Pakistan. It has now being launched in Lahore and soon we will come up with other unique flavored line products. The Concept: We plan to launch a new flavor of juice sugarcane juice called “SUGARCANA” in Lahore. With all the health benefits and tastes. • • Competitors are all other fruit juices available in tetra pack. SUGARCANA is bound to be a success.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Opportunity: A product from SEASONAL FRUIT JUICES is the only SUGARCANE JUICE brand in Pakistan. sugarcane juice is also nutritious. has fewer calories. SUGARCANA would be marketed based on the following grounds: • • Pakistani spends a lot on juices being sold at one stop shops. As Lahore being the second biggest population city of Pakistan we are targeting it more as its easy to get raw material from the suburbs. Our company is the first juice producer of SUGARCANE in tetra pack. Considering the fact that sugarcane juice’s market is unoccupied as of now. People are also very fond of eatables. Besides being very tasty. SUGARCANA will not be priced too high. 2 . This shows how much we are conscious about quality and standards and assumes full responsibility about the products and its consumer’s health. primarily focusing on the health conscious people who don’t drink this juice from untidy shops. helps in controlling dehydration and protects against nausea and refreshes in scorching high temperature. We aim to reach almost all age groups of target audience. we plan to cover at least 75% of the market.

We have a large number of populations in Lahore where we had to target our customer. Only few juice manufactures are producing juices which have conventional taste.Why We Choose Juice Industry?? As Pakistan is an agricultural country and produce best quality of crops we decided to work on a project by for which we could use our Pakistani resources.pk Slogan. Why Sugarcane Juice?? The only main reason why we are producing sugarcane juice is this that there is no as such competition in market for this kind of flavor. Freshness means sugarcana Brand ambassador. *SUGERCANA* URLs. Brand elements. http. As we have almost 8 months of dry and hot temperature in Pakistan and in these months the consumption of juices increases and this makes it a growing industry in Pakistan. 3 . Brand name. People can only buy it from local market an open juice which contains several kinds of germs. So our product would be available for the people who want fresh and healthy sugarcane juice.sugarcana.com. //www.

Packing. 4 .Iman Ali Logo and symbols.

Health: Consumers have become increasingly health conscious creating a demand for healthier products. They are aware of the fact that carbonated drinks do not provide essential nutrients. it causes them to choose fruit juice or water as preferred beverage. Healthy and nutritive juice can be extracted from different fruits. Taste: Taste is essential for all consumers as it is among one of the important reasons why they purchase the product. As we have to unique taste compared to rest of our competitors. for which the technology is easily available.POP of the SUGERCANA. Fresh: Another very important factor which came into our mind is freshness. For it we had added some preservatives so that it could last longer. Attractive packing and labeling also plays a vital role in product promotion. Technology: Technology is changing day by day due to advancement in technology. 5 . It is also noticed that during the eight months of summer the consumption of juice increase. Thirst: We had noticed that people take juices also to quench their thirst and we were amazed to know that our competitors like Shezan doesn’t quench the thirst rather than that they increase it.

Their need varies from time to time due to change in technology. In the end SEHZAN turns out to be another major competitor. Customers demand 100 % calorie free juices now from which they can derive potential health benefits. SHEZAN mango is also renowned for its low price juice. SUGARCANA is 99.9 % fruit juice that contains no sugar and artificial flavor or color. We consider fresher also being a tough competitor for us.POD of the SUGERCANA. Consumer is considered as the king of market. 6 . It is one of biggest and oldest confectionary chain that is serving Lahorian with its products and outstanding standard of mango juice. Competitors SHEZAN Another competitor of juice industry that challenges NESTLE as well as our product is SHEZAN. They also have captured a great share in market by their different taste and flavors. It has already captured the juice market by their different taste and packing. tastes. FRESHER Juice Fresher a product of AL-Hilal Industries arrived new in the market. behavior and lifestyle. COUNTRY Juice Country is also being in this business for long. SHEZAN claims 35% of the total juice market as the demand for the mango juice is very high and its different taste is very popular. fashion.

COUNTRY & OTHERS. STRENGTHS • • • • • • • • Brand Awareness Only brands since decades Multinational Western Stamp Strong Brands High advertising budgets Good distribution channels Professional Staff • • • • WEAKNESSES Piracy Hatred against western brands Western taste High cost of production OPPORTUNITIES • • • Enhancement in quality New taste range Increase product line • • THREATS Social campaigns against multinationals Awareness about products 7 .SWOT Analysis of Major Competitors Major Competitor: SHEZAN Minor Competitors: FRESHER.

SWOT ANALYSIS OF SUGARCANA STRENGTHS 1. 5. 7. Established image of shezan in the market 2. 2. 6. Competitors have not introduced the flavor yet 3. Aggressive ongoing research and development for sugarcane THREATS 1. One major competitor in the market shezan 2. Variable availability and rates of sugarcane in Pakistan 8 . 3. 100% Pure Energetic Low calories Attractive packaging Reasonable price Health conscious image Hygiene factor For all age groups WEAKNESSES New Flavor Acceptance by a Target Audience OPPORTUNITIES 1. 8. 4.

hardening of the arteries and related diseases Influence by the fact and scientific research Want to live longer Don’t care about price Concern low calories Brand image is important SECONDARY: YOUTH: Between 14 to 20 year’s old age • • • • Likes to drink cool stuff Drink for style Purchase cheep drink Easily influence by TV. (Professionals and parents) • • • • Becoming more concern about their heath Preferred HERITAGE juices Chosen rich nutrition with better taste Concern about price and quality HEALTH CONSCIOUS: Health expertise and people who want to improve their health • • • • • • • Find solution for health problem Heart. magazine and online advertisement 9 . nausea.TARGET MARKET PRIMARY: ADULTS: Above the age of 20 years.

White and green pack with clear message on it about the ingredients will attract the consumer. Design of the box will be different. 10 . Ingredients: • • Pure juice of sugarcane Preservatives: Preservatives added to make its shelf life for 3 months. Packaging: • 250ml tetra pack boxes will use for SUGARCANA. A quality straw is a necessary attachment.POSITIONING Positioning statement: “The Ultimate Healthy Flavor of Pakistan“ Slogan. Sugarcane and plants on pack will emphasize life. Brand Name & Rationale • SUGARCANA falls into new product category. “Freshness means Sugarcana“ Product: • Launching 250ml tetra pack container with clear message.

Company will set the price based on buyer’s perception of value. we also have to consider consumers buying power. Expected consumer price for 250 ml SUGARCANA is Rs. SUGARCANA will be distributed at all local stores where different juices are present already.PRICE STRATEGY: Price strategy is Value Based Pricing. • Reasonable pricing will change the market share on sugarcane juice. competitor’s price and cost of production as well. Price strategy is also based on competitor’s price. Cantt ) PACE MAKRO • • 11 . This will be another advantage over the competition that will show the preference of the people.15 Pricing is very important regarding every product while pricing. Price strategy is based on value to the customer and also on Competitor’s Price. Jail Road. The major outlets include. Defence. Allama Iqbal Town. SUGARCANA will take over some part of the market share. Ferozpur Road. PLACEMENT STRATEGY: Placement is about getting the products to the customer. Model Town. Township. • • SUGARCANA will offer combination of the best quality and the best service. Johar Town. • CAKES & BAKES and SHEZAN (Gulberg.

Effective for relaxation. Help to prevent heart disease and improve heart heath 3. Keep blood vessels healthy 2.• • • • METRO ALFATEH HYPERSTAR UNIVERSITIES AND SCHOOLS (selected) We will give incentives to the distributors to sale our product as much as they can by giving them space in freezers and make sure that SUGARCANA is cool so that more and more customers can purchase it. Reduce stress 4. 2. We will maintain the long lasting relationship with them as we believe in the long term relationship. Slow down high blood pressure 5. Brand Name--Benefit: • • SUGARCANA Easy to remember product name for future buy Image is to drink for better healthy life 12 . Success factors of SUGERCANA 1. if a distributor sell 12 bundles of SUGARCANA than one bundle of it will be given free to the distributor. 100% Pure Benefits: 1. Good for digestive system 6. Incentives will be in a form that.

3. Customers have clear idea about the product when they see it at the first time. Quality Straw attached. 13 . Clear message in the design. Design takes customer attention and makes them interested on product. 3 month’s Expiry Benefits: • • 3 months expiry will be beneficial for the consumer to keep it store. It will also helpful for sellers to keep it store in large quantity. Attractive Packaging Benefits: • • • • • Easy to read information on the container. 6. 7. Best Quality Benefits: • • Good taste 100% Hygienic 4. 5. Enough quantity for a normal drink at one time. Temperature Benefits: • Refrigeration is needed which will keep the SUGARCANA always ready to drink. Easy to store. Pack Size Benefits: • • 250ml pack makes a quick glass of drink for the guest.

14 .• Not only for consumer but for guests also.

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