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Rock Star Weekly Monday, October 1, 2018

Reminders Parent/Guardian Initials: ________

RECYCLE: Please send in old small
toys for treasure box. This Week’s Focus
Your trash is our treasure! Reading: Lesson 4 Lucia’s Neighborhood
Genre: Informational Text
Skill: Text and Graphic Features
i-Ready Rock Stars Strategy: Question
9/17-9/23 Grammar Skill: Adjectives
Phonics Skill of the Week: Short e
1. yet 3. pen 5. leg
Kevin 234 minutes! 2. web 4. wet 6. hen
Hayleigh 198minutes! High Frequency Words:
Ibrahim 165 minutes! 1. all 3. here 5. my
Lilia 168 minutes! 2. does 4. me 6.who
Math Unit 2 Fundations: Your child will be working
on consonant digraphs. A consonant
Ishaan 283 minutes! diagraph is two consonants that make one
Israel 185 minutes! sound together, for example “s” and “h”
Hayleigh 154 minutes! make the sound /sh/
Word of the Day:
Christian 133 minutes!
1. much 2. shut 3. thick 4. quick
Trick Words:
Upcoming Events 1. as 4. into 7. she 10. for
10/3 Fall Pictures Make-Up Day 2. has 5. we 8. me
10/5 Field Trip Forms Due & Compliment Party 3. to 6. he 9. be
10/12 Mrs. Egan Off for Training
Guest Teachers: Mrs. Franny & Mrs. Weaver
10/16 Mrs. Egan Off for Training • Students should work on i-Ready
Guest Teacher: Mrs. Franny READING for a minimum of 15
10/17 Field Trip (Send disposable lunch) minutes every night of the week.
10/18 Early Release 12:25 PM • Math homework is in the green
10/19 No School folder. It says Practice and
Upcoming Birthdays Homework on the front top right.
• Students should read for 15 minutes
Mrs. Egan 10/6 every night!
Keenan 11/24