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Information Report: South-East Asian Animal

Task: To present an information report on an animal that lives in your South East Asian
country or from another South-East Asian country of your choice.
Getting started:
 Choose your animal,
 Plan what you will do, your information report will include:
 An introduction:
o An introductory paragraph (minimum 3 sentences) that states the animal for
your report (name) and the main ideas you will be talking about. This
paragraph should grab the attention of your reader.
 A body: The body of your information report will contain 3 paragraphs (minimum 4
sentences) about your chosen animal (under sub-headings) These are
o The animals appearance/ anatomy
o The animals habitat/ where it lives
o The animals diet/ what it eats
 A conclusion:
o The conclusion (minimum 3 sentences) should summarise the key points of
what you have written in your report.
 A Glossary:
o A glossary of terms should be included at the end that defines any technical
terms you have used in your report. (Highlight these terms in your report).
 A Bibliography
o A bibliography should be included at the end of your report, this should identify
where you got your information from.

 Check your spelling and grammar.

 Write in complete sentences.
 Ensure you have the appropriate headings and subheadings.
 Use appropriate language features of an information report; Nouns (plural/ general),
present tense verbs, formal writing written in third person, appropriate adverbs.
 Define any technical terms you use in your glossary.
 Add a bibliography that shows where you got your information.

For extra marks add more sub-headings for other facts: These may include:

 Locomotion: how does you animal move? Is it slow-moving or fast moving? Is its
movement important (fast to catch prey)
 Adaptations: does your animal have any adaptations to its environment? (Giraffes
have long necks to eat leaves that are high off the ground).
 Enemies: does your animal have any predators, or is your animal a predator? (What
are they)?
Add pictures and or Diagrams: Include pictures or diagrams that support what you have
written about or provide extra information to the reader.
Teacher Notes: