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Policy Body Worn Cameras Co This policy is intended to provide officers with instruction on when and how to use body ‘worn cameras (BWC) so that officers can record contacts with the public in accordance to law. Purpose Policy It is the policy of the Crestline Police Department that officers shall activate the BWC when such use Is appropriate to the proper pertormance of his or her official dutles, where the recordings are consistent. with this policy and Law. This policy does not cover the use of recording devices used in undercover operations. Procedure ‘A. When and how to use the 8WC 1. Officer shall activate the BWC to record all contacts with citizens in the performance of official duties. 2. In locations where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as a residence , whenever possible inform the individual they are being recorded. They may decline to be recorded unless the recording is being made in pursuant to a search warrant or arrest. 3. Ifan officer fails to activate the BWC, fails to record the entire contact, or interrupts the recording, the officer shall document why the recording was not made , was interrupted, or terminated. 4. Civilians shall not be allowed to review the recordings at the scene. B. Procedures for BWC use. 1. BWCis issued to uniformed personnel as authorized by the Crestline Police Department, The department issued BWC will be the only recording device used by the officers. No other device will be used unless authorized by the Chief of Police or his designee. Officers who are issued BWC equipment must use the equipment unless authorized by supervisory personnel, 2. Personnel will only use BWC issued by this department. The BWC equipment and all data, images, video, and metadata captured, recorded, or otherwise produced by the equipment is the sole property of the Crestline Police Department. 3. mceiempntmy cena com mica (ip able care to ensure proper functioning. Equipment malfunctions shall e, attention of the officer's supervisor as soon as possible so that a replactfnent y can be procured, 4. Officers shall inspect and test the BWC prior to each shift in order to verify proper functioning and shall notify their supervisor of any malfunction. 5. Officers shall not edit, alter, erase, duplicate, copy, share, or otherwise distribute in any manner BWC recordings without prior written authorization of the Chief of Police or his designee. 6. Officer shall notify their supervisor of any recordings that may be useful for training purposes. 7. fan officer is suspected of any wrong doing or involved in an officer involved shooting or other use of force, the department reserves the right to limit or restrict an officer from viewing the video. 8, Request fora deletion of portions of a recording (e.g. in the event of a personal recording) must be submitted in writing and approved by the Chief of Police or his designee in accordance with state record retention laws. All requests and final decisions shall be kept on file, 9. Officer shall note in reports when recordings were made during the incident, However, BWC recordings are not a replacement for written reports. C._ Restrictions on using the BWC 1. BWCs shall only be used in conjunction with official law enforcement duties, The BWC shall not generally be used to record: a. Communications with other police personnel without permission of the Chief of Police. b. Encounters with undercover officers or confidential informants, c. When on break or otherwise engaged in personal activities. d. In any location where an individual has an expectation of privacy, such as a restroom or locker room, D. Storage 1. Allfiles shall be securely downloaded periodically and no later than the end of each shift. Each file shall contain information related to the date, BWC identifier, and: assigned officer. 2. Allimages and sounds recorded by the BWC are the exclusive property of the Crestline Police Department. Accessing, copying, or releasing files for non-law enforcement purposes is strictly prohibited. E, Joseph Butler Chief of Police COp 3. All access to BWC date (images, sounds, and metadata) must be specifically Y authorized by the Chief of Police or his designee, and all access is audited to ensure that only authorized users are accessing the data for legitimate and authorized 4. Files shall be securely stored in accordance with state record retention laws and no longer than useful purposes of training or for use in an investigation or prosecution. In capital punishment prosecutions, recordings shall be kept until the offender in no longer under control of a criminal justice agency. Supe ry Responsibilities 1. Supervisory personnel shall ensure that officers equipped with BWC devices utilize them in accordance with policy and procedure defined herein. 2. Supervisors shall randomly review BWC recordings to ensure the equipment is ‘operating properly and the officers are using the devices appropriately and in accordance with policy and to identify any areas in which additional training or guidance is required.