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” Qais Abu-Laban BQ Capital.and beyond. Jordan “One of a kind and very useful” Fumihiko Iwamoto K&L Advertising Asia Pte Ltd. this key reference book offers advertisers a unique opportunity to showcase their products and services to a specialised target audience . Media Coordinator Dubai Ports. accurate and up-to-date media directory for the Arab world.companies and agencies seeking media outlets and services in the Middle East & North Africa. Customs and Free Zone Corporation COVERAGE Algeria Bahrain Egypt Iran Iraq Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Libya Morocco Oman Palestine Qatar Saudi Syria Tunisia UAE Yemen .. those dealing with the regional media have found the book invaluable and are eagerly awaiting the fully revised. Containing over 4. From large multi-nationals to small companies.. Client testimonials. United Arab Emirates “An invaluable resource for anyone who wishes to strategically define a regional campaign.for us . Our first seven editions have firmly established the Middle East & North Africa Media Guide as a must-have resource. Singapore “Really helps me in my job . updated and expanded 2011 edition.500 media listings across 18 countries. as well as provide our clients with even more regional exposure” Louay Al-Samarrai Active PR.Middle East & North Africa Media information Media Guide 2011 The MENA Media Guide is the only an invaluable guide and serves to strengthen our media database. and thousands of well-thumbed copies can be found in offices across the Arab world .I benefit from it on a daily basis” Zakia Suhail Al Musharrakh. “The book .

charities and universities. publishers.including in-house advertising and PR managers at major local and international companies. government ministries. (Source: Sample survey of customers) Every 2-3 months 9% Once a week or more 32% ” Once a month 15% 2-3 times a month 43% N. Rest Of Middle East 26% PR Agencies 23% In-house PR. media buyers and planners. Advertising or Media Buying 32% industry Customer breakdown by The Middle East & North Africa Media Guide is viewed as an essential directory for people working in. media analysts. and with. the media across the region . Gulf Business The Facts Frequency of use The Middle East & North Africa Media Guide has a shelf life of one full year. giving advertiser's maximum. America 6% Asia 3% Europe 7% Australasia 1% GCC Countries 57% Geographic breakdown The 2011 edition of the Middle East & North Africa Media Guide will be available in bookshops across the region. 90% of Middle East & North Africa Media Guide customers refer to the guide at least once a month. Unlike magazines or newspapers which are often discarded after being read. with 32% using the book once a week or more. Many of our international customers use the book to find media outlets for their own advertising requirements in the Middle East & North Africa. advertising agencies. and worldwide through our website. broadcasters. PR agencies. marketing companies. as well as finding suppliers and creative partners.Middle East & North Africa Media Guide 2011 “ Once a year 1% An exceptionally useful guide. Other 7% Broadcasters 6% Universities 5% Public Bodies 5% Publishers 7% Ad Agencies & Media Buyers 16% . and repeated exposure.

State and independent radio stations listed by country and language. and Advertising Representatives. Newspaper & Magazine Distributors. Don't get lost in the crowd. World Media . Media Resources . New Media . the media across the Arab world. media websites and digital media agencies. Newspapers . Public Relations Agencies.State and independent TV stations listed by category and language. “ An essential resource…. Events & Exhibitions Exhibition organisers.. plus pay-TV networks. no one else has attempted to create a directory of Middle East media on this scale. Magazines . Production Companies Independent production companies listed by country.Journalist Associations.Middle East & North Africa Media Guide 2011 “ An essential tool for anybody working in.Major websites and portals.. The only way to grab attention and stand out from your competitors is to enhance your basic listing with an advert. The guide is well structured and intuitive to use. ” Advertising & PR Advertising Agencies. Media Buying & Planning Agencies.National and regional newspapers listed by country and language.Contact details for some of the world's largest media companies. 7Days ” . stand manufacturers. Radio . and stock photo libraries.Consumer. Editor Ben Smalley is a journalist with good credentials who clearly understands the business he is writing about. Khaleej Times Chapters Each chapter is introduced by insightful editorial giving an overview and analysis of each sector. Television . Outdoor Media. Stand Out! Supplement your listing and stand out from the crowd. Media Research & Monitoring. The Middle East & North Africa Media Guide is designed to be as comprehensive as possible with free basic listings for all regional media companies. Media Free Zones. Circulation Auditors. and event management companies. trade and special interest magazines listed by category and language. or with. News & Photo Agencies Government and independent news agencies.

750 22. Binding: Perfect book bound www. Sold globally through the Middle East & North Africa Media Guide website.875 2... 2010 Booking deadline: 30 days prior to publication date Position: A 10% surcharge is applicable for special/guaranteed positions (except inside front and inside back cover).500 20.275 5.250 Trim Size 210x149 210x149 210x297 210x149 n/a n/a n/a 140x45 n/a Print Area 190x135 190x135 190x270 190x135 186x84 100x135 186x42 140x45 100x135 (*For bleed ads. ” A one-year shelf life gives advertisers maximum coverage and repeated exposure. All advertisers receive a free copy of the guide.500 11.500 US$ 6.500 14. ADVERTISING RATES & TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS All adverts are full colour.250 7. direct sales and in good bookshops across the region Sales of the Middle East & North Africa Media Guide are fully supported by promotional media campaigns to maximise exposure and enhance sales. TBS Journal The Media Guide 2011 is.725 7. dimensions are height x width in millimetres Type Inside Front Cover Inside Back Cover Double Page Spread Full Page Double Column (2/3) Half Page Horizontal Single Column (1/3) Bound-in Bookmark 1/2 Page Profile AED Sales Contact: Mohamed El-Wardani Mob: +971-55 341 4274 Email: mohamed@middleeastmediaguide.Middle East & North Africa Media Guide 2011 “ Anyone dealing with Arab media will find this guide book indispensable. Material: Provide on CD in EPS format Material deadline: October 15.500 27.250 Size: A5 Publication date: November 10.250 10.125 2.150 6.middleeastmediaguide. Sold by targeted direct mail.975 3.275 3.675 3. 2010 Cancellation: One month prior to publication date. add 3mm on all sides to the trim size) CONTACTS MediaSource FZC PO Box 341138 Dubai United Arab Emirates Tel: +971-4 356 4200 Fax: +971-4 356 4222 Email: .

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