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In recognition of National Constitution Day, the Political Science Department is hosting a lecture
by Professor Jack Rakove of Stanford University on Monday, September 17, 2018. Professor
Rakove’s topic will be "Trumping the Constitution.” The lecture will take place in Room 502 of
the Student Center East at 12:00 to 1:00. In conjunction with the lecture, various civic
engagement activities will precede the lecture, beginning at 11:30, and voter registration
activities will continue after the lecture until 1:30.

Should you choose to attend this lecture, you may earn 10 points of extra credit by submitting a
brief reflection essay on the three FACTS you found most interesting and why they seem
important to you. Your essay should include one to three paragraphs per fact. This essay will be
due September 19.

If you choose not to attend the lecture, you may also earn 10 points of extra credit by completing
a brief research essay on a Constitutional Amendment of your choice (excluding those in the Bill
of Rights). The essay should describe the Amendment, when and why it was initiated, when it
was passed, when it was signed, and its current status in political discourse. Your essay should
cite at least four academic references (not websites), and the length of your essay will be
expected to be between two and four pages. This essay will be due September 19.