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Levasil and Bindzil

colloidal silica dispersions

for the adhesive industry – uses and benefits
Colloidal silicas
from Eka at a glance

Levasil and Bindzil

are aqueous colloidal
dispersions of amorphous
silica. They can be cationic packaging woodworking
but at most anionic. Further
their characteristics vary
with particle size (2–100
nm), pH- level (11.5–2) and
the additives used. Their
viscosity is rather low and PSA
they are very resistant to transportation


Recommended Levasil and Bindzil

Charge stabilization of anionic silica sols
types for adhesives
Small particle sols (30%) with high bonding powers as Levasil 300/30%
Bindzil 830

Aluminate modified sols for high pH stability as Levasil 200A/30%

Bindzil 257/360

Large particle products with high concentrations (45%–50%) as Levasil 100/45%

Levasil 50/50%

Special types with additives (ADH-Series) as Levasil 300/30%

Levasil 300/30%

Epoxy silane modified Bindzil CC types (30%–40%) as Bindzil CC301

Bindzil CC401
Advantages for waterborne Significantly reduced drying time of PVAc films

adhesives through silica sols 100

Vinnapas DPN 15
Vinnapas DPN 15 + Levasil
100/45% (70/30) (freshly mixed)
Weight loss (%) 85
Adhesive formulations 80
• Reduced drying time 75
• Long storage time 70
• Complexation of residual monomers 65
0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35
Time (min)

Bonded joints Improved shear strength of PVAc based wood/wood joints after 7 days
of dry/wet storage according to DIN EN 204 D
• Improved heat resistance
• Improved initial wet bonding strength PVAc PVAc + Levasil 100/45% (freshly mixed)
• Higher peel strength 16
• Improved creep resistance 14
• Modular system for PSAs 12

1day 7 days 1 day 7 days
Dry Wet

Superior heat resistance Heat resistance of joints based on various polymers; CR (A) / NR (B)
/ Acrylics (C, H, I, K) PU (D) / PVAc (E) / Epoxy (F) / B-AN (G)

of bonded substrates according to internal shear test with NORA standard test pieces

as most important benefit 180 Formulation

With Levasil or Bindzil you have the chance to get a and Levasil
high heat resistance with a one-component system. and special Levasil ADH grades
Temperature (°C)

Water based adhesive formulation
Further improvements through the newly
developed silica sols of the Levasil ADH series
Almost complete
complexation of organic monomers Outstanding heat strength
Residual monomers in CR based adhesive formulation Higher thermal stability through the addition of Levasil ADH grades
Example: Polychloroprene (CR) formulation
90 CR CR + CR + CR + CR + CR +
Levasil Levasil Levasil Levasil Levasil
80 300/30% 300/30% 300/30% 300/30% 300/30%
(dosage 15%) ADH 06 (5%) ADH 06 (10%) ADH 06 (15%) ADH 16 (15%)
70 190
Temperature in C

30 120
20 100

Recipe Recipe + Recipe + Recipe + 60
Levasil Levasil Levasil 40
300/30% 300/30% 300/30%
(dosage 15%) ADH06 (5%) ADH06 (15%) 1 2 3 4 5 6

Expoxy silane modified

Bindzil CC types for
outstanding compatibility
with organic dispersions
High stability in neutral or even weak acidic pH ranges,
through the switch from a charge to a steric stabilization.

Bindzil CC301, model structure

Modular system (B) Viscoelastic window for Ucecryl WB 1440 + Levasil 300/30%

for tailor-made 1E+06


Storage modulus G' [Pa]


pressure sensitive 1E+05

G' (100)
G'' 3 G' (100)
G'' (100)

adhesives (PSAs) 2
Classification of PSAs by the viscoelastic window, the so called 1E+04
G' (0,01)
G'' 1 G' (0,01)
G'' (100)

Chang window, proposed by E.P.Chang, J. Adhes. 34, 189 (1991):

tan = 1

1: Removable PSA 1E+03

2: General purpose PSA 1E+03 1E+04 1E+05 1E+06

3: High shear PSA Loss modulus G'' [PA]

4: Cold temperature PSA Due to the addition of Levasil 300/30% (dosage 15%) this PSA is located now
only in the general purpose area 2, whith a reduced temperature dependency

(A) Viscoelastic window for Ucecryl WB 1440 (C) Viscoelastic window for Ucecryl WB 1440 + Levasil 300/30% ADH 06

1E+06 1E+06
20°C 20°C
Storage modulus G' [Pa]

Storage modulus G' [Pa]

50°C 50°C
G' (100)
G'' (0,01)
3 G' (100)
G'' (100)
70°C G' (100)
G'' 3 G' (100) 70°C
G'' (100)
1E+05 1E+05

2 2
G' (0,01)
G'' (0,01)
1 4 G' (0,01)
G'' (100) 1E+04
G' (0,01)
G'' 1 G' (0,01)
G'' (100)

tan = 1 tan = 1

1E+03 1E+04 1E+05 1E+06 1E+03 1E+05 1E+06

Loss modulus G'' [PA] Loss modulus G'' [PA]

Viscoelastic window for a typical removable acrylic based PSA between The addition of Levasil 300/30% ADH06 (dosage 15%) pushes the PSA
20°C and 70°C, primarily found in area 1 into the high shear area 3

For polychloroprene and polyurethane based formulations we are ­marketing through our partner Bayer Material Science.
For all other systems we sell directly.

Health, safety and environment

Bindzil Colloidal Silica Dispersions contain no classified raw materials. Before handling the material, read the corresponding
Material Safety Data Sheet for health, safety and environmental information. All Bindzil products are approved in accordance
with EU directives both for direct and indirect food contact.

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