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Article appeared Friday, September 28th, 2018 in The News Today, Bangladesh

The Revelation (541) yousuf mahbubul Islam, PhD

We make sacrifices for others, e.g., we sacrifice our time, energy and resources for our children,
putting our own life in danger we sometimes go out of our way to help or save another person’s
life and soldiers/persons perform heroic acts to support a cause. Why do people make such
sacrifices? Does the sacrifice prove anything? Is the sacrifice a demonstration of love and belief
in the cause? Does a sacrifice prove love, support and belief conclusively?

By the same token, should we sacrifice anything for God? To understand, let us analyze the
following answer, given in the article, Why do we sacrifice to God? {1}. It points out that as
created beings, we owe everything to God, and sums up the relationship with Him,
“Well, the first thing we need to understand is that God doesn’t need us to sacrifice.
God doesn’t need anything. God gives us the opportunity to sacrifice as a tangible way
to express our love for him and show how grateful we are for all that he has provided us.
Why would he do that? Why would he make sacrifice available to us? Because God
knows how we’re wired. He did the wiring. He knows, as our creator, how humanity
works. He knows that, when we’re in a loving relationship we feel compelled to convey
our affections in a physical way, through actions, not just words. We want to DO
something.” {1}

The ideas in the quotation above cover a number of important concepts. The first is that God is
Self-Sufficient, He doesn’t need anything from His created beings; He is the ONE who created
us from nothing and gave us whatever we have – rather, we need Him. He has not only given us
an existence, He has added umpteen blessings so that we can enjoy the life and personality
that He has created. By creating the ability to analyze and appreciate, He has created the
opportunity for us to demonstrate our gratitude and belief in Him. As a demonstration of our
appreciation and belief He has also arranged the opportunities to sacrifice and prove our love
for Him.

God does not need us or our sacrifices. It is up to us to demonstrate and prove our love and
gratitude, i.e., if we appreciate the gift/opportunity of life that He has given us – also, if we want
to! When we receive even the smallest of gifts from others, we automatically say thank you,
mostly without hesitation. In turn, how do we look upon people who are not grateful and do not
acknowledge their gifts? In comparison to the gifts we receive from others, what type of gifts has
God given each of us? What value do we place on these gifts? As an upright and good or
righteous person, what should, then, our attitude be, towards Him?

So, what could we sacrifice for God? Just like we sacrifice our time, energy and resources for
our children, would it be right to devote a portion to Him? To start off, could we spend time,
energy and resources to find out why He has created us and how we could please Him? Could
we look up and read Holy Scriptures to find out what sacrifices people in history have made,
and what was the result? As an example, the Holy Scripture, the Al-Qur’an, contains the

22.58 “And as for those who emigrate in the way of God and are then slain or die,
God will surely provide them with a beautiful provision. And truly God is He Who
provides the best of Provision.”
Why would one have to leave their homes for God? For example, if people are persecuted for
praying and believing in God, they may be forced to leave their homes. Rather than obeying
their oppressors and agreeing to abandon their religion, they prefer to leave the comfort of their
homes and emigrate to another place/land, so that they can continue their relationship with God.
They move out for the sake of God, to keep their religion and relationship with Him alive. They
have, in effect, sacrificed the comfort of their homes for the sake of God. On the way, if they die
or are killed, God will give them the best of what He has kept in reserve for them. So, what will
God do when they are martyred for His sake?

22.59 “Verily He will admit them to a place with which they shall be well pleased:
for God is All-Knowing Most Forbearing.”
God is constantly with the oppressed. He is conversant with what is going on, and has
everything recorded. He is the best to Protect and is well pleased with those who have
sacrificed something for Him. God will provide the best of living conditions – He will admit them
to Paradise. For a better understanding of the situation, God points out elsewhere in the Al-
“And do not say about those who are killed in the way of God, "They are dead." Rather,
they are alive, but you perceive (it) not.” [2.154]

Even if those oppressed and persecuted, fight back in self-defense, and then continue to be
persecuted, the following is God’s decision.

22.60 “Thus it is. And whosoever retaliates (to injustice) with the like of that which
he has suffered and is again tyrannized – God will surely help him: for He is One
that is truly pardoning and forgiving.”
Do we have a true measure of who God is? He has created and constantly creates each
situation giving us the opportunity to demonstrate our justice and belief in Him. Do we doubt
God’s ability to protect those who sacrifice for Him?

22.61 “That is because God (is the One who) merges the Night into Day and He
merges the Day into Night and verily it is God Who hears and sees (all things).”
God has created time for us by arranging the day and night to alternate and is on constant
watch of what we do. Given the opportunities He creates, He is on the lookout for those who
respond to Him and deliver justice.

22.62 “That is because God is the Reality: and those besides Him whom they
invoke they are but vain Falsehood: verily God is the Most High, Most Great.”
As God has created everything in the Universe, He is only Reality on whom everything is
dependent. There is therefore no other power, other than God, regardless of what we perceive.
In the next Verse, God gives an example for reflecting on who He is.

22.63 “Do you not see that God sends down rain from the sky and with it the earth
becomes clothed with green? For God is He Who understands the finest
mysteries and is well-acquainted (with them).”
The same rain water falls everywhere. However, from the dry parched earth, all varieties of
fruits, vegetables and flowers grow – can this happen by itself? It is God who designs everything
and gives life to objects that do not exist.

22.64 “To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and on earth: for verily God is
Free of all wants, worthy of all praise.”