just the rainbow stripes like there always is when all channels go offline. The zombies probably killed about everyone in downtown. Those poor souls. Everyone was boarding up Shawn’s house. In about twenty minutes we were done. The house was zombie proof for the moment. “Well, Jack I guess you were right. Hehe there are such thing as zombies. I’m glad that after all these years, you

still know a thing or two about the undead and ways to survive a major outbreak.” Troy pulled a radio scanner out of his pocket. The scanner would probably hear any radio transmissions from the police or fire department. “This is officer Johnson. I’m currently fleeing from downtown. I am going to set up a defensive position with my car and some sandbags. If there are any other officers out there, come to my defensive position. I’ll mark it with red smoke, over.” Troy

turned the scanner off. “So should we stay here or help them? “Lets at least stay here for the night. And we could find a way out in the morning.” I replied. It was about four o-clock in the morning, when we all went to sleep in Shawn’s living room. I awoke at seven o’clock because I heard loud knocks on our barricade. I immediately woke everyone up. Then all of a sudden, one of the wooden planks started to splinter. I drew my shotgun.


Then Shawn’s door split in half when about twenty blood stained zombies staggered into the house. “Shit!” I yelled. I immediately fired my shotgun at the incoming group. Adam picked up a magnum and shot a zombie in the eye, it stumbled back and collapsed. I fired a shot and two zombies closest to me fell down. Shawn decapitated one with his machete and turned his other arm then shot one of the zombies with his


desert eagle. He got covered in zombie gore. We all decided it was time to go. Shawn’s dad Bill gave Shawn a bus. So we all decided to run out back, get inside it, and go. We ran from the zombies and ran to the back door Shawn wanted us to jump out the window so we could hold the zombies back with the door. Shawn knocked on the window twice and broke it. But he could’ve just opened it. So we climbed out and got to the bus. Shawn and I had

modified the bus a few weeks before. We had put chain link fences on the windows. The windows were bulletproof. We put in the highly reinforced metal so the bus could withstand a lot. We all carried our stuff on and closed the door. By the time we were leaving. The zombies busted out through the back door. They tried to catch up, but the bus drove away. The closest place we could hide from zombies was my house. So we were heading to my house. On

the way there we ran over a bunch of zombies. Dark reddish blood and chunks of flesh covered the windows. We arrived at my house and the area around it was in chaos. Blood was everywhere. And some buildings were on fire for some reason. We ran into my house with everything we could carry. We piled up almost all of the excess furniture around my glass sliding doors. We all hooked up our video game consoles and started playing to pass the time. We took shifts taking

watch while some of us slept so we wouldn’t have the same mistake like the one at Shawn’s house. The next morning we made some coffee and watched some Mexican comedy shows. I climbed up a ladder that led to my roof and looked outside. I noticed something weird. I couldn’t see the sidewalk or my yard anymore. Because there was about two hundred zombies outside just standing there. One looked up and groaned. The other one hundred and ninety nine

looked up and either hissed or moaned. Then they all started to bang on my front door or the walls. I heard Shawn say, “Ill get it.” I jumped down the hole and tackled Shawn. “Why did you do that man??!” He cried. I shushed him. We all yelled, “Crap!!” Then we grabbed all of the furniture we had and blocked the front door. The windows were out of reach to the zombies so we were safe window-wise. We heard the door start to splinter but we already

had two sofas and a couple of tables hammered together. We placed it in front of the door. Then Shawn remembered that he had parked the bus just next to my house. So we could climb through my ceiling hatch and go into the hole in the roof of the bus. We climbed the ladder and jumped onto the bus. Then Shawn turned the bus on, and drove around the side of the house into the mass of zombies. The bus shook violently as the bus drove over the zombies. Shawn

parked the bus so that it blocked the front door and so there was no way that the zombies could get in through the front. We climbed out of the top hatch and entered my house through the roof. Oscar was standing guard on the back door aiming one of the 45 pistols at the glass doors just in case some zombie broke through the barricades. We got back in and noticed that the thumping on the front door stopped. There was still a lot more zombies outside. We

moved all available furniture to the glass doors. The sun was blood red that day. I sat on my roof. Looking at the once glorious city, now burning and in complete chaos. I saw no survivors walking around the surrounding streets. We needed to find a way out. Or we would eventually die of lack of water or even food. When we escaped from Shawn’s house, we a bit of our food and water supply. I picked up a rifle and took aim. A zombie was staggering along the street. It was

moaning and grunting as it moved. I fired the rifle And the bullet hit the zombie on the forehead. The zombie collapsed. We all had to wear ear plugs because the zombies moaned all day and night so the moan would probably drive us insane without earplugs. I heard Shawn call me down. He had made waffles and quesadillas. We all ate slowly so we wouldn’t get hungry as fast. “We have to get out of here.” I blurted out. All of my friends stared at me.

Oscar nodded in return. “Yeah we have to go, but where?” Troy asked with a mouth full of waffle. “Well.” I started. “We can go to the gun shop. That’s where we can all find enough ammo to last us a long time. Then we can head to the nearest Mega Mart, and use all the stuff there to barricade the store so no zombies can come in. “That’s a great plan.” Said Shawn. We all started packing all of the necessary supplies we needed. So we got onto the roof and entered the

bus through the top. The streets were deserted but in the distance you could here gun fire, screams, zombie moans, and the birds had stopped singing. It seemed as if all of the world had stopped spinning. Shawn started the bus and hit the gas. Then the bus headed east toward the gun shop. About ten minutes later, the bus ran out of gas. Shawn punched the steering wheel as the bus came to a slow and quiet stop. We all exited the bus and walked in the street.

We needed to get to a gas station to get some gas and fill the bus up. There was an abandoned gas station up ahead. The little store had blood all over it’s walls. I headed towards the store. And noticed that on the wall, it said FRESH CHEESEBURGERS. “Jack, where are you going!!?” Shawn asked. “I’m gonna get some cheeseburgers.” To get cheeseburgers “We have enough food to last us.” Troy nagged. “But not cheeseburgers.” I said. I entered the store and

gasped at the smell of rotten flesh and the sight of a half eaten dead man on the ground. You could hear the buzzing of flies. I grabbed a bag and filled it with food. I heard a rustling from behind one of the isles. “Hello?” I asked. Then I turned the corner and saw a zombie devouring a woman sprawled on the ground. The zombie turned it’s head toward me. Blood splattered out of its mouth as it hissed. I immediately pumped my shotgun and fired. The zombie’s head

split and the zombie collapsed. I exited the building and found that everyone had the bus ready. We got back on and continued our journey. That evening it started to rain. And the thunder shook the bus as we drove on the empty, destroyed streets. Sunny San Diego wasn’t sunny anymore. Many half eaten bodies were on the streets. And blood was splattered everywhere. The gun shop was open. So we parked, got out of the bus and walked into the gun shop.

The gun shop lobby was empty. And there was some blood on the floor. We walked more towards the back and found a door. Oscar, Jay, Dane, Adam, and Troy stayed at the counter picking up weapons and examining them. Me and Shawn slowly opened the door. Then we peered in. There was a young women was sitting on a couch in what seemed to be the break room. She was slender, and had long shiny black hair. She held a massive pistol which was what

seemed to be a desert eagle. She jumped when she heard us come in and she aimed her pistol at us. We put our hands up. She slowly approached us and quickly and quietly asked. “Who are you?” Shawn and I told her our names. She then cautiously lowered her pistol. “My name is Sarah.” She said. We told her our situation and about our little problems we had on the way here. “Our plan Is to grab all the weapons that are not nailed down, and go to a nearby Mega Mart.

There we will have a lot of available food that will last us for a while. And then we will wait it out until we run out of food and we will go somewhere else with our reinforced bus.” I said. “Jack!!” I heard Oscar call. I ran out to the lobby. I saw my friends cursing at a large group of zombies that were trying to enter. But the glass windows and doors were reinforced with a shaky steel bars. The zombies pounded on the glass until it cracked and eventually shattered and nothing separated us but

shaky steel bars. The zombies shook and beat the bars. We let out a barrage of shotgun and pistol bullets which only collapsed three or four, but many remained. “Is there a back entrance?” I asked. Sarah nodded and gestured to us to follow her. We all followed as she pulled the back door open.


Chapter 2: The Office and A Mega mart… Ten zombies fell in and landed on or around Sarah. I yelled as I drew my bat and swung it with all of my might at the zombies. I saw flashes of gunfire from under the pile of Sarah and the undead. I brought my bat down on a zombie and shoved it off. Seven of the zombies got up and attacked. I smashed a zombie in the

head and its jaw fell off. I hit it again and its head cracked open. The zombie collapsed. Dane fired his shotgun and hit a zombie in the face. The remaining undead were handled by the rest of my friends. And it was over. Sarah was ok. She checked herself for bites. Her clothes were a bit torn, but she had no bites. “Knock first before opening suddenly.” I declared. We walked through the back door. We heard the front bars smash and we closed the back door. We then ran

toward the bus out front where a few zombies waited for us. We fired a volley of shots which killed the zombies. Shawn fired two shots at one of the zombie’s legs. The zombie fell. Shawn then walked up to it and stepped on it’s head which splattered him again with zombie gore. We walked in and dispatched the group of zombies that stood inside unaware. The zombies turned toward us and stumbled in our direction. We all fought the small horde with every weapon

we had. I threw my knife which hit a zombie in its left eye. I yanked it out and fired a shotgun round at another zombie four feet away. We used some weapons from the shop to help us with that small battle. Then we decided to burn the shop down to burn all of the bodies. I made a few fire bombs and threw them into the shop. We left a little bit of ammo in there to speed up the demolition process. We got into the bus and drove away from the burning shop. We all debated

about which Mega Mart was the closest and more strategically defensive. We decided to drive north. There was a huge Mega Mart there. We drove quickly through the wrecked streets covered in destroyed cars and some bodies. Then, just as we were going to drive across an intersection, we heard loud country music and yelling, “YEEHAW RAM THEM VARMINTS!” as a big red pickup truck hit our bus and skidded away. Our bus swerved into a building and landed on it’s

side. “Damn you rednecks!” That’s the last thing I yelled before I hit my head on a window and blacked out, until I woke up and found that we were all inside of the building that we just hit. My friends all sat there bandaging their cuts and grimly looking at a newspaper that said, “No survivors listed from the San Diego outbreak. Military units dispatched to incident location. Quarantine measures are in order.” I sat up and felt the back of my head which had a cut

that had a small stream of blood trickling out. I felt dizzy and my vision was blurry. I got up and grabbed a nearby desk to stabilize myself and to numb the sense of vertigo. “What happened?” I asked. Shawn looked up and said, “ The army is coming to blow up the city.” I looked at the hole that we made in the building. The front entrance was blocked. But from the back of the building we could hear loud knocks on the other doors. We all decided to go

to an upper level. By the looks of it, we were in an office building. We took all of the food and ammunition and carried it to the floor right under the roof level. We all rested from the long climb. We managed to destroy the staircase, and barricade it too. A few minutes later we heard a loud whirring. “It’s a helicopter!” Troy yelled. We all ran up the stairs to the roof. We saw a helicopter hover by our building. I pulled out a flare gun we got from the gun shop and fired it. The

flare flew past the helicopter. The pilot looked at us and talked into his walkie-talkie. He then hovered over the roof and landed on an open space on the roof. The pilot came out holding an M-16 carbine assault rifle. “You guys are some of the only survivors we’ve seen in this god forsaken place. We followed him to his chopper and entered it. A scruffy looking man sat next to the pilot. His face was pale. And he was asleep. But at the moment I didn’t remember that one

of the symptoms of the zombie virus was a coma and skin discoloration, death, then reanimation. We took off from the building and headed east. The pilot talked to us and told us about how he had watched the soldiers have small encounters with the undead. He said that many soldiers died, because they had been surrounded and ambushed at some points. The pilot also told that many more zombies roamed the streets, And that we were lucky we didn’t get surrounded.

Then there was silence except for the sound of the helicopter. The man that was sitting next to the pilot slowly stirred, groaned, and grabbed the pilot. The new born zombie next to the pilot bit his neck and tore off chunks. Blood splattered all over the window and the helicopter began to descend quickly. The pilot slumped in his seat and the zombie tried to stand. I grabbed my shotgun and fired a round. Parts of the spray of steel pellets went into the zombie’s head but

didn’t penetrate the brain. So I ran up to it and bashed the zombie against the door with my gun. The door opened and the zombie moaned as it fell out. I quickly shut the door. I was going to take the controls but by the time I got to them the helicopter crashed into the street. We were all lucky the helicopter didn’t explode until we all recovered and got out of the helicopter. We took the pilot’s gun and ammo. “What are we going to

do?” cried Sarah. “Yeah, we have to get out of San Diego.” Jay pronounced. I pulled out a gauze pad and bandaged a big cut from the crash. Before I could say anything, we heard moans coming from nearby. The surrounding zombies must’ve been attracted by the crash. We started jogging away from the crash site with what little supplies we could carry. Up ahead we saw a Mega Mart. The store seemed like it was open. Because every time the flock of crows walked

around to eat a human corpse on the ground in front of the doors, the doors would slide open. We walked in and saw the store almost unaffected by the zombie outbreak. The store had a scarce amount of blood splattered. There was almost no sign of looting, and even the store background music was on. So we got a bunch of heavy vending machines and barricaded all of the entrances. There was everything we needed. Food, water, weapons, and entertainment. I went up a

working that went to an upper level. And there was a second level of clothes, electronics, and miscellaneous things. I turned and walked down a hallway next to the clothes section. Then I walked up a flight of stairs. At the end there was a door. I slowly opened the door and peered through. I realized it was the roof. It gave a good view of the city except for a tall building right next to our building. It was what looked like a skyscraper. I was about to go back into

the store when I heard a Whoosh and a loud Thud. I turned around and found a zombie on the roof. It was laying there. I looked up the side of the tall building and saw a large broken window a long way up. The supposedly dead zombie had large shards of glass stuck in it. The zombie probably fell through the large window and landed on our roof. I shrugged and walked back into the store. We all started eating some of the food we found in the store.


We had a good time. When it became night time a bunch of us went to sleep while Dane and Shawn stayed on guard. When we woke up Dane said, “While you guys were napping, there were a lot of loud thumps on the roof. We didn’t bother to check what it was because we guessed it was just the wind blowing rubble around or something.” I told it was just zombies splattering from the fall that they had from the broken window. We all had breakfast and

played games in the home entertainment area. We were having a great time when we heard a loud crash from the front entrance. I told everyone to wait as I grabbed my shotgun and ran downstairs towards the entrance. The vending machines were on their sides and the doors were wide open. A very large group of zombies had pushed the vending machines down and opened the doors. I called to everyone who came down in a flash and

started firing. The zombies slowly advanced. For every one zombie that was killed, two more were there to replace it. We eventually started walking backwards to try to go up the escalator and exit through the top door. The zombies kept on going. There was still a few dozen zombies walking towards us and some crawling at us. We all ran to the door and I opened it. A zombie stood there groaning and tried to grab me but I shut the door on the zombie. I noticed a lot more zombies

were standing behind him. The zombies probably got up a while after they fell and just stood there and didn’t know where to go. We started to run and dodge the zombies. We hid in the immense number of isles. I ran to the frozen food department. There, a lone zombie stumbled at me and tried to grab me. I opened a freezer door and pushed the zombie in. I shot the zombie and I shut the door. I ran and called out to my friends and told them to meet me at the

cash registers. I waited and shot a few zombies that came walking at me. All of my friends eventually arrived but Oscar was nowhere to be seen. I told everyone to wait and ran toward the towering isles ahead. I ran a couple of minutes and I then heard load grunts and curses and I ran towards them. I found Oscar basically fighting hand to hand with a large zombie. I ran to the zombie and pulled him off. I pulled out a double sided survival knife and stabbed

it in the head. The zombie was about to sink it’s teeth into my hand but it died. I kicked it away from me and it tumbled. I got up and me and Oscar ran towards the gunfire. We saw our friends viciously fighting the undead. The zombies at some points got so dangerously close that my friends had to bash them away before they were grabbed. Sarah fired a shot which sent a zombie tumbling and it stopped six yards away. We decided to use hit and run tactics on the zombies.

We ran circles around large groups of zombies and fired randomly. Then we started firing at the scattered individual zombies. But eventually some more stray zombies near the store walked in. So we did something about the big entrance. We put a lot of vending machines in front of the doors and dug trenches with shovels around them and put spikes in the trenches. Then we doused the trenches with oil and lit them on fire. The zombies inside the store were

gone, But we still had to worry about the falling zombies on the roof. We decided to kill the zombies on the roof and take a lot of large metal stakes used to keep tents in the ground and weld them to the roof. And we would put a lot. So if any zombie fell in, it would almost be guaranteed that most of the zombies that fell in would smash their head onto a spike. We opened the door and immediately fired our guns. The zombies closest to the

door tumbled away from the intense force of the bullets. The tumbled zombies hit other zombies which started a scattered domino effect. A bunch of zombies near the roof’s edge fell off. We kept firing and fending off the oncoming zombies. I lobbed a Molotov fire bomb and it hit a group of four zombies. The zombies mindlessly wandered around towards the other scattered pockets of zombies. Then, most of the other zombies caught on fire too. We shot the

zombies down. Then we kicked their flaming bodies into the streets under us. The zombies fell onto a large crowd of zombies outside of our store like large fire projectiles. We got a fire extinguisher and put some fires on the roof out. We sent Oscar and Jay downstairs to watch all of the entrances. We started welding spikes onto the metallic roof. A couple of us looked up and shot at some falling zombies that eventually jumped off of the skyscraper and landed on the roof.

Then, after a few grueling hours of fortifying the roof, we were done. We walked back into the store. And then we all went to sleep. Troy and Jay were supposed to be on guard that night. I woke up because I heard a thud and found that Troy and Jay had a bunch of bags packed full of food and a few supplies. I cocked my shotgun and aimed it at Troy. Jay and Troy aimed their weapons at me likewise. “What are you doing?” I asked harshly. “ We are leaving. It appears

that we are in a tight situation and we don’t want to end up dead like you guys.” said Troy. I called to Shawn who got up, yawned and walked to us. “Shawn, these guys are going to leave us and go solo.” I said. Shawn chuckled and shook his head. “We aren’t joking.” Troy snapped. Shawn quickly stopped laughing. “Well then how are you going to get out of here? The doors are all blocked.” Troy walked to a back door and we followed him. He shot the barricade and a

large group of zombies poured in. “Haha good luck surviving!” Laughed Troy and Jay as they sneaked past the zombies and exited through the door. The rest of our group immediately came. There were too many zombies to hold back with guns. But then we got a great idea. A couple of us ran back to the other entrance and pulled a whole bunch of shopping carts. We pushed the slow treading zombies into the streets outside. We shut the doors as fast as we could. Then we put

all of the available barricades we could around that door. The group had just lost some friends. They weren’t going to last that long out there alone. But we needed to fend for ourselves. We all sighed and shook our heads. As much as I hated them at the moment for how they just betrayed us and left like that, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad knowing the horrible death they were going to go through.


Chapter 3:A burning guitar and a grenade belt… We thought of new ways to kill zombies. We couldn’t think of anything until, Adam thought of the perfect weapon. “We get an electric guitar and a wireless amp. We connect the amp to the C4 charges and when the guitar is played the C4 goes boom.” So then we did just that thing. We got a small

wireless amp and connected the wires to the C4. Now Adam was going to test it. We went on the roof and avoided some spikes with some undead impaled onto them. The Brigade of ghouls looked at us and tried to grab us in spite of our long distance up. Adam carefully lobbed the amp onto section of the horde. The ghoul dropped it. Then Adam turned his guitar on. Adam was a guitar expert. So then Adam did a very fast and skillful riff on his guitar. I jumped when a

bunch of zombies exploded into a ball of flame. The surrounding zombies that tumbled away caught on fire. My jaw dropped as I watched the destructive nature of Adam’s guitar. But as much as it was impossible, it seemed the explosion made the zombies angry. And the zombies that beat on the doors before started beating on them even harder now. Then we thought of one horrible but true thing. The trenches with fire and spikes would eventually

get filled up with zombies that would probably survive the initial damage from falling. And if they did get out of the trench, they would spread the fire through the store. I shuddered at the thought of a burning zombie grabbing me and biting into my neck and tearing parts out with it’s rotten teeth. I scowled as me and Adam walked back into the store and told them the problem. “How are we going to survive?” Asked Oscar. “I hate saying this but, we are going to have

to leave. Or we will all be either burned, eaten, or crushed in about half an hour. Luckily This Mega Mart had a small SUV in the store. It was one of those that you could win in a contest. Well It was ours now. Oscar hotwired the SUV. We packed all the stuff we could into the truck. Food, Water, C4, And a lot of wireless amps. “Shotgun.” Sarah said as she climbed in next to me. I started the vehicle but waited for the zombies to break down the door and

fill up the trench so we could drive over without getting the tires cut. “Jack, I put a load of C4 in the Mega Mart so when the zombies come in and we leave, I can rock those zombies dead.” The barricaded door smashed open and the blood covered ghouls staggered into the store and fell into the trench. They immediately caught fire and fell onto the spikes. The unknowing zombies fell in the trench one after another after another. Until the trench was full of

flaming carcasses. Then I floored the gas. And the truck sped towards the entrance and the mob of zombies outside. The truck slowed down and shook as it drove over the filled trench and ran into the ranks of undead. Blood and pieces of flesh splattered on the window with loud patters. We saw the undead reach for our mobile bunker as we drove through the gaps between the ranks of undead. Then, Adam picked his guitar up. And he played the same riff. Then everyone but me

and Adam jumped when they heard the loud boom as the Mega Mart exploded and collapsed into a fiery heap. Out of the heap came a flood of dust and wreckage that licked the back of our truck as we drove away. We needed to find a new location to bunker down and survive. “Lets go to another office building.” Said Shawn. Dane was a little weird. He looked a little dizzy. “Dane, what’s wrong?” I asked. “Oh I just get a little carsick sometimes

that’s all. I just need to suck it up. I think I’m going to take a little nap.” Dane then fell asleep. We drove for about an hour looking for the most suitable and strategic office building. Then I suddenly stopped because I saw a young woman screaming and standing right in our way. The SUV skidded to a hard stop. I got out of the SUV, holding my shotgun. “ Who are you!? Are you bitten?” I asked. The girl quickly shook her head. And she sobbed and

blubbered a lot that I couldn’t understand. “I cant understand you. What are you saying? And how did you manage to survive alone?” She stopped sobbing and choked. “My names Krystal. I don’t know what’s happening. I ended up being escorted by the army with a few of our friends. But then these…things attacked us. The soldiers were slaughtered and so were my friends. I ran away and hid in this office building. I managed to hide until I heard a loud explosion and

thought the city was being bombed.” “Do you have any weapons or any supplies?” I questioned. Krystal shook her head. I beckoned them to our Truck and they got into the back. Adam did a silent cheer because he was happy about a woman sitting next to him. The funny thing about him was that even when all hell broke loose he can keep smug. We drove the SUV into the alley next to the office building. We took all of the supplies and took

them to one of the higher levels of the building. It took us about fifteen minutes. Then we were done and we panted and spent the night there. We all stayed in the same room We just started to explore the immense office complex. We then walked to a lower level in front of a big door. Probably a door to an auditorium. I opened the door and we found another massive amount of zombies just standing there. Then the zombies all turned to us and quickly strutted to the

door. I shut it and held it as the zombies impacted with barrages of hits. We all started holding the door. One of the zombies hit the door which caused Dane’s shirt sleeve to shift. Which revealed a bandaged cut. He looked at me solemnly. “Get out of here. You have to go. I will keep them away then and blow this place to hell. And take these bastards with me!!” I hesitated. He was the brother of my good friend. Basically like a brother to me. I learned a lot from him. “GO!” We

ran to our supplies room and packed up. I handed Dane a belt of hand grenades. We started running just as the door was about to break. I heard Dane yell “Run!! Run!!! I’m going to blow this place up!!” Dane laughed like a madman as we heard the door break. I heard him yelling, “LOOK WHAT I HAVE! I’VE GOT A PRESENT FOR YOU, DAMNED BASTARDS!!” We were running downstairs to one of the ways out when we heard the boom.


The foundation of the building was shaken. We kept running as we saw flames come from behind us. Then the ceiling above was collapsing and breaking the thin marble tiled floor. But we sprinted. Shawn tripped but got back up. It seemed he had sprained his ankle because he began to limp. He lagged behind but then stopped right before a large piece of wreckage fell in between Shawn and us. The ground in front of him broke. And a large gap

stood between us. The fire circled him. The ground under him began to collapse. And Shawn held his hand out to us. He said “Jack, my friend, as much as I hate saying this, I guess this is my end. I never thought I would die like this though. Its funny how death works. And, thank you for the nice life I had.” The fire began to lick him. “Take care of everyone. I know you can do it.” I’m going to go join my brother now. Kill those damned zombies for me man, ok?” He laughed but

began coughing from the smoke. I yelled “SHAWN JUMP!! COME ON YOU CAN MAKE IT!!” “This is my end. Go ahead and leave. I wont die unhappy. Ill died in an adventure right? Better than getting massacred by the living dead. Goodbye, Jack.” And the fire caught onto him as the floor collapsed under. Shawn grunted as he fell. I stood there for a couple seconds and looked at the hole where my best friend had once been. Then my eyes streamed hot tears as I hit the wall and yelled,

“SHAWN!! NO IT CANT BE!!” Years and years of happiness and friendship was over. Shawn was dead. Sarah grabbed me and yelled, “There’s no time!” We ran down the stairwell and escaped the building just a few seconds before the section of the large complex collapsed on itself and became a smoldering pile of concrete and twisted metal. We hurried and packed the van. While the packing was happening, I wandered around the crushed section. The air

was extremely dusty from the collapse. I looked up and saw a slightly burned picture slowly float down. I caught it. And I collapsed to my knees as I saw that it was a picture of Shawn and I from our young teenage years. It was me with my old German shepherd dog standing next to Shawn holding his index and middle finger out like a peace sign. I put my hands over my face as I sobbed quietly. “JACK!! WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!” Adam yelled. I slowly got up and power walked to my

friend’s van. But my friends were pointing at a very large undead army. It slowly trudged towards us. Every one of the zombies had eerily blank eyes and their mouth areas were covered in either fresh or dry blood, that oozed down their chin. They were getting closer and closer. The undead was a block away when we decided to go to the electronic store across the large street. Because luckily in downtown, all of the streets were large. We grabbed everything we

could carry and ran to the other side. We entered the abandoned store and quickly piled up barricade like things in front of the large sliding glass doors. There was only one entrance and exit so it was less to barricade. But the bad thing was that there wasn’t a lot to barricade the entrance with. The shelves were bolted to the ground. But we used furniture that we found in the video games section and put it in front of the doors. We all noticed that

the back door was locked we couldn’t find the key for it. We look all over the store but to no avail. We needed a back exit. That would be a good thing because the barricades wouldn’t be able to hold up for very long. Sarah approached me. “Jack, I’m very sorry for your loss. I didn’t really know Shawn, but I know he was a very good friend of yours. And well I guess I decided to tell you how sorry I am.” She hugged me. I nodded in return. “Jack! I’m going to break the door down.” I

grabbed my shotgun. Then me and Sarah walked to the door. Adam had a running start. Then he jumped drop-kicked the door. The door flew off of its hinges. Adam ran into the room, gun drawn. I was behind him when I saw blood splattered out from him as two loud gun shots rattled the store. Adam collapsed. “Shit!!” I yelled as Sarah and I ran away from the door. Then from the door, came a smirking Troy. holding a high powered rifle. Jay was

behind him. “Troy, why did you shoot him?!” “Because he’s a liability. Like you.” Jay didn’t see it coming when Troy turned and shot Jay in the head. Jay twitched and fell to the floor. Another friend gone. Troy then walked out into the store. Oscar and Krystal were holding the barricades while the zombies outside pounded on the doors. I turned towards Troy. He aimed his rifle at me. But then Troy gasped as a hole appeared in his chest. Blood splattered all over. Troy

clawed at the hole in his chest. Adam was behind Troy holding his black magnum revolver. Troy slowly turned and aimed his rifle at Adam with one hand, and fired a round. Adam trudged towards Troy with blood dripping from his mouth and gunshot wounds. Troy screamed and hit Adam with the stock of his rifle. Adam lifted his head, screamed, and shoved Troy towards The barricade. The door shattered as many undead poured in. Adam then eyed

the C4 and the amplifier on the ground next to him. Sarah, Oscar, and Krystal ran towards the back exit. The barricade was wide open as the zombies grabbed Troy and began to devour him. I watched as he screamed as bloody tears rolled down his cheeks. And his mouth overflowed with blood. The undead tore at him ripping him open and devouring his insides. His ribcage made a sickening cracking noise as it was broken. Adam picked up his guitar and tossed the C4 and the

amplifier towards Troy’s half eaten carcass. Then, as Adam collapsed to his knees, he played the fast riff on his guitar “Nevan” etched at the neck of the Strat. And the C4 exploded. Adam blown away by the fiery ball and a large portion of the zombie army was destroyed. As for Troy…I only saw his broken charred skeleton. Troy deserved a horrible death. But I really felt sorry for him. He was my “friend”. Adam was sprawled on the

ground without a sign of life. His face pointed in my direction. The light in his eyes was no more. I shook my head and silently murmured, “Rest in peace Adam.” Before I walked away from the burning building. The rest of my group was waiting outside. They all shook their heads. Krystal sobbed and mumbled stuff like. “No! why did he have to go??” Only Oscar, Krystal, Sarah and I remained. We walked back to the van on the other side of the street. There

were a couple dead soldiers lying on the ground around the van. Blood was everywhere. The soldiers necks and arms were torn open. There were bullet holes in the side of the van. It looked like as if a small battle had happened. While we were taking refuge in the electronic store. A walkie-talkie that was on one of the soldiers began to make static noises. But you could barely make out noises of gunfire and people saying.

“We need support------Open fire!---------Leave him he’s dead!--------There’s one on the stairs!------Cover me!--------Over there, wait where did Bravo four go?!----Medic!!------ We’ve got some more undead over here!!--------I’m bit I’m bit!!-----we’ve got a little girl, are you ok little girl??----aghh!!!!!!!!!-----there is fire everywhere!!!----oh my god undead children!!----Its confirmed… Were going to drop a bomb.”


The radio went dead. I said “We need to get the hell out of here.”


Chapter 4: Safety Last It was a strange empty feeling. I know death was a way of life, but not like this. Everyone around me was dying, and I couldn’t do anything about it. We looked on the sidewalk for some means of transportation. Oscar spotted a small but stable car across the street. It was pretty banged up but still usable. He hot-wired it and we all hopped in. I

drove, and drove, and kept driving. We ran over a couple undead. We had no clue where to go. Suddenly Sarah spouted “We should go north.” “Why?” I asked. “Well the outbreak just started in downtown. So it must not have spread that far.” “She’s right!” Oscar said. “If we go north, away from downtown, there would be less resistance. So then we would be safe and then find a way out.” So we changed directions and head north. After a long time of driving, we entered a community

called “Mira Mesa”. It was somewhat odd. Not because of the outbreak, but because it just wasn’t insane like the other areas. There was still blood on the streets and sidewalks. But everyone acted like it was normal day to day life the survivors hurried around but they did hold weapons. “Must be a military protected zone.” I muttered. As we drove by an Asian supermarket the car came to a halt. It didn’t want to go anymore. Sarah punched the

dashboard as she shouted “God damnit!” We stepped out of the car and Oscar popped open the hood to take a look. “The zombies musta messed it up bad. There’s a piece of something in here.” And Oscar almost vomited as he pulled out a zombie finger. Oscar started. “It’s simply…dead. I don’t think I can pull the rest out even if I could. Its starting to smoke.” Sarah gave a feeble kick to the tire. I mumbled “don’t worry about it” I looked at Oscar. “Really.” And for the first

time Krystal put in some input “Maybe we should look around?” so we walked the streets and basked in the odd tranquility. But it was abruptly interrupted by a slightly ragged person across the street shouting, “I told you, you damn Asians! Twenty-three warned me but you never listened!” “Shute teh ell up” said and old Asian man with a heavy accent passing by. The ragged man was slightly short, had long red hair, somewhat of a beard,

ragged, ty-dye clothing, a black beanie, and a bloody acoustic guitar that looked like it was wrapped in sheet metal. I walked up to him and asked “You knew this would happen?” “Yeah!” he said “ever since 2012!” “But how?” I asked. With a wave of his hand he answered “twenty-three, man. Can’t argue.” “twenty-three?” Sarah asked. “Let’s roll on down to my pad” the man said “we’ll discuss things there.” “Where do you live?” I asked. “You guys sure do ask a lot of

questions! I’ll tell you everything when we get back home. I live at Hemphill pl.” “Figures” grunted Oscar. It wasn’t a very long walk. But it gave us time to analyze this place further. It had obviously been hit by the virus, Just not affected. We walked past some parked hummers with mounted 60 caliber machineguns Suddenly…”HOLY-!” a zombie had clung onto Oscars leg. The man sprung into action and beat it bloody with his guitar. “Got it.” He said as

though it was a mere cockroach. When we got to his house he stopped us before we entered. “Now it may be a little crowded.” When we walked in we were stunned. The interior was full of dark blues purples and greens. Beanbags and glass pipes littered the floor and the smell of marijuana entered our nostrils. You couldn’t tell the wall from the ceiling due to sheets and beads hung all over the place. But it wasn’t crowded at all. From what I could tell there was only

one other person there. It was a metal head slumped in a beanbag chair. He looked quite pleased with himself “This is Andy” the man said. “Sup.” Andy grunted. The man continued, “He’s been kicking it with me ever since his house was destroyed.” “By the zombies?” Krystal asked. “nah.” Said Andy. “Massive house party.” He said with a grin. “Dude” the man started “Like half of the people there were zombs.” “No big deal” said Andy. “Just give em some

alcohol and a lighter, and they’ll simmer down.” Me, Sarah, Oscar and Krystal kept looking between each other until finally I said “Can we get down to some real business?” the man stared at me and smiled. “You’re right, man. Siddown” we pulled up a beanbag and sat down. My bottom sunk into it in an uncomfortable position. Then I asked “What’s your name?” “I’m Phil” he said. “Well I’m Jack. And this is Sarah, Oscar, and Krystal.” I said indicating to the others. “Sup.” said Phil. “I

didn’t know there were still hippies.” Oscar said. This was the wrong move. Phil stood up, aggravated and said “I’m not a hippy, man! I am a grunge rocker! And being a hippy wouldn’t really help us at the moment, now would it? Protests and drum circles aren’t gunna make these things pack up and leave, man. They only respond to violence. So we need to give them violence!” “Sorry.” Oscar said apologetically. Phil sat down and smiled “No problem, man.” “So what’s

your story?” Sarah asked “How is this town so well defended?” Phil’s smile faded away. For once he actually acted serious. “It all started with twentythree.” “Here we go.” Mumbled Andy. “Shut up.” said Phil in a clear voice “So anyway, I use a math called the twenty-three system, because everything equals twentythree.” “Everything?” asked Sarah. “Yes, everything.” Continued Phil. “Materials, colors, ideas, dates, people, and all twenty-three. It all adds

up to twenty-three! Well in 2010 the math of twentythree told me that on December 21, 2012 reanimation will occur. It didn’t make sense to me until the end of that year. That’s when I realized… ZOMBIES!” Phil shouted with tremendous force that made us all, including Andy, jump. But I interrupted “But you’re six years late dude. Nothing was goin on in 2012.” Peter continued “Oh some shit went down man. See what you don’t know is that the virus is called

Solanum.” “No. we knew that.” I said “But did you know that it was an evolving virus?” Phil asked with both of his eyes wide open. “You see, man, I saw it immediately on the news a long time ago talking about a bunch of weird viruses but Solanum wasn’t known by the news yet. From what I found. Ever since that watchacall-it pharmaceutical company went down to South America, something been going down.” But how is your town so protected?” Oscar asked.

Phil looked at him as though the answer was obvious. “Asians! This town is full of Asians! They were raised not to take shit from anything that threatens the norm!” “But that makes no sense.” I said. But Andy spouted “Hell yes it does!” said Andy. There was a knock on the door. All four of us looked at each other as Phil stood up to get the door. The person at the door was a tall, white guy with spiked hair. “Sup John.” Said Phil “Yeah, the Asians can’t hold the

zombs anymo.” John said in a calm voice. “Seriously?” asked Peter. “Yeah.” Said John “shit…” Phil said “looks like we need to get ready.” “Ready for what?” I asked. Phil exclaimed “No way in hell am I letting them get my pad, man! Follow me. I have some weapons in da back.” He beckoned me to follow him to the back. I asked “How were you fighting them off before?” “I just wrapped some scrap metal around my guitar. Worked fine. Forgot about these trinkets

though.” we walked into the next room. He pulled a blanket of a chest and opened it up. He pulled an SMG out “Get something. I’ll get the others.” In the chest it was a jumble of guns, clubs, knives, and rounds “No explosives?” I asked. “Bad for the ozone.” he grunted. I pulled out 2 pistols, a double-sided combat knife, and a massive Spaz-12 shotgun. “How did you get your hands on these?” I asked amazed, as I handled all of the heavy weaponry eyeing a 50 cal

machine gun on the bottom of the chest. “I found these weapons lying around here. But no one will care since there’s zombies afoot man!” Eventually we were all in the front room. Sarah had her personal favorite, a desert eagle. And Oscar like me had a 12 gauge shotgun. Andy, John, and Krystal all hid in the back room. They had no experience with guns. But then again I don’t think Phil did either. I wondered if he turned the safety off. I turned to look at him and

saw him dripping a clear liquid into his mouth. “What are you doing?” I asked. “No way I can do this without dopin’ up first.” He said as he got up to turn off the lights. Oscar said “Why are you turning the lights off?” Phil turned around and stared at him for like a minute “I heard that with the lights out it’s less dangerous.” Andy called out from the other room “Here we are now, entertain us?” I looked around at my friends and started to sigh. I lost so

many good friends lately. I don’t think I would be able to bear losing another. Soon it got very quiet until Phil’s whisper filled our ears. “Picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees, and marmalade skies…” whatever he took must have started to kick in. “Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly, a girl with kaleidoscope eyes…” we started to hear bumps coming from the windows, walls, and doors. Then we heard the eerily familiar moaning. “Cellophane

flowers of yellow and green, towering over your head…” the bumping turned to loud thuds and started getting denser “look for the girl with the sun in her eyes…” they were all at the door. “And she’s gone.” *thud thud thud*. The thuds got increasingly louder. And I felt the same rush of adrenaline like the other zombie confrontations. The door broke down and the undead came flooding in. the putrid smell of death and decay filled my nostrils. I knew that this

was going to be just like the other battles because it was going to be very close quarters, again. But this time, we had no tricks up our sleeves. Phil ran straight at the horde holding his gun like a club. “LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS!” he was beating down any zombie he could reach. He let the zombies encompass and grab him. Sarah, Oscar, and I released a barrage of bullets being careful not to hit Phil. We gave the others some time to sneak out the back. “LUCY IN

THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS!” I was blinded due to all the bullet shells, smoke, and blood flying in the air. Phil jumped back. He was covered in bites, scratches, and flesh wounds he shouted to us with a mouthful of blood. “PAUL! GEORGE! RINGO! ILL HOLDSH EM OFF! RUNS OUT THE BACK, MAN!” we ran out as fast as we could. Before I ran out of the back door, I dropped a Molotov fire bomb in the house to get rid of as many zombies the fire could take. We got a safe

distance away. I saw Andy and John drive away in a rundown bus. I went to the others and told them “We need to go back to downtown. Take the virus head on. Krystal walked up to me and asked “Where’s Phil?” Oscar shook his head, Krystal got the idea. We entered the closest working car and drove away at full speed. We drove past dead civilians and zombies and a lot of wrecked cars and motorcycles. As we drove I started to think, ‘I should have told him to turn the

safety off.

Final Chapter: AFZM’s abomination We drove along the 163 towards downtown. Dodging stopped cars and

smoldering objects. I opened the window to listen over the loud roar of wind as we drove fast. I still heard gunshots off in the distance. There were also loud moans. And then,--WHOOSH an F-22 jet speeded across the sky. There was aloud boom as the jet flew over downtown and disappeared in a flash of sonic speed. The loud moaning was subdued. And then just as we drove under an overpass, a zombie fell onto the hood of our car. It shattered the

windshield and tried to grab at me. But instead, it accidentally turned the steering wheel. The car spun out of control and flipped off the freeway onto the dirt hill on the side of the freeway. When the car came to a stop it was upside down. And I didn’t know how I knew it, But I knew the car was going to light on fire and explode. “Is everyone ok?” I yelled. I heard everyone yell back either a “Yeah”, or a “Where did the zombie go?” I got out through the open window

and hurried everyone out. The car then as I thought started to burn. We darted away from the burning car right when the zombie peeked out from under the mid section of the car. The zombie moaned and the car exploded. Then we walked off the freeway into the streets ahead. Krystal hid behind a bush and began to vomit. “Krystal, are you ok?” “I just have some stomach problems.” “But you vomit every morning you cant be...” I realized that she was pregnant. But I didn’t

say a word about it. I only nodded at her and she nodded back. Then I noticed something off in the distance, a large army tank. That was driving right towards us. We decided to run, because the cannon was directed at us. We yelled out “We are friendlies!!!” and waved our arms. But to no avail. The tank fired its cannon directly at us. My ears rang because the large explosive shell landed five feet away leaving a crater. We ran into and alley at our right

and escaped death from the tank. The tank drove toward the alley but wouldn’t fit. The hatch opened and a soldier appeared holding an M-16. “You’re, human.” Yeah we figured that man.” I Furiously yelled. “You damn near hit me with your cannon of doom. Couldn’t you hear us yelling ‘We are human’?” The soldier tapped on the thick metal hull of the tank. Do you think your voices could go through tank metal? Our tank camera got messed up

when that F-22 flew by and hit a building with a missile. A large piece of metal hit the camera. All we could see were blurred images of people. Other than that, we are in a big hurry to get the hell out of here, and eliminate any undead in out way. We would take you with us, but there’s no more room in the tank. There’s a blockade north of here. You wont make it on foot in time before it closes down and we nuke the city. But there is a helicopter on top of that

damned AFZM building. Now I guess that none of you know how to pilot a helicopter.”- “I do.” Sarah Interrupted. “My dad took me on practice flights when I was little. I flew an annihilator chopper once. But never fired the guns.” The soldier nodded and looked at us all. “You’re all young and look like you have long lives ahead of you. So I hope you all make it. Good luck. Remember, the blockade closes at oh eight hundred. That’s when the jet will be sent to destroy

the city. Goodbye and good luck.” The marine climbed back into the tank and drove off. When the marines left, we decided to get a vehicle quick to go to the AFZM for the one good reason, there was a chopper or a “Transport” on the roof. But we got sidetracked and that’s how we ended up in Mira mesa. Finding a vehicle wasn’t hard because there was quite a few cars parked in the middle of downtown We heard over the walkietalkie “prepare for

extraction, there is no hope for this city, nuclear extermination inbound. ETA thirty seven minutes till destruction.” Krystal and Sarah gasped. I then floored the gas pedal. We drove for a long time without speaking, just hearing the unending sound of the wind, almost….until. “YEEHAAW YAH RAM THEM VARMINTS!” It was those damn rednecks that rammed our bus before. We were only a few blocks away from AFZM HQ when

our car was blindsided again. And we swerved into a big truck on the side of the road. The rednecks however, spun out of control. And smashed into a nearby gas station that caused a massive explosion But the country music kept playing. The car we were in was totaled and was smoke was coming out of the hood. Luckily the airbag stopped my head from hitting the windshield Before we evacuated the vehicle Krystal got her

pants caught on the bottom part of the seat. Sarah pulled her in the nick of time before the explosion happened. The car flew a few feet into the air as the gas tank exploded and sent a plume of fire into the late afternoon sky. We were a safe distance away luckily. Sarah had hurt her leg from jumping away from the explosion and twisting her ankle. We walked the rest of the way while Sarah was leaning on me. Everything went quietly until we

found two things out; one, The AFZM was right next to the hospital, which was most likely swarming with the undead. Misdiagnosed infection could have been most likely ignored by the medical staff thus becoming infected themselves. Two we had no weapons to fight them with. But I then remembered…the rednecks had an arsenal of shotguns and revolvers. I sprinted to the site of the explosion in the gas station. I walked around some fiery rubble and

found the destroyed trucks. The horrible country music CD got stuck and kept saying “Buffalo, Oh yeeeeeee!!” I got pissed off at it and shot it with one of the guns littered on the ground. I moved the charred bodies of the rednecks and snatched the weapons. I sprinted back holding a sack of ammunition and weapons. Then, I told my friends to stay outside of AFZM HQ and I handed Sarah a revolver, Oscar already held a shotgun in his hand.

As I turned Sarah yelled out “Wait, Jack. You’ll die in there if you go alone. Wont you?” I replied in a calmed voice. “If I do die in there, a lot of the zombies will be dead with me. Once I get bitten I will fight to the death. These things are easy. But in great numbers they will fight hard. But I can handle em.” “But you cant die Jack. We all need you.” Sarah said. “As I turned around toward my friends I said, “Death is a scary thing. But life is no picnic either.” Sarah hugged me

and gave me a long kiss. “For good luck.” She said. I walked towards AFZM HQ holding a shotgun on my shoulder. As I entered I remembered Shawn, Dane, Jay, and Adam. I instantly realized one thing though, the building was abandoned. I Didn’t hear the slightest drop of blood or shuffle of a zombie’s footsteps. I expected it to be swarming with undead. “That must be a good thing then.” I mumbled. But I had to be sure.


I kicked a can across the lobby which made loud noise, and then I heard a loud roar!!! That was not a zombies!!! It came from according to the sign was the testing lab. I took a left towards the elevator and went up not taking any chances on foot, as I waited for the elevator to reach the top floor, there was a loud thump on the roof of the elevator. It was pounding on the roof leaving it large dents, “That can’t be good.” I said.

I fired a round up above me. The monster still seemed to be banging on the elevator top. The pellets went through the metal but had no effect on what seemed to be an infected primate of some sort, judging by its size and sound it made. It must’ve been a primate because they are very closely related to humans and some sources said that they used Solanum tests on them. I realized I simply needed to keep it at bay until the elevator reached the top.

Because at the top of the shaft the gorilla would smash into the ceiling. Because the elevator was starting to go very fast. The gorilla started to slowly peel off the metal. I nearly gagged when I saw what was behind the sheet of metal on the top of the elevator. It hadn’t even the remote appearance of a gorilla. It was very muscular like a gorilla. But its arms and parts of its torso was shaven and skinned. Its face looked as if they beat the poor thing. One eye was missing.

Parts of its face was ripped off. The ugly thing made a horrible loud roar. And as it roared it tried to grab me. I dodged to the left and fired a round of my shotgun at the monster. The pellets hit the monster but the thing wouldn’t die. And I was only a few floors away from the top, the elevator gained speed as it gained altitude. The gorilla ripped a large piece of metal off the elevator ceiling and lobbed it at me. I sidestepped and the metal hit the wall. Leaving a

large scratch. I shot two rounds at the gorilla’s face and it roared again, blood poured down its face. Right then it was splattered to the shaft ceiling. I protected my head when the gorilla splattered because then blood gushed from It and almost got into my ears and face. But luckily I didn’t have any blood on ne except my arms and a few drops on my shirt. The elevator rang to a high pitched “ding” and opened. I walked out onto the massive roof and

spotted the chopper and sprinted towards it. I got to the chopper and opened the door and while I did, the elevator doors were ripped open by the monstrous gorilla but it was more disfigured and was missing is back legs. It crawled towards me at a high speed but I got into the chopper. I started the engine and the rotor started spinning, when it lifted the gorilla grabbed on to the bars on the bottom of the chopper. I aimed my shotgun towards it through the

open door and fired, but as I pumped the shotgun and aimed it once again, it was slapped from my grasp by the monster. Then it pulled itself up and bit my forearm, I screamed as the gorilla lifted its head from my arm and left a massive bite. Blood oozed from It where I could see torn ligaments, and muscle. My arm started to go numb. I pulled out a magnum revolver belonging to a redneck. Then I put the gun to its head and unloaded a round. The

monster uttered a loud death roar as it let go and splattered onto the ground below. I pulled down onto the street and told Sarah, “You will have to pilot this thing alone.” “What?? Why would you say anything like that?” she cried. “I’ve been bitten by a mother fucking monster so we all know what comes next.” I replied. She grabbed me and said “What??? No!! it’s not possible!! I cant


believe it. I won’t let you go! I cant let you die!!” “I will see you one day Sarah. you have to take care of yourself.” I said as I turned towards the falling sun. She pulled me towards her and we kissed for the last time. Oscar started the chopper and the rotor spun solemnly. I my arm burned with pain as I watched my friends begin to pack their stuff onto the chopper. Sarah tried to yell over the noise of the rotor but all I could make out is “I love you.” She sobbed as the

chopper lifted off. As the chopper faded into the sunset the moans grew from behind me. I bandaged the large hole in my arm, with a part of my shirt that I tore off. I turned and pulled out my pistols as I trudged towards the moans. I was surrounded by the undead. Their bloodthirsty moans grew louder and louder as they advanced. “Yeah this is what I live for!!!” and I shot aimlessly as the undead fell. Using the redneck’s revolver and Shawn’s Desert eagle. I

felt hot pain as a zombie bit my shoulder. I elbowed his head and kicked him down. Then I shot it in the face. The pavement was starting to turn blood red from the zombies that collapsed from the hail of gunshots. I felt another burn as a crawling zombie bit my ankle. I managed to kick it off and tried to find a way out of the wall of undead. I un-holstered another shotgun from my back and shot a few rounds. Some zombies that were close flew back and landed hard. I then

sprinted into the wall of the undead. I felt more pain as more teeth sank into me. And I felt long rotten nails digging into my arms and neck. But then I managed to get out. And sprinted away. Using the last life I had to escape and manage to die alone. It’s over now. I’m sitting down on a bench and I’m gonna get out a pack of smokes. The lighter doesn’t work. I shot the cigarette tip and its starting to smoke. Now I guess ill pull out Shawn’s

desert eagle. “guess this is it.” I’m hearing a loud whoosh now. Sounds like a jet overhead. Yeah it is a jet. No It just dropped a bomb. At least I’m far from downtown. And I guess ill hide
behind this hill. My. wounds are burning a lot now. My skin is starting to feel like a million bees have


ng me.My vision is getting blurry and tunneling But I wont let this infection take over me.






Special Thanks: Max Brooks for motivating me and enlightening me. I would have never had the idea of making this book without him. All of my friends for letting me use them in my book. All characters were actually based off of my friends. Patrick for helping me with a chapter. Alex for helping me with a part of the ending. My teachers Mr. Hochman, Mr. Pike, Mrs. Baird, Mrs. Perkes and Mrs. Jungians for helping me in

my journey of writing small book after small book.

About The Author!

Ian Nathaniel Whitehouse was born on the day of November first 1993. Ian was always more interested in English and art more than any other subject in school. He had many supporting teachers. (Some named in the thanks page). He started his first book Ninja Ed as a project in his English class. He then later made a whole series from that one book. He lives in San Diego, waiting for the zombies.


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