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Kinematics Assignment

DROPBOX: Kinematics Assignment

1. Calculate the average velocity for a remote controlled vehicle that starts with a
velocity of 1.0 m/s [forward] and then accelerates at
0.08 m/s2 [backward] for 4.0 s.

2. Use the following position-time graph to complete the questions below.

a. Locate the regions where the velocity is positive.

b. Calculate the velocity at the 2 s mark. Show your work.

c. Calculate the average velocity between 0 s and 11 s.

d. How far is the object from its starting point at the 8 s mark?

3. A sniper fires a bullet at 120 m/s at 30° above the horizontal from the roof top of a
35 m high parking garage. If the bullet strikes the level ground beside the parking

a. How long was the bullet in the air?

b. How far from the base of the parking garage did the bullet land?

c. At what angle did the bullet land? 1/2

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