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Alcohol Questionnaire

Quote No:

Customer’s Name:

1. Do you currently consume alcohol?  Yes  No
Beer (quantity) Wine (quantity) Liquor (quantity)
Weekly 60 ml (monthly)

2. Have you ever consumed more alcohol than you do currently?  Yes  No
If yes, when and why did you change your drinking habits?

3. Have you ever consulted a doctor or received treatment or counseling, related  Yes  No
to alcohol use?
Name of doctor, hospital or clinic Address Dates

4. Have you ever been a member or Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous  Yes  No
or a similar support group for recovering addicts?
If yes, please answer the following questions:
When? NA

How often do you attend meetings? NA

How many meetings did you attend in the last six months? NA

Are you presently active? NA

When is your “dry date?” NA

Have you had any lapses of sobriety?  Yes  No

If yes, please state relevant dates: NA

5. Have you ever been arrested or convicted for driving while under the influence  Yes  No
of alcohol, reckless driving, ever had your driver’s license suspended or been
required to attend an alcohol or drug awareness program ordered by the court?
If yes, please provide details including dates for each occurrence:

6. Please provide any additional information that you feel is important:
Drinking is merely occasional, and that too once in 2 months


I understand that this questionnaire forms part of my proposal for insurance. I hereby declare that the
information given and the statements made in this questionnaire are true, correct and complete. I undertake
to notify AEGON Life Insurance Company Ltd. of any changes in the state of my health between the date of
this questionnaire and the date of issuance of the acceptance letter/first premium receipt by the company
and I agree that in the event of my failure to do so the contract of insurance that might be made in
pursuance of my proposal is liable to be declared null and void by the Company.

I hereby confirm that any replies not filled in by me have been read over to me by the scribe and I declare
that the replies as recorded in the questionnaire are true, correct and complete.
Date: 2/1/2018