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Fall 2018 Tutor Schedule

Tutoring takes place in the area in left column

Course Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri
Chemistry Mike 12-1pm Mike 12-1pm Mike 12:30-2pm
Math Lab Megan 2:30-4pm
Computer Sci Will 12-1pm Nalene 11;45am-1:45pm Will 12-1pm Nalene 11;45am-1:45pm Will 12-1pm
Math Lab Will 12:30-2pm Will 12:30-2pm

English/Writing Maureen 9am-1pm Deesha 9-11am Princess 12:30-4pm Greg 11am-1pm Princess 12:30-4pm
Writing Center Princess 12:30-4pm Greg 11am-1pm Maureen 1-5pm Steve 1-2pm
M-Th 8-5 F 8-3 Steve 1-2pm Maureen 2-5pm

Math Lab Will 12-1pm Will 12:30-2pm Will 12:30-2pm Will 12-1pm
M-Th 8:30-5
F 8:30-3

Peer Tutors Professional

Deesha Princess Will Hudson Mike Megan Nalene Maureen
Steve (WC) Greg (WC)
(WC) (WC) (ML) (ML) (ML) (ML) (ML) (WC)
ACC 101 CHM 173 SCI 170
CIS 105, 110, 116 ACC 102 CHM 174
Writing Writing Math Writing Writing Writing
SCI 170
Math up History
Psyc Math up to PreCal SCI 143 Psyc
to Int Alg
Math up
Soc Soc
to PreCal
Group tutoring available in unshaded areas Appointments can be scheduled via tutor email

Class/ tutor email Room/time Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri.

DMT101 Room L019 DMT101 Helen

by appt. 11-12
Tutor email L019 12:00-1:00 pm by appt. 1-2 pm

DMT120 Room L019 DMT120B Helen

L019 12-1PM
Tutor email by appt. 11-12

EDU171 Noon- 1pm EDU171

by appt. 10 AM in
Tutor emails Room L015 the Writing Center L015 12-1 pm

EDU185 12:30-1:30 PM EDU185

Tutor emails Room L015 L015 12:30 -1:30 pm

by appt. 1:30- 1:55

HUS100 Noon- 1pm HUS 100

Tutor emails C125 C125 12-1 pm

HUS101 12:30-1:30 PM HUS 101

Tutor emails C125 12:30 -1:30 pm C125

Katelyn 12:30 &

Jerry 12-1 Katelyn by appt
NUR105/ NUR205 Nursing lab nursing lab Friday after 3PM

Or Health Studies NUR 2pm-3pm Jerry 12-1 nursing

room Divya- one to lab,
Tutor emails one session Jerry 4-5PM Jerry 4-5PM Health Studies Health Studies Room Room

RAD courses Rad Tech lab 4:00-5:30 4:00-5:30 subject to change

Tutor email RAD LAB RAD LAB after clinicals begin

SCI135 Noon- 1pm SCI135 A1 SCI135 A

Tutor email Room L100S L100S 12-1PM L100S 12-1PM SCI135 L100S

one to one session by