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add to sth The bad weather only added to our difficulties -to increase sth in size,number,amount..

1. Add up all the money I owe you – a calcula
add up 2. His story just doesn't add up - (especially in neg. sentences) to seem reasonable; to
make sense
1. These clues don't really add up to very much (= give us very little information) - to lead
add up to sth to a particular result; to show sth
2. The numbers add up to exactly 100 = to make a total amount of sth
not agree with I love strawberries, but they don't agree with me - (of food) to make you feel ill/sick
ask after smb He asked after T- to say that you would like to know how smb is, what they are doing...
ask around I don't know of any vacancies in the company but I'll ask around – a se interesa
back away a se retrage
back off She was told to back off - a se da inapoi
be after a vrea ceva (new car…)
be behind (with) a intarzia cu lucrul, a face mici progrese
be down for a se inscrie la (cursuri…)
be in Are your parents in?
1. I'm off now. – a pleca
2. a mirosi urat (mancarea)
be off 3. a absenta de la lucru
4. a opri, stinge (masina, lumina)
5. a nu fi disponibil (mancarea din meniu…)
be on a se intampla, a avea loc (concert…)
be on and off intermitent (ploaie, tuse…)
be out a dezaproba
be out of/be short of a ramane fara (bani, noroc)
be up a se scula din pat
be up against a face fata dificultatilor
be up and about a fi bine dupa boala
bear down on 1. to move quickly towards smb/sth in a determined or threatening way- Br
smb/sth 2. Bear down on it with all your strength so it doesn't move – a apasa pe ceva/cineva-Am
bear on sth These are matters that bear on the welfare of the community – a afecta
bear smb/sth out The other witnesses will bear me out – a confirma, a sustine

bear up
(against / He's bearing up well under the strain of losing his job – a se tine tare
under sth)
bear with Please bear with him for a moment while he tries to put this straight – a avea rabdare
bend over Bend over and pick it up yourself! – a se apleca
She managed to bend the committee to her opinion - to force or persuade smb to do what you
bend smb to sth
want or to accept your opinions
black out The driver had probably blacked out at the wheel – a lesina
1. A power failure blacked out the city last night – a se lua curentul
black sth out 2. Some lines of the document have been blacked out for security reasons - to prevent sth
such as a piece of writing or a television broadcast from being read or seen
1. Her reaction simply bowled me over – a surprinde, a impresiona f mult
bowl over
2. a tranti la pamant
break away
(from) / free / At last, the hostage could break away from his captors. – a scapa de, a se elibera de

a descompune make people leave sth or stop doing sth. diviza in parti. As his car drew up.a-si pierde controlul.a readuce in simtiri . especially a particular feeling or attitude that smb has 1. The ship was broken up for scrap metal . 3. emotional) suddenly run towards sth when break for you are trying to escape 1.a se make sth separate into smaller pieces. eruptii…) 1.a incepe brusc ( make sth happen bring along This year has brought along some significant changes. si a incepe sa planga (de rau.a se sfarama. She broke off a piece of chocolate and gave it to me – a rupe break out Fighting had broken out between rival groups of fans .to make smb feel upset (Am En) 1. Negotiations between the two sides have broken down – a esua 3.a termina. Police were called in to break up the fight . the crowd broke into loud applause – a incepe brusc sa rada… 4. opri brusc (intalnire. especially by using force bring sth about What brought about the change in his attitude? . desparti (scoala) 3. paine) break off 2. a intrerupe (o conversatie) 3. Sugar and starch are broken down in the stomach . din cauza controlului. defecta (masina) 2. a pune la pamant 2. Attempts must be made to break down the barriers of fear and hostility which divide the two communities .to be successful when you get involved in sth 1. The ship broke up on the rocks . materials break down $5m – a sparge. etc. relatie) break sth off 2. He was breaking up under the strain . They decided to break up the partnership . sit. Woody Allen makes me just break up – a rade f tare (Am En) 6. break out in He broke out in a cold sweat (= for ex. spre a fi analizat 4. spre a fi bring smb to smb’s house around/round bring smb to make smb who is unconscious become conscious again .a se inrautati 5. They've broken off their engagement .to begin the holidays when school closes at the end of a term (Br En) break up with smb She's just broken up with her boyfriend – a incheia o relatie break smb up The thought of hurting her just breaks me up . The meeting broke up at eleven o'clock . Expenditure on the project breaks down as follows: wages $10m. sparge in bucati (lemn) 2. The company is having difficulty breaking into new markets . a company. Their marriage has broken up . boala) break out of sth She needed to break out of her daily routine and do sth exciting – a scapa dintr-un destroy sth or make it disappear. Her health broke down under the pressure of work . Each lesson is broken down into several units – a sparge. through fear) . to divide sth into smaller parts break sth up end a relationship. They had to break into the emergency food supplies . He broke down and wept when he heard the news . war.a deveni acoperit de (pete. He broke into a run when he saw the police – a incepe brusc sa fuga break into sth 5.a open and use sth that has been kept for an emergency 6. sau spre a fi mai usor de facut break sth down 3. Firefighters had to break the door down to reach the people trapped inside – a darama. The back section of the plane had broken off – separa prin a rupe (crengi. plant $ go away in different directions break up 4.a se strica. bring smb Bring the family round one evening. We'd love to meet them . She had to hold him back as he tried to break for the door . The telephone system has broken down .a intra prin efractie 2. When do you break up for Christmas? . diviza in become very weak (Br En) 5. We had our car broken into last week . He broke off in the middle of a sentence-to stop speaking or stop doing sth for a time 1.

The band have just brought out their second album . more build up to sth powerful or larger in number The play was built up to be a masterpiece but I found it very disappointing .to persuade smb to agree sth/around (Am) to sth Please bring back all library books by the end of the week / He brought me back (= gave me a bring back ride home) in his car . a reduce preturile bring down 4. give a decision in court 3. Click with the right mouse button to bring up a new menu .to make sth a permanent part of [often a system.a become make sth appear on a computer screen build sth in / 1. Please bring the matter forward at the next meeting – a sugera ceva pentru discutie 1. The jury brought in a verdict of guilty . They want to bring in a bill to limit arms exports .to make sth a permanent part of a larger build sth structure into sth 2.a give a very build smb/sth up positive and enthusiastic description of smb/sth. a lansa (o carte) 3. Twelve enemy fighters had been brought down-to make an aircraft fall out of the sky ask smb to do a particular job or to be involved in sth bring smb in return smb/sth 1. a educa bring smb up 2. Local residents were angry at not being brought in on (= asked for their opinion about) the new housing proposal .to make smb/yourself healthier or stronger . The meeting has been brought forward from 10 May to 3 May .to attract smb/sth to a place or business bring smb/sth in 2. That dress really brings out the colour of your eyes . The pipes were built into the concrete .to mention a subject or start to talk about it 2. A certain amount of flexibility is built into the system .(of the police) to bring smb to a police station in order to ask them questions or arrest them make sth easy to see or understand bring sth out 2. but we managed to bring him round . descuraja make smb remember sth or bring sth back think about it again 2. He was brought down in the penalty area . Bring it up at the meeting .(in sports) to make smb fall over 3. We need to bring in a lot more new business . Most people are against bringing back the death penalty – a reintroduce 1.a dezvalui 1. She was brought up in Wisconsin .to make an animal or a bird fall down or fall out of the sky by killing or wounding it 1. Two men were brought in for questioning . He was brought up on a charge of drunken driving-(law)to make smb appear for trial 1. The pilot managed to bring the plane down in a field – a ateriza 5. The president was brought down by this scandal – a use sth as a basis for further progress build sth on They've built an extension on -to add sth (an extra room) to an existing structure by building All the pressure built up and he was off work for weeks with stress . a vomita bring sth up 3. He brought down the bear with a single shot .a introduce o noua lege bring smb in sth My job brings in 400 dollars per week – a castiga bani bring smb out a-i face pe oameni sa iasa la greva 1. The photographs brought back many pleasant memories . passive] build on sth This study builds on earlier work . A crisis brings out the best in her . plan. often exaggerating your claims build smb / You need more protein to build you up .around/round/to bring smb round to He didn't like the plan at first.a devansa (intalnire) bring sth forward 2.

a se baga. a interveni call at This train calls at Didcot and Reading – a stationa call away He was called away from the meeting to take an urgent phone call – a fi chemat call for smb I'll call for you at 7 o'clock .to use sth that is stored or kept available carry smb back The smell of the sea carried her back to her childhood .to telephone a place. Karen burst out laughing – a incepe brusc sa faca ceva butt in How can we talk when you keep butting in all the time? – a inrerupe.a vizita. She's had her hair cut really short. especially sth) (also call smb publicly on sth- Am) 1. to order or advise workers to stop work as a protest call smb/sth out (on/for People were calling him out for his negative comments .to start producing sth suddenly and with great force A major new talent has burst onto the literary scene .to ask or demand that smb do sth 1. but she can carry it off . to ask smb to come. searching. She called on Tom while he was on hospital . especially for their country collect smb in order to go somewhere 1. The opposition have called for him to resign .a apela la 1. a recruta 3. He called on his friends for support .to interrupt smb/sth by entering a place suddenly and noisily burst into sth She burst into tears . a telefona call smb up appear somewhere suddenly in a way burst on/onto sth that is very noticeable 1. to give smb the opportunity to play in a sports team. succeed in doing sth that most people would find difficult . especially the place where you call in work call smb in A solicita serviciile cuiva (to call in a doctor/the police) Cars with serious faults have been called in by the manufacturers . The sea defences have been built up to ensure that such a disaster will not strike again - to make sth higher or stronger than it was before burst in with She burst in with the bad news – a da buzna burst in on smb/sth He burst in on the meeting .to make smb remember a time in the (to sth) past 1. especially to an emergency (an engineer/a plumber/the troops) call smb out 2. a trece pe la cineva call on 2. The situation calls for prompt action .to publicly ask for sth to happen call sth forth His speech called forth an angry response – a produce o anumita reactie Several people have called in sick today . to address the meeting-to formally invite or ask smb to speak… call on/upon smb 2. The smell of the sea called up memories of her childhood – a-si reaminti call sth up criticize smb or sth. I feel called upon (= feel that I ought) to warn you that….a solicita ceva call for sth 2. call sth off I had to call off the barbecue because of the bad weather – a anula 1.yourself up order or ask for the return call sth in of sth call smb/sth off to order a dog or a person to stop attacking. I now call upon T. He carried off most of the prizes – a castiga ceva carry sth off 2. She's built up a very successful business – a crea sau dezvolta ceva build sth up 2. He called up her last reserves of strength . For heavens' sake!’ he burst out – a izbucni burst out 2.

or if smb is acceptable check smb/sth out 2. The book has been checked out in your name .to move nearer to smb/sth. They huddled around the fire as the night closed in . The police are checking out his alibi . if the weather closes in. airport. it gets worse close in 3.(informal) to look at or examine a person or thing that seems interesting or attractive check over/through sth Check over your work for mistakes – a pay your bill and leave a hotel. a inspecta check up on smb There is no need to check up on me – a verifica check up on sth I need to check up on a few things before I can decide . when the days close find out if sth is correct. The shop was closed down by the police – a inchide close down 2.when the night closes do and complete a task (to carry out an inquiry/an investigation/a survey) carry over Attitudes learned at home carry over into the playground . The match had to be carried over until Sunday . carry on (with sth) /carry Carry on the good work! sth on carry on (with His wife found out he'd been carrying on with another woman .) We checked in our luggage and went through to the departure lounge . for check sth out example a book from a library 1. Extensive tests have been carried out on the patient . arrive at a hotel check into or private hospital to begin your stay there check smb/sth off As I packed my case I checked everything off on my list – a bifa check on smb/sth I'll just go and check on the children – a verifica check out The local police found her story didn't check out – a verifica check out of Guests should check out of their rooms by noon . it gets darker close in on smb/sth The lions closed in on their prey . to do sth that you have said you will do or have been asked to do (to carry out a promise/a threat/a plan/an order) carry sth out 2. complete sth successfully carry through on / He has proved he can carry through on his promises .to continue to exist in a diff. Check out the prices at our new store! .(old-fashioned) to have a smb) sexual relationship with smb when you should not 1. 1. etc. it stops broadcasting at the end of the day leave bags or cases check sth in with an official to be put on a plane or train He checked into a top London clinic yesterday for an operation on his knee .(informal) to argue or complain noisily. (British English) when a radio or television station closes find out if sth is true or correct delay sth until a later time carry smb through / carry smb His determination carried him through the ordeal .to do what you have said you will do with sth (North American) check in at Please check in at least an hour before departure – a se inregistra (hotel. especially in order to attack them close sth off The entrance to the train station was closed off following the explosion – a inchide . a reporta carry sth over 2. they become gradually shorter during the autumn/fall help smb to survive a difficult period through sth carry sth through It's a difficult job but she's the person to carry it through .carry on He was shouting and carrying on .to borrow sth from an official place.

to think about a problem. 1.a reaminti come before The case comes before the court next week – a se prezenta in fata smb/sth come between smd I'd hate anything to come between us .to reply to smb angrily or with force with sth come back to smb It's all coming back to me now . The ceiling came down with a terrific crash . to sell goods very cheaply in order to get rid of them quickly close over smb/sth The water closed over his head . in a particular way come away with We came away with the impression that all was not well with their marriage . Gas is coming down in price . finalize close sth out 2. Her hair comes down to her waist .to shut and lock sth such as a shop/store or a building. When the right opportunity comes along. especially for a short period of time close sth up 2. How did you come by that scratch on your cheek? – a primi ceva 1.a face o anumita impresie come across I came across children sleeping under bridges .a fi inteles come across 2. it heals – a se inchide close up 2. A rock concert closed out the festivities – a termina.used in orders to tell smb to hurry. or to try harder come apart The book just came apart in my hands .to go somewhere with smb come along return to smb’s memory .(North American English) a face o scurta vizita come by sth 2. Traffic was heavy and cars were closing up behind each other . a break into pieces come around I knew he would come around in the end.if a damage a relationship between two people and smb 1. a aparea have come from a long time in the past . Why don't we close up and go out for lunch? . his throat closed up with fear – a se inchide in sine come about that… Can you tell me how the accident came about? .to surround and cover smb/sth 1. when a wound closes up. it gets lower leave a place sth with a particular feeling or impression 1. come at sth question.a manage to get sth 3. Will the good old days ever come back? . I'm glad you came along .to become popular or successful again come back at smb She came back at the speaker with some sharp questions . comes provide or supply sth when you need it sth 1. etc.let's come at it from another angle .to hide your thoughts or emotions 1. Your French has come along a lot recently . She comes across well in interviews . to bring people or things closer together 3.(informal) to criticize smb severely or punish smb come down to smb The name has come down from the last century . She closed up when I asked about her family .(of an aircraft) to land or fall from the sky 5. The rain came down in torrents – a cadea ( reach as far down as a particular point come down on smb Don't come down too hard on her . The committee came down in support of his application .a intalni din intamplare smb/sth come across with I hoped she'd come across with some more info . she'll take it .a se intampla (incident) 1. We're getting nowhere .to decide and say publicly that you support or oppose smb 6. Long hair for men seems to be coming back in . ninsoare…) come down 4. My aunt came by yesterday . We were forced to come down in a field . He spoke for a long time but his meaning didn't really come across . Every time he tried to speak. Come along! We're late . etc. Jobs are hard to come by these days .to come closer together.a se intoarce come back 2.(informal) to improve or develop in the way that you want 4. a rate.a se prabusi 3.

) to start come on 4. a flirta come on to sth I'd like to come on to that question later . a drug. to be received 6.) to be successful. I've tried to get him to come off the tranquillizers .to be produced or published 4. Would you like to come in at this be able to be explained by a come down to sth single important point come down with I think I'm coming down with flu . Long hair for men came in in the take part in a discussion 7. the truth. I've worked very hard to pass this exam-luck doesn't come into it .to be able to be removed come off 2. to happen start talking about a subject come out 1.(informal) (of a plan. contest. What time does the news come on? .when the finish a race in a particular position 2.come on to do sth. Some of the photos from our trip didn't come out . but I can't see where I come in . It came on to rain . The rain stopped and the sun came out . (usually used in the progressive tenses) I can feel a cold coming on. I thought they came off very well in the debate . etc. 6. Set the oven to come on at six . The project is coming on fine . When is her new novel coming out? . etc.(informal) to improve or develop in the way you want 3. Did the trip to Rome ever come off? (informal) to take place. (of a law or rule) to be introduced.(informal) to be successful/not successful in a badly… fight. 1. What it comes down to is either I get more money or I leave . etc. come on/upon to meet or find smb/sth by chance smb/sth come on to smb a se da la cineva. The train is coming in now .to begin to operate 5. stop taking be important in a particular situation 1. A button had come off my coat .to begin. they appear 2. When I tried to lift the be left money by smb who has died come into sth 2.if a photograph comes be shown clearly .(informal) used to disagree with smb rudely come off it 1. it comes out that… It came out that he'd been telling lies (of news. to have the intended effect or result come off become separated from sth come off sth 3.(of a player) to join a team during a game 2. to come off your bicycle/horse 2. I understand the plan have a part in sth 5.) . I think there's rain coming on (of an illness or a mood) .to become known 5. Her best qualities come out in a crisis . opposite go out . Come off it! We don't have a chance . it is a clear picture when it is developed and printed 6. Tom came on for Brown ten minutes before the end of the game . the handle came off in my become available come in 4.(of a TV arrive somewhere. My horse came in last .a se imbolnavi sth 1. The daffodils came out early this year . moon or stars come out. to begin to be used come in on sth If you want to come in on the deal. She came into a fortune when her uncle died . The full story came out at the trial. Does this hood come off? That mark won't come off . you need to decide now . etc. We're still waiting for copies of the book to come in .to become involved in sth come in for sth The government's economic policies have come in for a lot of criticism – a primi ceva neplacut 1. become fashionable 3. They had wanted it to be a surprise but the plan didn't come off . Susan? .(of flowers) to open 3.

See related entries: The sun and the moon 3. The doctors will operate if necessary-but it may not come to that . but she came through in the end . to happen I'm afraid sth urgent has come up. He came out against the plan .a face o anumita impresie come over to sth to change from one side. The question is bound to come up at the meeting come up 5. comes up in a betting game. on the skin come out of It was when she started drama classes that she really came out of herself . All her students came under her spell . This nail won't come out . or come through through an official organization With such a weak heart she was lucky to come through the operation .to develop from sth come out at sth The total bill comes out at £500 . at the beginning of a term or in order come up to to begin your studies come up to… Why don't you come up to Scotland for a few days? . to be dealt with by a court Her divorce case comes up next month 7. What heading does this come under? . it is chosen and you win sth 8. etc.(of news or a message) to arrive by telephone. etc. a mark. I tried to say ‘I love you. 2. name. to come over come over funny/dizzy/faint be included in a particular group reach a particular add up to a particular cost or sum come out in sth Hot weather makes her come out in a rash . 7. informal) to suddenly feel sth + get better after a come through sth serious illness or to avoid serious injury come through with We were worried she wouldn't be able to handle it.(of an idea) to enter your mind relax and become yourself more confident and friendly with other people She sometimes comes out with the most extraordinary remarks .to sth successfully do or complete sth that you have promised to do come to smb The idea came to me in the bath . affect smb come round/come a-si recapata cunostinta to A message is just coming through . = come across He came over well in the interview . say sth. especially sth come out with sth surprising or rude 1. These ink stains won't come out of my dress .to become covered in spots. (of the sun) to rise We watched the sun come up. in order to talk come up to smb to them .to be a person that come under sth others are attacking or criticizing 3.) to be removed from come out of sth sth by washing or cleaning 3. especially Oxford or Cambridge. to add up to sth The bill came to $30 come to sth 2. (British English) to stop work and go on strike 1. The head teacher came under a lot of criticism from the parents . (of an event or a time) to be going to happen very soon Her birthday is coming up soon 6. to be mentioned or discussed The subject came up in conversation. to be ready soon‘Is lunch ready?’ ‘Coming up!’ to arrive at a university. especially a bad one 1. they are spoken move towards smb. radio.(Br En.when words come out.’ but the words wouldn't come out .(of come from one place to another. if your number. I come over all shy whenever I see her . etc. (usually used in the progressive tenses) to arrive. etc.of an object) to be removed from a place where it is fixed 2. (of plants) to appear above the soil The daffodils are just beginning to come up. from… especially from the south of a country to the north or from a smaller place to a larger one He came up to me and asked me the way to the station .to be controlled or influenced by sth 1. Rock music came out of the blues . opinion. to another come over smb A fit of dizziness came over her .to say publicly whether you agree or disagree with sth 9. We'll let you know if any vacancies come up 4.

Opinion on this issue cuts across traditional political boundaries .to reach as far as a particular point come up to sth 2. My explanation was cut off by loud protests . He was very badly cut up in the fight . She kept cutting in on our conversation . (of a vehicle or its driver) to move suddenly in front of another vehicle. Tall trees cut out the sunlight .to block or get in the way of sth cut smb/sth off The army was cut off from its base .to prevent smb/sth from leaving or reaching a place or from smb/sth communicating with people outside a place cut out if a motor or an engine cuts out. (also cut through sth) to go across sth in order to make your route shorter .to block sth. usually cut sth out of sth with scissors 2. His contract is coming up for renewal . it suddenly stops working cut smb out of sth Don't cut your parents out of your lives .to remove sth from sth larger by not allow smb to be involved in sth 1. Emergency generators cut in . I would cut out the bit about working as a waitress . informal) to behave in a noisy and silly way be reaching the time when sth must be done 1. Our water supply has been cut off . etc. a gasi (o solutie) cool down It began to cool down after the remove sth from sth larger by cutting cut sth off be faced with or opposed by smb/sth smb/sth 1. leaving little space between the two vehicles cut smb in on sth to give smb a share of the profit in a business or an activity be considered for a job. We were cut off in the middle of our conversation . She comes up for re-election next year . etc. (figurative) The winner cut ten seconds off (= ran the distance ten seconds faster than) the world record interrupt smb and stop them from cut smb/sth off speaking leave sth out of a piece of writing. cut sth out 2. (North Am En) (Br En push in) to go in front of other people who are waiting 1.come up against We expect to come up against a lot of opposition to the plan .to interrupt smb when they are speaking cut in on smb/sth affect or be true for different groups that usually remain separate cut across 2. He had his finger cut off in an accident at work . it starts working cut in have the qualities and abilities needed for sth be cut out to be sth cut up (North American interrupt smb who is speaking on the telephone by breaking the connection cut smb off stop injure smb badly by cutting or hitting them cut smb up 2. He cut his son off without a penny . I cut this article out of the newspaper . cut back (on) I have to cut back on the water make sth by cutting 1.if a motor or an engine cuts in.a inventa. count (up) on Can we count on you? 1. I've been advised to cut sugar out of my diet . using or eating sth be cut out for sth / He's not cut out for teaching . especially light 3. She cut the dress out of some old material . She was pretty cut up about them leaving . 2. They cut off the enemy's retreat .[usually passive] to upset smb emotionally .to reach an acceptable level or standard come up with How soon can you come up with the money? .to refuse to let smb receive any of your property after you die 1. The water came up to my neck .I usually cut across the park on my way home.[often passive] to stop the supply of sth to smb 1. – a consuma/cheltui mai putin 1. an important come up for sth position. His performance didn't really come up to his usual high standard . manage without smb/sth do without doing I could have done without being (= I wish I had not been) woken up at three in the morning. loud.(Am En) to reduce a draw sth down supply of sth that has been created over a period of time.cut smb/sth up (British English) to suddenly drive in front of another vehicle in a dangerous way cut sth up He cut up the meat on his plate . skirt. The paintwork will need doing over soon .(finance) from sth / draw to take money from a fund that a bank. to be reduced draw sth down The company has already drawn down €600 million of its €725 million credit line . – a se incheia. etc.[usually passive] to die one after the other until there are none left die out This species has nearly died out because its habitat is being destroyed .to injure a part of the body She was done out of her promotion . die off The reindeer herds are slowly dying off . especially sth/ from doing sth because you feel nervous– a se retrage There are many life events that can unexpectedly draw down savings . attractive clothes. I don't know what to do with (= how to use) all the food that's left over . prinde 1. He got home to find that his flat had been done over .to unfairly prevent smb from having what they ought to do smb out of sth have do smb over He was done over by a gang of thugs – (Br En) to attack and beat smb severely 1. to make sth do away with sth end do smb/sth down to criticize smb/sth unfairly do for smb/sth Without that become gradually weaker or fainter and finally die away disappear die down The flames finally died down . [usually passive] Come and sit down-you look done in . etc. etc. has made available down on sth draw sth from She drew her inspiration from her childhood experiences / to draw support/comfort/strength smb / sth from your family .to take or obtain sth from a particular source draw in The nights/days are drawing in .(North Am En) to do sth again do sth over 3. destroy or kill smb/sth 1. do sth up 2. etc. sth (ironic) draw back He came close but she drew back – a se da inapoi draw back from We drew back from taking our neighbours to court .to stop existing do away with to kill smb/yourself smb/yourself He thinks it's time we did away with the monarchy . decide on/upon sth I decided on the iced tea .to make smb very tired do sth in He did his back in lifting heavy furniture . He never bothers to do his jacket up to fasten a coat. we're done for .to clean or decorate sth again 2. He makes money by buying old houses and doing them up – a repara si decora o casa… do youself up to make yourself more attractive by putting on make-up.used in negative do sth with smb/sth sentences and questions with what) do without smb/sth I guess I will have to do without lunch today .to divide sth into small pieces with a knife.(Br En) to enter a building by force and steal things do up Please do your buttons up / The skirt does up at the back. choose sth from a number of possibilities The sound of their laughter died away . She was carrying a package done up in brown paper – a impacheta become dark earlier in the evening as winter gets nearer . She insisted that everything be done over . choose not to take become gradually less stop doing or having sth. to kill smb/yourself do smb/yourself in 2.

to involve smb or make smb take part in sth.if a vehicle draws up. college. to cure somebody of drinking too much alcohol become weaker or less drop back/behind We cannot afford to drop behind our competitors – a ramane in urma drop by/in/round / I hope you guys can drop by our house some time – a face o vizita drop in on smb make sth last longer than usual or necessary draw up The cab drew up outside the house .to draw up a contract/list drink up Drink up. You can drop me off at the next red light. He went to an expensive clinic to dry out . a extrage draw on Night was drawing on . without finishing your studies drop out of become or help somebody yourself/smb into to become familiar with something new. etc. especially a new job sth ease off sth The storm eased off a little/We waited until the traffic had eased off – a leave school. drive away We heard him drive away . although sth / draw they may not want to take part at first smb in The doctor drew off some fluid to relieve the pressure .a uita ce vrea dry up sa spuna 3. . to reject the ideas and ways of behaving that are accepted by the rest of society dry sth / smb off We dried our boots off by the fire .to become lighter in the evening as summer gets nearer draw smb out to encourage smb to talk or express themselves freely draw sth out She drew the interview out to over an hour . a descreste ease off a o lasa mai moale .draw smb into sth / into doing youngsters drawn into a life of crime . The play was going very well until one of the actors suddenly dried up .to no longer take part in or be part of sth 3. it passes draw on/upon sth I'll have to draw on my savings . A usca ceva ease into sth / ease It will take a little time for him to ease himself into his new role .a lasa intr-un loc drop off stop drinking alcohol after you have continuously dry smb out been drinking too much. and let's going.a pleca cu masina… drive smb away Terrorist threats are driving away tourists – a forta sa plece drive sth up / down to make sth such as prices rise or fall quickly drive off The robbers drove off in a stolen vehicle – a pleca drive smb/sth off The defenders drove off each attack – a forta sa plece drive on We drove on till night – a continua sa conduca drive smb/sth out New fashions drive out old ones . it arrives and stops draw sth up to make or write sth that needs careful thought or planning . As she got older. I dropped off and missed the end of the film .a atipi 1.a scadea/diminua 3. During the drought the river dried up – a seca 4. He has dropped out of active politics . She started a degree but dropped out after only a year .to become dry or make something dry dry sth out The clothes finally dried out.if a time or a season draws use a supply of sth that is available to you draw out The days/evenings are drawing out . drop away She could feel the tension drop away .if a supply of something dries up. there is gradually less of it until there is none left remove some liquid from a larger draw sth off supply. Traffic in the town has dropped off since the bypass opened. offers of modelling work began to dry up . .to make smb/sth disappear or stop doing sth drive off I said good-bye and drove off.

Their long struggle ended in failure . he'll end up dead even out House prices keep rising and falling but they should eventually even out – a se echilibra even sth out He tried to even out the distribution of work among his employees – a egala. + adj. especially when they are not fully aware of what is happening have something as an ending end in sth 2. If you go on like this you'll end up in prison c./prep.I ended up doing all the work myself end up b. end up doing something . a se distanta sth / smb edge sth / smb out She was edged out of the company by the new director . If he carries on driving like that. echilibra even up to make a situation or a competition more equal .to have something as a result to find yourself in a place or situation that you did not intend or expect to be in a.ease sth out She gently eased the cork out of the wine bottle . especially by making it difficult or ease smb out unpleasant for them over a period of time 1. + adv. A incetini viteza eat up 2.a scoate cu grija to force somebody to leave a job or position of move somebody from their position (of sth) or job gradually. The word I'm thinking of ends in ‘-ous’ . A o lasa mai moale edge away from The students laughed and edged away from him – a evita.

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