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Easy ---------- 1 point each
Average ----- 3 points each
Difficult ----- -4 points each
Clincher ------ 10 points each

1. It is a branch of science that deals with the study of matter; its structure, composition, properties, and the
changes it undergoes.

a.Biology b.Physics c.Chemistry d.Mechanics

2. A kinds/types of carbohydrates that composed of more than two sugar monomers.

a.Monosaccharides b.Disaccharides c.Polysaccharides d.Lipids

3. The body-building molecules which help us grow.

a.Amino acids b.Phosholipids c.Lipids d.Proteins

4. It is a branch of science that study life.

a.Biology b.Physics c.Mechanics d.Chemistry

5. It is also known as the cardiovascular system, consists of the heart and blood vessels.

a.Digestive system b.Respiratory system c.Nervous system d.Circulatory system

6. These are licensed professionals who create food plans and nutrition programs.

a.Teacher b.Dietitians c.Chefs d.Doctors

7. Commonly known as fats or oils.

a.Carbohydrates b.Proteins c.Triglycerides d.Nucleic acid

8. Which of the following is the chemical symbol of Silver.

a.Si b.Ag c.Pb d.S

9. The study of volcanoes is called ______.

a.Volcanology b.Seismology c.Psychology d.Oncology

10. It is the push or pull that causes any change in the motion of an object.

a.Speed b.Acceleration c.Force d.Motion


3 points each correct answer

1. Which of the following are the building blocks of matter?

a.Molecules b.Atoms c.Organisms d.Cells

2. It refers to the existence of many plants and animals.

a.Biodiversity b.Environment c.Zoology d.Species

3. Which of the following describes how high or low a sound is.

a.Elasticity b.Pitch c.Density d.Speed

4. It measures the energy released at the source of the earthquake.

a.Intensity b.Scale c.Fault d.Magnitude

5. The fundamental unit of all life forms is called ________?

a.Atoms b.Cell c.Molecules d.Matters



4 points each correct answer

1. Which of the following are the universal blood?

a.Type A b.Type B c.Type AB d.Type O

2. It refers to the changes in the characteristics of a population of an organism passed over the course of
a.Biological evolution b.Human evolution c.Animal evolution d.Flower evolution

3. Which of the following is the Pacific-Asian regional name for the generic term tropical cyclone.
a. Hurricane b.Typhoon c.Depression d.Tornado

4. Which of the following volcano is the smallest in terms of elevation.

a.Taal b.Mayon c.Pinatubo d.Leonard Kniaseff

5. Which of the following is the lowest level of the atmosphere.

a.Troposphere b.Stratosphere c.Mesosphere d.Thermosphere

10 points each correct answer


1. It is a stomach disorder due to excess acids in the body.


2. What vitamin complex includes thiamine, niacin, and riboflavin?


3. What is the fastest running terrestrial animal?


4. What is the total number of bones in the human body?


5. What land mammal holds the record for the greatest age?