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Total number of printed pages-3 3 SEM BE (J-R) CED (N) 2017 (December) CIVIL ENGINEERING DRAWING Paper ; CE-301 Full Marks : 100 Time : Three hours The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions. 1. Answer any two of the following 15x2=30 (a) Draw both courses of a 1*1 brick wall Flemish bond. (b) Draw plan and sectional elevation of a half-term open-well staircase for a residential building. Take a floor height of 35m, width of staircase (each flight) 1-2m, width of well=0'5m and suitable sizes of tread and riser. () Draw a King post roof truss (timber) for a span of 8m, showing different components of it. Assume other data if required 2. Draw the detail plan of a R.C.C residential building showing wall thickness, doors, windows, steps, staricase and pos 1s of columns for a line plan shown below. Draw the elevation of the build: height of 0:75m and height of the building 3-25m excluding parapet wall. Draw only the ground floor. (All the dimensions shown in line plan are in metre) 20+10=30 nae - ; Bed room Kitchen 42x35 3x35 Bath & WC] 3x15 Bed room | Drawing hall inked 4:2x3-5 4x35 aan Verandah 4x3 Lf 3SEMBE(J-R)CED(N)/D 2 Draw front and sectional plan view for a +) Bt double leaf 2/3 glazed and 1/3 panelled = door, with frame for a: door opening of 1300mm x2100mm size of door frame ial is 100mm 70mm. Assume any other data 's, required he drawing. 20 of a 4. Draw the plan 8 sectional elevation of a 4 a c tank considering outer ee Lx Bx H= 35m x 15m * 2m. e walls as full brick wall and nly tition walls as half brick wn a0 walls. b thickness are 10cm and respectively. Assume any other data if 10+10=20 or Draw plan, elevation and sectional elevation of R.C. slab culvert for a road width of 4m and span of waterway of 3m. Take depth of foundation from bed level of opening as 1-5m, Height of parapet wall 1-4m. Assume any other data reqd. for drawing. 10+10=20 3SEM BE (J-R)CED(N)/D 3