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FW Series Application: The Friction washer is made of cylindrical trough with an inclined high speed running paddle screw to de-water and clean ground material like film flakes, granules, and the simila type material. The screw is fixed in the bearing housing by the mean of two bearing and enclosed by stainless steel screen. The ground material and water are fed from above at the lowe end of the through. Then the material is washed while being transported to the outlet at the top of the trough. Fines and water are thrown through the fine screen to the ou the friction of the hig speed screw clean the material. The drain is located at the lower end of the tough. The screen is automatically cleaned by means of a water rinsing unit. Technical Specifiction Model Screw Lenght Screw Diater ‘Screw Speed (Paddle) Sereen Hole Dive Motor ‘Water consumption “Throughput ko) PANCHAL PLASTIC MACHINERY PVT. LTD. Plot # 127, G.I.D.C., Umbergaon - 396171, Dist. Valsad, Gujarat, INDIA. + +4+91-260-2563391 / 2563392 Fax : ++91-260-2562892 Fw-3000 300mm 500mm 1000rpm 2.5mm 16-30 HP 100 m3ihr PET 3 TonvHr LDPE 1.5TontHr. HOPE 2.5ToniHr, Fw.2000 200mm 350mm 1000rpm 2.5mm, 10-45 HP 70 m3inr PET 1 TonlHr LDPE 0.5Tonvtr. HDPE 0.7Ton/Hr. Website :