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afraid to leave it for a moment for fear the cold wind would chill it. 5 .• - . They built a nest on a high crag at the very edge of the sea. She sat in the nest. Mother Snow Bunting laid an egg. warming the egg with her body. • THE LOST SONG It was spring. Two snow buntings returned to the cliffs of Bering Straits from the distant lands in the south. She shielded it from the rain and hardly ate or slept.

his mother flew off. or sleep. " " If you don 't. What'li we do? " Father Bunting became very angry. He heard the song . " "Please give it to me. It's the only song we have. snatched Snow Bunting 's song and flew away. "Give me my hunting gloves. He'll make himself sick with crying. He had never heard such a beautiful song before. If . I'll never be able to live without it now. I can't give it to you. I'll snatch it from you! " At this Raven swooped down . Give it to me! " . Truly now. his parents had no time to eat or drink. darling son. He was such a fine. whose dear little eyes are these? Tweet-tweet. stopped nearby and listened in amazement. He stamped his foot. If his father flew off to find him food . I'll snatch our song from his throat! Just wait:' . Father Bunting flew off. " Let me have your song. When it ended he said to Snow Bunting ." Mother Bunting replied. We have no other. No other birds on the coast had a fledgling as handsome as he. He passed many birds. One day Mother Bunting perched on the edge of the nest and sang her son a song: Tweet-tweet . When Father Bunting returned from his hunt and saw his son wailing and his wife weeping he said . his father would bustle about. He saw • Ptarmigan running among the rocks and heard Golden Plover whistling. no! I could never do that. 6 • . her little son hatched. his mother would croon to him. His eyes flashed. She burst into tears. " Oh. my big bow and my swift arrows! I'll find the thief. " Raven swooped down on us and carried off our song. His only fault was that he cried so much . whose litt le wings are these? Tweet-tweet. Just then Mother Bunting 's little son began to squawk. whose are they? Raven was flying by just then. whose little toes are these ? Tweet-tweet. " " My son can 't fall asleep if I don 't sing him his song so it's no use your asking. Now our son will never fall asleep. but none of them were Raven . whose dear little head is th is? Tweet-tweet. " What 's the matter? What happened? " " It 's too terrible for words. • • Finally.


spying a flock of ravens on the cliffs. However. whose dear little eyes are these? Raven would get this far and then begin at the beginning again . He would shoot the one that sang his song. whose little wings are these? "There's the villain! There's the thief who stole the best song in the world!" Father Bunting cried. sWaying back and forth: Tweet-tweet. At last. The old birds were sunning themselves and gossiping. whose little toes are these? Tweet-tweet. winging back and forth until he spotted a raven perched among the branches of a tree. its eyes were shut . none of the ravens were singing Snow Bunting's song or any other. Its beak was raised. raised his bow and arrow and waited. whose little wings are these? Tweet-tweet.and it was swaying from side to side as it warbled sweetly: Tweet-tweet. whose little toes are these? Tweet-tweet. Now and then one of them would caw. - . : he landed nearby. whose dear little head is this? Tweet-tweet. while the young were playing. but that was no song! Father Bunting flew on.


Landing on a branch of the same tree . the louder were his son's wailing and his wife's weeping . he let his arrow fly . but it merely slipped off Raven's hard wing feathers and fell to the ground . I • • . whenever snow buntings see a raven. The closer he got. Raven never even noticed it. Now. Raven. He ju st kept on warbling . Meanwhile. Then Father Bunting took all his arrows from his quiver and began shoot ing them one after another at the thief. they at once stop singing . "Stop crying! Stop weeping!" he called . Raven sang on : Oh! Tw eet' Whose little toes are th ese? Ow ' Tweet! Whose little win gs are th ese? Ou ch' Somet hing h it me' Oh. Her little son stopped wailing and fell asleep. She began singing her song. tweet! Whose dear little head is thi s? Oww! Someth ing's pricking me! Oh! Tw eet! Whose dear little eyes are the se? Oww! Help' Stop! Caw! Caw! And Raven dropped the song. That is why they still have their song and why all snow buntings still sing it to their noisy children. ·Not one will so much as open its beak. never even opened hi s eyes. Here it is!" Mother Bunting was overjoyed . " I've snatched our song from that' thief . Father Snow Bunting snatched it up and flew back to his nest.

HARE Hare liked to play in the sedge at th e edge of a lake. Hare became angry and went off to complain t o Fire." " It' s your own fault. One day as he was munching on a blade of sedge. That's why you cut your lip. burn down the sedge at the e-dge of the lak e! " " Why? What has Sedge done to you? " " Cut my lip. he cut his lip. Greed made you eat too fast." Fire said . 11 • . " Fire.


t he tips of his ears got singed . " Shoot the water. " Why? What has Fire done t o yo u? " " Fire wo n't burn dow n th e sedge at th e edge of th e lake!" "What has Sedge don e to you ?" " Cut my lip. Sedge caug ht fire. Fire got scared and rushed at the sedge. However. . boys! " he said . Th at' s why you cut you r lip. Water rose up and set off t o put out the fire . Greed made you eat t oo f ast. Greed made you eat t oo fast. but Hare was boun cing abo ut there. He became very frightened . Then they wo n' t be ab le t o shoot their arrows. He wen t to Mouse and said. That 's why you cu t your lip." " It' s your ow n fault." Water said. They grabbed up th ei r bows and sh ot thei r arrows into the water." Mouse took pity on Hare and h urried off to chew through the boys' bowstri ngs. "Why? What has Water done to you? " " Wat er won 't pu t out the fire! " " And w hat has Fi re done t o you? " " Fire wo n't burn dow n the sedge at th e edge of t he lake!" " And what has Sedge don e t o you? " " Cut my lip! " " It' s your own fault. Th at is wh y all hares have blac k- ti pped ears. Hare became angrier than ever and went up to two boys wh o we re playing wi th their bows and arrows . put out the fire! " he said. • • . dashed off and just barely escaped.Mouse. " Wat er. The boys became frightened ." Now Hare was hopp in g mad. help me! Chew t hro ug h th e boys' bowstrings. Hare became still ang rier and went to Water.

a yo un g fro g . it doesn 't ach e. I've do ne so much ca tch ing sto ma ch is ab ou t to bu rst ." " I've ha d my fill of ho pp in g an d jum pin g. " un d. an d yo u try t o ca t ch me. saw Cran sta nd ing on one leg ." " I've had my fill of pla yin g . was do zin g and payi ng no atten tio an yth ing ." " Wh om d id you ca t ch ? " Vamyn gu asked and look ed aro "T he re' s no bo dy here. " I' m j ust sle epy." an d went ho p-h op -ho p to ge t a clo se r loo k. me an wh i le. w ha t Can yo u? • • . Crane. 'cause I've no thi ng to do . e " Wh at a lon g-l eg ged bir d t hat is! I'v e never seen an oth er li Vamy ng u sa id to he rself. " I ca ug ht ch att er boxes like you ." . do zin g." " I've had my fill of ca tch ing . Vamy ng u bli nked hard bu t co u ld not make head o r t ail of Cr an e had said. or does one leg ac Va my ng u asked . Sh e was a very cu rio us fro g ke it. • TRY TO CATCH ME O ne su mm er day Va my ng u . n to "A re you tired of sta nd ing on bo th leg s. " "The n let 's have a race! I' ll ho p away . We 'll pu t off ou r race t ill t om my Crane said and sh ut his eyes agai n. " " Why are you cro ss ?" "I' m not. She was dy ing to kn ow wh y Crane had the he ?" o ne foo t cu rle d up int o a fist. " Siatylga k." " Wh at' s yo u r name? " Va myn gu pe rsiste d." Cran e repli ed g rum pil y." "T he n let 's ho p and jum p." "T he n let ' s play. toes of " No. or row .


It was nighttime. In days lo ng." Anipa f lew t o t he bi ggest tent. In those days the bird s did not sing at all. perch ed outside and listen ed. WHY OWL HAS A SPOOKY VOICE S nowy Owl is the most beautiful bi rd in the tund ra. I'll see what I can learn from th em. They made bows and arrows. isn't she ? Do you want to kno w why she has such an awfu l voice? Then listen to this sto ry. and knives of sto ne. It was a beau tifu l song . but she cou ld hear a voi ce in side th e tent. An d th ey sing fine songs. saying to herself as she flew along : " People discovered fire . They can do anythi ng. They're smart. Once she set out to where t here were people. Th e village was asleep . As soon as nig ht fell and th e air became as c old as ice th ey wou ld begin t o sing . long gone the northern lig hts co uld sing. fo r at night all living creatu res were asleep. 16 • . but there was no one to hear it. Anipa the Owl was a very enviou s bird .


They don 't need th em as mu ch as we do." The birds talked th is over among themselves and th en said. waved his arms and sho uted hoarsely." The bi rds finally had their way. When they roam the sky at night. " Let us exchange." they plead ed . and yo u give us the northern lights' so ngs. there is no so und to all t his bright beauty. • • . A shaman lived in that big tent. Great Old Man . Th at 'll leave nothing for t he ot hers." Apa ipaiyek chi ded. All the ot her bi rds went off t o Wise Ap aipa iyek the Spider. You wa nt t o have lovely feat hers and beauti fu l so ngs. But the plain-looking bird s of the tundra sing songs that are cheerful and gay. He was making mag ic . all the beasts and all t he people are sound asleep. lig hti ng up th e sky at night. He beat his t amb ourin e. hopped abo ut. No one will ever change this order of things. " " That' s being greedy. beat her wi ngs. "Whoo ! Wh oo ! Whoo!" Anipa became excited . " That 's not nice at all. We'll g ive the northern lig hts the co lo rs of our feath ers. " Help us. because no one listen s t o t hem anyway . " You've g iven us bright feathers. but we want to si ng beautifully as well. Althoug h ever since then the northern lights have been all t he co lors of the rain bow . hopped up and down and repeated the sounds the shaman had made : " Whoo ! Wh oo ! Whoo! " Fro m th en on no owl could make any other so und.

Polar Bear stood on an ice pack, loo king off int o th e
distance. He couldn 't see very far, but he t hought he co uld make out
a seal. He got up on his hind paws , shielded hi s eyes from the sun
wi th his front paw and peered again . Yes, it was a seal! Bear f lop ped
dow n on his stomach and crawled towards a lane of ope n water.
When he was quite c lose Seal noticed him and swam off. Polar Bear
follo wed. Seal swam still farther out. .

" Be ar sig he d , " if I ha d a fri en d we 'd clo se in on Se al and
"A h,
sh e'd never escape ."
Bu t Po lar Bear did not have a frie nd .
eri ng
He cli mb ed o ut on to the ice ag ain and sto od the re wo nd
w he mi gh t ca tch an oth er se al. All of a su dd en -w ha t was tha t?
ho and
du st sw ish ed by Be ar' s mu zz le. He he ard a wh isp er ing
Sn ow wa n t
his ea rs . Ac tua lly , he wa s a bit frig hte ne d bu t did n't
pri ck ed up 's tha t
he ros e up on his hin d pa ws an d roa red , "W ho
to sh ow it, so
t ossin g sn ow in my eyes? "
" It' s me , Wi nd ," a fai nt vo ice rep lie d .
" How dare yo u! "
" Do n't be an gry . He lp me ."
" Hrn. How? "
" Why, blo w hard . Th at 'll ma ke me str on ge r."
" Wh at' li yo u do for me in ret urn ? " s yo u ."
" Se als are do zin g on an ice flo e. I'll blo w it tow ard
"W ell , then, let ' s be frie nd s !"
" Let 's. Th ere 's rea l str en gth in frie nd sh ip ."
lar Be ar too k a de ep bre ath an d ble w ha rd . Wi nd sti rre d , gre w
str o ng, spread his wi ng s and fle w ou t to sea. Be ar.
In no t im e Wi n d wa s d riv i ng an ice flo e ba ck t ow ard s Po l ar
d w ith se als . Be ar att ac ke d the sle ep ing se als ,
Th e floe was do tte lon ge r
po lis he d off tw o an d the n gra bb ed a th ird , bu t wa s no
hu ng ry. ed t o
Ind eed, Be ar's ey es we re big ge r tha n his sto ma ch . He de cid
w hil e an d str etc he d ou t wi th on e pa w un de r his he ad an d the
rest a
ot he r ov er his mu zzle. Soon he was sou nd as leep . er t he
All day lon g an d all thr ou gh the nig ht Wi nd wa nd ere d ov
a. By da wn he wa s co mp let ely ex ha us t ed . All of a su dd e n he
se lay
red his frie nd Po l ar Be ar, wa fte d ov er to wh ere Be ar
rem em be
and settled so ftly on the flo e.
"Help me , frie nd ," Wind wh isp ere d .
rre d an d rol led ov er, bu t pa id no att e nti on to Wi n d.
Bear sti
" Save me ! I'm dy ing ! " Wi nd wh ist led . are
ed on e ey e an d mu mb led , " Wh at ki nd of a frie nd
Bear op en
yo u? I ca n 't sle ep wh en yo u 're ma k ing so mu ch no ise ."
d off
Wi nd managed to spread his dro op ing wi ng s and drifte
ily , fly i ng so clo se to the wa ve s he ba rel y ke pt fro m
un ha pp
dro wn ing . ch ed
Then som eth ing sta rtli n g ha pp en ed . Ju st as dy ing Wi nd tou
big w ha le ap pe are d dir ec tly be low an d bl ew ou t
th e wa ter a gre at


swi rled down and swept th e h uge ice fl oe t owards shore. but Wind said . a hunter was lyi ng in wai t there . After qu ite a while Win d became tired again and decided t o pay another visit to his friend Polar Bear. He spotted Bear asleep on the floe and in no time had him securely bound . The very th ing Wind needed! He grew lively . Polar Bear roared for he lp.again and set off in high spiri ts to roam th e seas. a huge spurt of air. snoring so hard his bulging stomach heaved . and not only when they' re in trouble themselves. He flew back to the ice floe and found Bear still asleep ." Thus did the friendsh ip between Polar Bear and Wind end . Wind became angry. • . Meanwh ile . " What ki nd of a frie nd are yo u? Friends always remem ber t hei r friends.

but could think of nothing . " Oh ! Look' So meo ne's drivin g up in a reindeer sled! " Bear spun aro und . He met Bear carrying his prey. I' ll never be abl e t o out-fox a fox. he sa id." " All right. eac h one go ing in a different di recti on . you can have my prey . If I don 't. " It 's no use. but th ere was no one in sig ht. Finally . since I've nothing else to offer. " Now you t ry to tri ck me. so Bear had t o hand hi s prey over to Fox ." Bear thou ght lo ng and hard . " No so oner had they st ruck a bargai n th an Fox cried . SLY FOX One day Sly Fox was wa lking throug h t he woods. Bear!" " Then see if you can ou t-fox me. "I am! Me . • ." Fox said . " Let' s see w hich of us is the cleverest . and th ey both set out for their den s. Sly Fox shou lde red Bear's prey ." A bargain was a bargain . If you do . " Well. it cert ainly wasn 't hard t o trick you! " Fox said and laughed. " II g ive you my fu r-st it ched parka and my fancy sealsk in boots.

"Throw me back into the sea. Reindeer. "Why. was hed his hooves and stood there . It was no use. " All right. you can't swim like me! An d besides. your stomach bulges and your legs are ski nny and bent. and I'm amazed at how ugly you are. • . Reindeer felt sorry for h im. Once agai n he pleaded. tasted th e salty water." Bullhead pleaded . He tossed Bullh ead far u p o n the sh ore and t hen gallo ped off into th e mou ntain s. bac k you go! " Reindeer said and tossed Bullh ead bac k into the water. befo re I die. you don't even have a tail! What an ugly th ing you are! It makes me sick just t o loo k at you! " Rein deer became very angry. Bullh ead lay gasp ing on the rocks. "Throw me back into the sea. Bu llh ead twitched and jerked. I'll never make fun of you agai n. friend. " Rein deer hoo ked Bullh ead with hi s ant lers and t ossed him o nt o th e shore. Your antlers are croo ked . A few mo ments later Bull head stuck his head out of the water and began tauntin g again . Then he surfaced an d began to jeer once more. " Even thoug h you 've got four legs. Reindeer stood on the sho re. Reindeer said. for Bullhead was a living creat ure after all. Th at was w hen Bullh ead stuck his head out of the water and said . REINDEER AND BULLHEAD On e day Reindeer came t o th e edge of th e se a. "All rig ht. friend . baski ng in th e sun . back you go! " Bullh ead lay on the sandy bottom unt il his stre ngth returned. you 're hunch backed and pau nch y!" At th is Reindeer hooked Bullh ead with his ant lers and t ossed him o nto th e rocks again . before I dry in the wind and die." Sin ce Bullh ead was in deed dying. " I've been looking at you . resting .


" Let' s. In the midd le of the night Dog began t o bark . After a w hile he came upon Hare." Dog said . I'm sure Wolf isn't afrai d of anyone. He was lon ely living there all by him self and set off in searc h of a f riend ." At this Dog said to himself. " Why're you barking? " he said. " Hare rep lied . " Wolf'lI come runni ng and eat us up. " I've found myself t he w ro ng kind of friend. 26 • . Hare's a coward . Hare woke up and became frightened ." So he set out in search of Wo lf. MAN AND DOG D og once lived in th e f orest. And so they headed back toget her. • " Let' s sha re a house. When darkn ess fell eac h curled up and went to sleep. Hare.

" Wolf isn't very fierce if he's afraid of Bear.- After a while he came upon Wolf. means Bear is t he st ro ngest of all. " Why're you barking ? Bear' lI come running and eat us up. " So Dog set out in search of Bear. When darkness fell each curled up and went to sleep . Bear woke up and beca me fri g htened. " Let' s." Wolf sco lded." Wolf replied . At this Dog said t o himself. In the midd le of the night Dog began to bark ." Dog said . • . Wolf. " Let' s share a house. Th at.

Wolf woke up and became fri g htened. At this Dog said to himself. When darkn ess fell each curled up and went to sleep. " This one 's a coward . Bear 's not t he ki nd of friend I need . too . "Why' re you barking ? Man 'lI come running and kill us. In th e mid dle of the night Dog began to bark ." Dog said . • ." Bear replied . Men have g uns. " Let's share a hou se." An d so he ran off in search of Man . I'm sure Man isn 't afraid of anyone." Bear scolded . " Let's. After a w hile he came upon Bear. Bear.

" he said . but don 't keep me up with your barking . go ahead . Doggie. He's still there. " If you wan t to eat. " Let' s." Dog said .tJ • . Man woke up. ·- After a wh ile he came upon a hunter. " Let's share a house. He was not frightened . When darkness fell Man went to sleep." Man rep lied and led Dog off to his tent. At midni ght Dog beg an to bark . tt.. Dog saw that Man was not afraid of anyone and so decided t o st ay. Man .

They say thi s all happened very lon g ago. One day in w inter
w hen the cold winds swept throug h the tundra, covering over the
tracks of every animal , hungry Vixen said to her sister,
" We and our ch ildren will starve to death if we don 't think of
somet hing soo n." And they did.
One of th e siste rs d ressed up li ke a merch ant. The other d ressed
up li ke a gUide and interpreter. Towards evening they came t o a
camp of reindeer herders. The people welcomed th em and gave
them meat and tea. Afterward s Vixen the Marchant said ,
" Pyr-por-pur! "
Her sister tra nslated thi s as foll ows:
" The merchant is offering you a sack of sugar in exc hange f or a
reindee r." .
" Oh, that's a fine bargain !" the Chukcha herders said and gave
the false merchant a large, fat rei ndeer.
When everyo ne was asleep th e t wo vixens harn essed th e reindeer
t o t hei r sled and sped off. By th e time t heir host s started look ing fo r
t hem the next morning they were far, far away. Then the herders
untied the sack of sugar and found that it was chock-full of packed

_.- •

. ,
" .'

, • • •


One day Brown Bear met Moose.
" Hello, Moose," Bear said .
"Hello, Bear. "
Bear looked at himself, then at Moose, and said , "That's funny.
How come we don 't look alike? "
"What d' you think the difference is ?" Moose wanted to know.
"Why, there are two branching trees growing out of your head ,
but there aren 't any growing out of mine. " .
Moose looked at himself, then at Bear, and said , "You' re right.
We don 't resemble each other. Everything about us is different, even
our legs and hides. How come ?"
" Let' s go on together," Bear said . " Maybe we 'll meet someone
who knows the answer."
So Moose and Bear walked on togethe r. After a while they came
upon Mountain Goat.


• .

" I can 't think any more. Why." • • . either! " " Don' t I? " Mountain Goat was really surprised . • " Can you tell us why we don 't look alike? " Bear asked . " Moose and Mountain Goat are stupid ." Mountain Goat became still more puzzled . They sat down in a little c learing and began to think." Bear said. " " Let' s sit down and try to figure it out. but there 's nothing growing out of mine. " Oh. " Thinking makes me dizzy!" said Mountain Goat." Moose said . "Of course not. You 've got two big logs growing out of your head. " So that's why we don 't resemble each other! " Bear cried. happy to have found someone who might know. They can 't even think. Moose has two branching trees growing out of his. Thinking gives me a headache. That's why they've got those th ings growing out of their heads. " I always thought we were alike. but you don 't resemble us. they 've even run away from trying to think so hard. They thought long and hard . At this they both rose and trotted off.

" Why' re you such a grouch. there . " You've nothin g to be proud of. The sun warmed the earth and bro ke up the ice on the river. scurried to th e t op of a little hill and squeaked. Mouse! What 's it to yo u if I c hase c lo uds across th e sky? Why d' you si lence so meo ne o lder t han you ?" 3S • . Ice! You 'll get stuck in the shallows . Mou se? What's it to you if I cover up the Su n once in a while ? Why d' you silen ce someo ne old er than you?" Mouse squeaked at Cloud . " Hey." the largest floe replied. Mouse! Don 't be so uppity." Ice Floe fell silent. What 's it to you whether I melt Ice or not ? Why d' you silence someone older th an yo u? " Mou se threw back her head and squeaked. Cloud. MOUSE Spring came . but the Sun spoke up. Mouse heard th e noi se. " Don't f loat near th e bank. but Wind spoke up . Wh at'11 be t he good of you then ?" The Sun fell sile nt. either. lee! My nest is rig ht around the bend. either. the sun 'lI shine o n you . too . The air was filled with th e crash ing sound of ice floe s co ll idi ng as th e current carried them off. and you 'll j ust melt aw ay. " Don't you be so uppity. Sun! Cloud ' il come by and cove r yo u up. Mouse bristled . but Cloud spo ke up." " When I sta rt movi ng there's no st opping me. " Don't th ink you 're so special. It'll tear you to bi ts." Clo ud fell si lent. "Do n't be im pu dent . See you don't carry it off. Wind 'il blow and chase you anypl ace it wants to .


twitched her tail and strutted off to her nest. " You're smaller than a speck. What 'li you say when you 're caught in a trap? " Wolverine fell silent. Mouse. "'7 S • • . " Don't poke your nose into other people 's business. but you argue with your elders. bumped into the bank and carried off her nest. What's it to you if we block the wind 's path? " At this Mouse turned to the Ural Mountains and said . I was just wasting my time . But there was no stopping Mouse. Wind. While Mouse had been busy arguing. But her nest was gone." " You can 't scare me. Mouse. " Wind fell silent. Why." The Ural Mountains fell silent. Don 't make me angry. She stuck her nose high in the air. Wolverine. Mountains? Anyone can trample all over you. but what's so special about you being big . " I may be small . but the rocks of the Ural Mountains began to rumble. Mouse looked at the place where her nest had been . That 's when Mouse decided she 'd out-argued them all. and you can 't chase her off. Mouse waited a while to see what the trap would say. "I don 't care what you say. Look! There's Wolverine squatting on your rocks. but the trap said nothing . and that'll be the end of you." she said and began buildinq a new nest. you cannot even blow far. or I'll swallow you whole. You'll crash into the Ural Mountains. It was made of wood and could not speak. the ice floe had floated around the bend. but Wolverine spoke up. "I guess 1 didn 't out-argue anyone after all. You 've nothing to boast about.

I've got long legs." " All right. friend! Let me have a t urn on your slide. " Oh. You can 't fly.. I won 't. fly up and circ le baok to th e top of the slope. M:J:• • 1.." " You'd better not... . " Oh. " Help ! Pull me out! " he cried . Come on. " I told you you 'd fall into the wate r. " Hey. You'll fa ll int o t he water.... " No. " Raven rep lied ..." Raven replied . One day Wo lf happened by.- .. " No. You 'll have to get out as best you can now. As he slid down the slo pe he would caw . I won 't. but don 't say I didn 't warn you! " As Wolf slid down the slo pe he yelped . i 1' 7 RAVEN AND WOLF They say there once was a raven who had a slide of hi s own . w hat fu n ! Everything 's whizzing by! " He wou ld zoom to the edge of the cliff.. what fun! Everything 's whizzing by! " At the edg e of the cliff Wolf t ried to brake with his paws but wasn 't qui ck enough and landed in the water. please let me have a turn ." 38 • .


" " List en. Then Wolf said. " I' m goi ng to where it's getting dark. " I' m flying t o wh ere it 's getting light. friend . Wolf was silent. He even squeezed th e water off Wolf' s fu r. "Why didn 't you say so? You wouldn 't have had t o spend so much time in th e icy water! " Raven said. pull in g Wolf out." Wo lf prom ised . Raven was overjoyed. "No. • • • . " he fin ally muttered . Where are you flying to? " Raven was so upset he wouldn 't even loo k at Wolf. "No. didn 't I?" " I' ll never trust you again !" Raven fumed . "I sure did trick you ." " You know what I'll g ive you if you pull me out ? A bowl of porridge with a spoon stuck in it! " Wolf said . . After a while he said . " If you pull me out." Wolf promi sed. I'll bring you a pack of mi ce. if you pull me out. And so Wolf and Raven went the ir separate ways. I'll g ive you a big pack of goph ers.

" If you don 't.. but was soon back again . One day Vixen came along and said ..' HOW VIXEN TRICKED SEAL Squirrel and her family lived in a big tree . '. Vixen ran off to the woods .. "Give me one of your little ones! " " I will not! " Squirrel replied . I'll chop down you r tree and roast you all on a spit! " Squirrel became frightened and did as Vixen told her to .... 41 • . .

" Owww ! Owww! " 'she howl ed . " " I' ll catch that bird . The next tim e Vixen came by and shoute d. I'm si ngi ng. ' " What' li I do ? How 'lI I get back to the mainland ?" Vixen wond ered." " Where is she? " " She flew off towards the sea." 42 • . was lifted up and' carried out over th e water. Baby Seal stuck his head out of t he water. . but wh en she was c lose enoug h t o pounce. All except you seals . But there probably aren 't many of you anyway. " " Who said so. Vixen sprang. She could think of nothing. She o pened her mouth . got a grip on Heron 's t ail f eathers. 'You've neither an axe nor a spit. you say. wh o kn ows how t o count and has c ounted all the animals in the world . " I'm not. When she spotted Heron she beg an creep ing up. " Give me a sq uirrel or I'll chop down your t ree and roast you all on a spit!" Squ irrel repl ied. meaning me. landin g on the island . "Why're you crying ?" he asked . Next time she comes by you say. ' Heron. Heron too k to the air. "You've neither an axe nor a spit. "What's th e matter ?" Heron as ked." " Now listen t o me. Vixen 's jaws were quite numb by now . "Vixen has been coming here after my little squi rre ls. " Give me o ne of your little ones !" she said. " I will not! " " If you don 't. of course. you stupid squ irrel? " "Heron. Don 't you believe a word of wh at she says. ' And wh en she wants t o know who said so. They were soo n flying over a tiny island . I'll chop down you r t ree and roast you all on a spit!" So Squirrel d id as Vixen t old her t o and was g rievi ng in her tree wh en Heron perc hed beside it." And Heron flew off t owards the sea." "What' re you sing ing about? " " I'm sing ing a song about a very wi se vi xen. Squirrel." Vixen said t o herself and hurried off in the same direction . let go of Heron 's tail andfall. She says she'll ch op down ou r tree and roast us all on a spit if I don 't give them up.


Vixen. two . One. As she trotted along she kept repeating . you 've tots of tricks up your sleeve. I've three t imes t hree tricks up my sleeve! " "You've made us seals surface for nothing . " One." going from seal to seal until at last she reached land again . But Vi xen was laughin g so hard she co uld n't stop . "You' re a mean animal. One. But as f or being fox y. th en. Vixen set out." "Well . on her journey back to the mai nland. Once on the shore. and I' ll co unt you. but not enough to keep you from falling into Man's t rap. Yes." Old Mother Seal said . If you wa nt to know. We're a very big people. you do th at . two . "I tri cked you! " she sho uted." " How many of you are t here? " " I don't know. three. but if we all surface at once we'll fill all the space In the sea bet ween this island and th e mainland. " You're wrong. two . stepping from head to head . All th e seals in th at part of the sea were surfacing. three. The next time Vixen went hunting she was caught in a trap . There were so many of them they filled the sea between the island and the mainland. three. "Well ? How many of us are there? " the seals finally wanted to know. I can only cou nt up to three." Baby Seal d isap peared under t he water." Old Mother Seal was right. Soon th e sea beg an t o churn. she placed her front paws on her hips and laughed . • • • . " I ran along you r heads t ill I reach ed sho re.

but Mousie heard the song the man was sing ing. "There are songs and stories about people. but there's nothing 45 • . MIGHTY MOUSIE M ousie was sitting under a burdock leaf w hen a man wa lked by. because one was too big and t he ot her was too small . Th ey did not see each other.

runners. Mou sie st arted gn awing at it again . " Ahhh !" The tree creaked and fell. " Now I'm a real hero! " he sq ueaked as he sat down besid e hi s mountain ." Mou sie began gnawing away at the tree. There he set the mountain dow n on the highest cli ff of Bering Straits. How come ?" Mousie wondered . ste pped acro ss th e lake and never even noti ced th e brave sw immer. On and on Mousi e trudg ed until he reach ed the sea. but th en realized he 'd only toppled a bl ade of grass. Every time he set his foot down and made a dent in th e g round it filled up with water. He kept at it until he'd gn awed a circle around the trunk. At the foot of a mountain he saw a chain of large lakes. He went under several times. hunters and brave men . The re he stopped. " Ahhh !" The tree did not budg e. It was hard going. " Peo ple become famou s if they're very strong . but finally made it to the other side. marksmen . Then he g rasped the tree and began rocking it back and forth. What can I do to make peopl e sing songs and tell stories about me ? I know! I'll ch ew through this tree and carry it up to the top of a high mountain." Mou sie sai d t o himself and finally heaved it ont o hi s bac k. Just then a hunter approached. He sat by the lake for a while . and dry my parka and seal skin boots on the other side people will pass and see me. • So Mousie swam across one of the lakes. going farther and farther until he came to a mountain . Mousie was c lose to t ears. then pull ed o n his parka and boots and set off again . What a di sappointment! People would have laughed if anyo ne had seen him. There are fine wrestlers. ' " If I swim across a lake thi s big . " What can I do to become famou s?" Mousie wondered as he pattered along in the tund ra. 'What a fine swimmer he is! " . They'll say. New bi g lakes appeared in the hunter's wake. Mou sie was very pleased as he st ood drying his parka and seal skin boots by a campfire. 46 • • " \ . Now there w as a new chain of lak es stret- ching off in the tundra. " It 's too high t o cli mb and t oo far t o ci rc le round . Mou sie jumped aside in fright. not a tree. gulped water and nearly drowned. about us.


Mou sie rested there a while and then decided t o go t o a trappe rs' camp for tea. As he started down the slope a gust of wind blew the pebble he had brought there down aft er him . Avsynikh which . The people had overheard Mou sie and had seen the pebble rolling down the slope. " • '. in Eskimo . • . They made up a st ory about him and nam ed the high cliff Mt. mean s: "The Mountain Mou sie Brought.

come over here! " Bear lumbered over. " Hey. "There 's something important I want to te ll you . Gopher was dri nk ing water at ." Gopher said . When Gop her saw Bear she called out. Bear.the river bank. HOW GOPHER AND BEAR EXCHANGED HOUSES O ne day Brown Bear was standi ng on a h ill." 49 • . I thought it would be a good idea if we exc hanged houses. " What can you tell me that 's so import ant ?" " Well .


• • . haven't I?" • ' Well." Gopher said and stretc hed o ut alo ng Bear's nose. I couldn 't eve n get my nose in properly .then." " Let's compare noses. So Bear went back to see Gopher. and Gopher set out for Bear's den. Bear found Gopher'S burrow." Gophe r said happily." So eac h one we nt on living in his ow n house. When Gopher reached the den she inspected it. Where's yours? " " Over t here on the hi ll. " What is it? " Gopher asked . Good bye. Let 's. I' ll be going ho me. but he could only stick his nose inside it. " What a fine hou se I've found ! What a fine life I'll have here! " she excla imed in delig ht. " Hm ! Am I really sma ller than your nose? I guess we're not goi ng to exchange houses after all . but couldn 't get any farther in. Where 's yours ?" " Over there on the mou ntain . because you can't live in my bu rrow ." " Don' t be silly! I've crawled into yours ." " I'll live in your house now. " And you can have mine. • "All right. " I cou ldn 't squeeze into your hou se." Bear headed off to Gopher's burrow . th en. . He huffed and puffed .

• I W A N T T O -D O N 'T W A N T TO GO It so ha pp en ed that the bears de cid ed to leave the bene rry es an d mo ve o n to w he re th e mu sh ro om s gre w. Lit tle Cu b sto p . Wh en the y rea ch ed a str ea m the y They the y en the y rea ch ed a riv er the y sw am ac ros s . jou rne ye d on an d on . Be sid es . She ke pt were to ca tch up bu t wa s n't str on g en ou gh . fo r he Lit tle Cu b wa s the las t in lin e. bu t hi s mo t he r was very r d id n't did n't hear h im . wi th the cubs f oll ow ing . bu t sti ll his mo the on go ing . No so o r patch said t han do ne . Wh reac hed a mou nta in the y cli mbed it. He tru dg ed alo ng un ha pp ily tire d. loo kin g off int o t he dis tan ce . his pa ws trie d 52 • . Th e big bears led t he way. . He w him pe red lou d er. Wh e n crossed it. Aft er a w hi le he be ga n t o wh i ne .

When Little Cub looked up at last he couldn 't see a sing le bear. 53 • . Someone repl ied. They must have all go ne beyond th e mountain. He was all alo ne in the tund ra now. He t umbled down a slope and into a river. He tripped over a rock in hi s haste and hurt hi s paw . eating the t asty berri es until he had room for no more. Little Cub became fri ghtened. As ill-luck wo uld have it.sore. was drenched and just managed to c raw l back onto t he ban k. He sat back on hi s haun ch es and howled. he spotted some ripe blueberries and st opped to mun ch on them . but the sound was terrifying : " Croak ! Croak !" Litt le Cub scampered off. He g ot scratched in a bramble thicket.

All t he other cu bs were t here except mine. I'll always manage t o run away. " Hey. Th ese mu shroom s are bitter. The two became great friends. he'll stay on with me." As they neared Hare's tent Little Cub spotted his mot her and raced t oward s them . Little Cub trotted alo ng . " So he shouted. Just as Hare was about to dash off he said to himself. my friend. Nothing she co uld do would please him . " Let 's stay here! I don 't wa nt to go anyp lace! " Litt le Cub wh impered." She led Little Cub off into the woods." Hare fe lt sorry for Little Cub and took him alo ng to his tent. and Little Cub would comb Hare's fur with his claw. Little Cub t hought the creat ure looked very funn y. Shaggy l All the bears have moved o n. It was a wonderful life. Little Cub fell asleep among the hummocks. Mother Bear was happie r sti ll to have fou nd him and licked Little Cub from head to t oe. He just kept on crying . but the berri es there are 54 • • . son! " Mother Bear coaxed . Wait till you see how nice it is. IA big bear was catching fish in the shallows th ere. spending their days together. Little Cub would eat berries . If you recognize a certai n cub he's yours. How 'd you get here?" "All the bi g bears we nt off and left me. " I'm so g lad I've found you at last ! Come alon g wit h me now. "That bear can 't harm me. " Come along . Aft er th ey had go ne a ways he turn ed t o look back and saw Hare crying bitterly by his tent. My cub must've gotten lost somew here in the mountain s. Hare would beat the dust out of Little Cub's fur with his hard paw . "This is a bad place ! It's dark here in th e woods. but if you don 't. "There are so many mu shro oms there. When we came t o w here the mushroo ms grow I saw th at my son was missing. Whi le Hare nibb led on twigs. You follow me. a short tai l and a w iggly nose . One day Hare scampered off to the river for a drink of wate r. That someone had long ears. He wouldn 't eat the food she gave him." she said. • By then it was getting dark. What 're you doing here ?" "I' m loo kin g f or my cub . When he awoke the next mo rn ing he saw someone sitting by his side. He wou ld n't even pl ay." "I'll tell you what. " Who' re yo u?" " I' m Hare. but it' s lig ht in th e tun dra. but he kept crying all the way.

• .

Litt le Cub tumb led out t o see w ho it was. "All right . Hare! They beg an to play hide-a nd-seek and t ag among the trees. Soon Mother Bear woke up and began preparing for th e journ ey. Hare. Litt le Cub and his best friend . Mama?" Little Cub asked . Th ese are fine woods. Little Cub turned and tossed all night. -' .sweet. Mother Bear. I wa nt to go back! Let 's go back to the tundra. back to t he tu nd ra." Little Cub wailed . " Where are you go ing. do n't you? You said yo u don 't like it here. They're full of mushroo ms. . "We'll spend the night here and start back for the tundra tomorrow . You wan t to go back ." " But I do li ke it. I don 't want to go anyplace! " And so they remained in the forest. and then hoppity-h op rig ht outside Moth er Bear's t ent." she said at last. At the crack of dawn he heard something go th ump-thump as heels beat against the g round . Mother Bear didn 't know what to do. It was his long-eared f riend." Then t hey went to sleep. sobbi ng in his sleep. " Why.

" except th at you wal k slow ly." sa id Gop her wh o happe ned t o be nearby. dig shallow bu rrows and ju st barely have en ou gh fo od put away to last you th e w in ter. and dig a burrow . can't run very far. but all yo u can do is sw im and fi y. What cou ld she say? • o \ • • ." "That's right . • • • MOUSE THE BRAGGART Vuvyltu th e Mouse was small. and put away food f or the wi nter. but liked to boast." Mou se th e braggart said nothing. " Look at me: I can walk and scamper. you can 't do a sin gle one pro perly. She saw Drake and said . So even th ou gh you can do fo ur t hings.

You've a big mouth! Bullh ead got very angry and said : Your eyes are ro und. Fox Cub had nothi ng to say to th is. FOX CUB AND BULLHEAD One day. So there ! Fox Cub burst into t ears and ran off hom e. " Why're yo u cry ing?" Mot her Fox asked. You 've a big stomach! • Bu II-bu II-b u IIhead ." " You mu st've teased him fi rst . You r fur' s a ll tangled ." Mother Fox said . Bullh ead swam up to t he water's edge. as Fox Cub was hurrying along t he lake shore. • c-) • . At the sight of him Fox Cub began to tease in a sing-song voice : B u II-bu II-b u IIhead . He said my eyes are ro und and my fur's all t angled. " Because Bu llh ead t eased me. and so said not hing.


and since Vixen cou ld jump higher. "The o ne w ho finds th e o ther one w ill be the w inner." Vixen said. Mouse wo uld call o ut : " Here I am! " and then scampe r off t o a new h id ing place. Mouse tugged at her tai l. but co uld • not find her. •• . it' s you !" Mouse said when she saw her coming . "Ah. but by then Mouse had sc urried away. so Mouse q ui ckly said . " Yes. Vixen finall y won t he argument and ran off to hide. • MOUSE AND VIXEN Litt le Mouse lived in the t und ra." T h ey arg ued about wh o would be it. " Now let 's play hide-and-seek . And so it went. boiling wat er for tea as she waited for her friend Vixen t o come visiting . wa it a w hile. it's me. "Co me on out! You win! " Vixen shouted . " Vixen pou ted and was all set t o leave. Vixen searc hed hi gh and low. " What' li we play? " "Let' s jump . " No. pulled her out of her hi ding place and th en scampered off to hi de. Let's play whi le th e kett le boils . " Let' s have our tea! " But by then all the water had boi led o ut of the kettle ." Mo use said . fire. Mouse was th e loser. Vixen dashed to where the sou nd had come fro m. One day she sat by th e . " Here J ami " Mouse called out. Let's have our tea first. " Say somet hing so I' ll hear you! " Vixen fin ally sho uted. but left her bushy tail out in ful l sight. w it h Vixe n leap ing about until she co llapsed in a heap by the campf ire." Th ey started jumping .

.· ¥ • . .

62 . Indeed.i/ . spring is here. stretc hing and grumbling. Bear was very hungry. • • . No wonder he was famished . " Yes. melt ing th e snow and b ri ngi ng fort h th e first g urg ling streams. What am I go ing t o do ?" he said. cu rled up ina da rk co rne r and fell so sound ly asleep th at he d id n't know it had beg un to snow. Bear awoke . When th e spring su n rose over th e t ai ga. He tramped off in search of food . ":-. rubbing his eyes. to say nothing of the berries and nuts which he loved so and which wo uld not appear for quite some time. but since there was still a lot of snow on the ground he cou ld not hope for much . • BEAR AND CHIPMUNK B ear padded h is de n w it h dry leaves and moss. There was not a single green bl ade of grass in sight. . but there 's nothing to eat. He crept out of his den and sat down on a log . for he had not had a bite t o eat all winter. didn 't hear th e bli zzard s ragin g ove r th e forest or th e old firs and ceda rs creaki ng in the frost. • • • f • .


• Bear lumbered throu gh t he fo rest unti l he came t o an old st ump. It was Chip munk. "That' s because Grandfath er Bear patted us." At this Bear patted Chipmunk gently. " Why' re yo u so angry. while Bear was st ill very weak. He'd been hibern atin g all w inter. The stump was b ig and its roo ts we re deep." . Bear got hold of th e st ump and t ried t o pull it up. scooted down into hi s larder which he'd fill ed w ith tasty t id bits th e previou s autum n and brought out some small . " Bear ate them and fe lt better. Though you' re not very big. So met hing was moving under it. When t he other anim al s ask them w hy th eir fur is st riped they say. snug in his burrow amo ng the roots. Chipmunk. Ever since then chipmunks have had bl ac k st ripes down their backs. Now Chipmunk looked up to see Bear roar ing fi ercely. t oo. Grandf ath er Bear?" " Because I'm hun g ry. The st ripes did not go away. "Thanks. I haven't had a bite t o eat all w inte r. D'you have anyt hing to eat? " " Be right back .." Chipmu nk said. " Is t here anybody here?' Come on out !" he roared. but st ill. his claws made dark st ripes down Chipmun k's b row n back. sweet roo ts. you're big-hearted. • . A little b rown animal darted out fro m unde r t he st ump. " Here you are.

Maybe Ermine will come by. But w hi le Mouse was rest ing. had a drin k and th en sat down by the hol e t o rest. her t ail f roze t o the ice . Mouse began t o cry. No soo ner had she stop ped sing ing than Ermi ne showed up. and so Ermine scampered off. " Go away! You smell bad! " Mouse said. Maybe he'll rescue me. HOW MOUSE FROZE FAST On e day Mou se we nt out to t he middl e of th e lake t o get a d rin k of water. She made a little hol e in the ice . Then she sang a little song : I'm st uc k to the ice on the lak e! a woe is me! . 65 • • .

" - .

up. and Hare ran away. " Go away ! You r t ail 's too short !" Mou se said. took a sw ipe at her and knocked her free. but her tail remained st uck to the ice. Suddenly Hare showed . Mouse began to si ng again : . He came up to Mouse. Maybe she' ll rescue me. " Go away' Your tai l's too long! " Mouse said . and Gopher ran off. I' m st uck to the ice on the lake! o woe is me! Maybe Hare wi ll co me by. Sudde nly Gop her showed up . No soo ner had she st opped si ng ing th an Bear showed up. Now Mou se had no tail. Th en Mou se sang her song again : I' m st uck to the ice on the lake! o woe is me! Maybe Gopher w ill come by. She'd certainly f ound th e wrong kind of helper ! • . Mouse began to si ng once again : I'm st uck to the ice on the lake! a woe is me! Maybe Bear will come by. Maybe he'll rescue me. Maybe he'll rescue me.

a log with two seagulls perc hed on it flo ated by. Jump! " Vixen leaped . as Vixen was sitting on the shore wondering how t o get some fresh fish for dinner. 68 • . The log turned . Vixen landed in the water. " We' re fishing . " What' re you doi ng th ere?" Vixen shouted . Now th ere was water everywhere. FOXY VIXEN O ne day. The current carried her downstream into the sea. making the seagulls fl y away." " Can I j oin you ?" "All right.

But she'd forgotten to tell her tail t o stee r t owards sho re. until she f inal ly reached the middl e of the sea. She had no idea w hich way to go from t here. That was when she spotted Seal. going fa rt her and f arther away from th e shore. I've heard there are hardly any of you left. Vixen? Are you lost in our sea? You ' ll never reach shore from here." Seal said . It was stee ring out to sea. Soo n she was saili ng alo ng as if she were in a boat : rowi ng wi t h her paws and steeri ng with her tail. Seal. Vixen paddl ed along . " You. " 1 know exactly where I'm going. paws! Be my oars! You . " How co me you're so far out. " • . tail! Be my rudder! " Vixen said . I want to see whether there are any animals left in the sea.

you know . and walru ses surfaced and formed a lin e right up t o the shore. Then "II count you . th ree seals. As she ran she counted aloud . You ani mals all come to the surface and form a line back to t he shore." She kept on co unting until she reach ed sho re. " You' re w rong. three whales." " You don 't say? But seeing is bel ieving." Soon all th e seals and whales. two walruses. Vixen ran along their backs as if she were crossing a bridge. and wa lruses and whales. two w hales. two seals. " Seal said. Once th ere. One wa lrus. One whale. " There are sti ll many anima ls in th e sea. she 70 • . th ree walruses . There are seals li ke me. " One seal .

. Then she spread her t ail out o n a rock so t hat it could dry. " You were rig ht.sho ute d.. too . . You can all sw im off now." The ani mals of the sea swam away... I'm go ing t o rest a wh ile.. .. Seal! Th ere are sti ll a lot of si lly an imals in th e sea. Enough t o make a bridge of yo u ac ross th e water..- • • .. Vixen took off her f ur co at and hung it on a bush to dry.

" " Then w hat?" " Chomp-chomp ! I chewed off th e other front leg ." " Then wh at ?" "Cho mp-c homp! I chewed off on e hin d leg." she said. Weren 't you scared to start eat ing a fox in pieces like th at ?" " But it had no head . " I crept up to it. " "You certainly are brave! Even Wolf starts eati ng his prey at th e head . "What' d you do? " " Chomp-chomp ! I chewed off one fron t leg ." • • . Eac h had a bit of news to t ell its neigh bors. • BRAVE VUVYLTU On e day in su mmer t he mice gathered in a little clearing t o relax and gossi p after a heavy meal. Tailless Vuvyltu boasted that she had eaten a fox. It was lying there on its side with its legs stretc hed out." "Then wh at ?" "C homp-c homp! I bit off the ot her hin d leg.


When she came back she said. When they were ready she set them on the table and said ." said Mouse and fried the pancakes. " Nor me." said Raven." said Ptarmigan . " Who' ll go to the store for flour? " Mouse said ." said Raven. She pouted the water into a bowl and added the flour and a pinch of salt." said Raven. "Not me. " Oh no. "Then I will . " Not me." said Raven. Raven and Snow Ptarmigan lived in the tundra. Now you can watch me eat. • . " Who' ll eat the pancakes? " " I will ." said Ptarmigan ." said Mouse. "Then I will . " So will I. " Then I'll go. which bri ngs the story to an end . put it on a board and rolled it out." said Mouse and went off for flour. Then she kneaded the dough . " Who'll make the dough? " " Not me. " Nor me. " said Ptarmigan. PANCAKES Mouse. " You sat and watched while I did all the work. One day they decided to have pancakes for dinner." said Mouse and went for water." So Mouse sat down and ate all the pancakes. "Who 'll fry the pancakes? " Mouse said. " Nor me." said Ptarmigan .

• .

. bu t there aren 't enough to go aro und. Moose!" " Why. An d what about these big horns? " Befo re Moose's w ife had a chance to say anythi ng . a large ani mal. One day Moose and his w ife were talk ing in a clearing . He leaped into t he air and wanted to streak off." " All rig ht." Moose said and placed the horn s on Hare's head. Hare hopped and skip ped with joy. but could n't. you don 't want th ese b ig horn s. WHY HARE HAS LONG EARS Wh en the bird s and the beast s first appeared in th e forest Moose. hid behind a stump and began eavesdropping . 76 • . was their chief." " Whom shou ld I gi ve t hese antlers to? " Moose aske d hi s w ife. So I've got to dec ide w hic h ani mals wUI get the m." Hare said to himself. Hare co uld n't work himself free and squealed in a terrified voice. " I certainly do need them! I'll scare all the ot her animals. Hare was hoppi ng by j ust then. Moose and his wife bu rst out laug hing." "All right. " I want to hear what they're saying . Ju st as Hare was about to speak up. " " I' d like a pair. Everyb ody'li be afraid of me. What'li yo u do with them ?" Moose said. They'll protect him . she replied. Hare po pped o ut from behin d t he stump and shouted . crept up close. " And why should n't I have so me? I'm as good as anybody else. " Give th em t o me. " Give t hem to Deer. " and I've got to hand t hem out. Here you are." Moose was saying. His lo ng horn s had gotte n t angl ed in th e underbru sh . " Hare said t o h imself. " I've all these horns and antlers. All of a sudde n a large cedar co ne hit him o n the head . my little fri end . He heard t hem speaking and stopped .

" That was when Hare lost his horn s and grew a pair of very lon g ears instead. so t hat everyone'II know you like to eavesdrop. I'll give you a pair of lo ng ears instea d. -. I see you 're quite a coward .- . my little friend . f ( • . " Well . Even t he biggest horn s wo n't help a coward .

th at's a fi ne idea! How 'd you ever thin k of it? " Bear said and began d rin king. He kept on drinking and dri nking . Then we' ll share it. and I'll grab the fi sh. draining the little lake." "All rig ht. " What are you doing here. Soon there was hardly any water left in the lake. Bear was hopping mad . • ." Vi xen said. snatched the fish and fl ed. Bear ? Sw imm ing ?" " No. Just then Vixen came out to the lake. " You drin k all th e wate r in th e lake. They could see the carp now. Wily Vixen didn 't waste a minute. for hi s sto mach was too full of water. As he was drinking he saw a carp and decided to catch it. " "Why. If you help me. • BEAR AND VIXEN O ne day Bear was roaming through the forest. He fe lt thirsty and headed for a little lake. getting all drenched in the process. She pounced . but could not catch it. I'll share it with you. I was t ryin g to catc h a carp . He tried again and again . but couldn 't run after the trickster. while his stomach kept getting bigger and bigger.



Two fox cubs lived in the tundra : Red Fox and Polar Fox .
Everyone said they were friends , because they ran around together,
played together and went exploring in the tundra together. One day
they came upon a big boulde r. Red Fox took a running jump and
landed on top of it.
" Come on up! " he sh outed to his friend . " I can see far off from
Polar Fox jumped again and again, but couldn 't reach the top . " I
can 't! " he shouted up to Red Fox . " Help me."
" I know! " Red Fox shouted. " Grab hold of my tail and I'll pull you
up . Be sure you hold on tight, or you 'll fall and get hurt."
" But how 'lI I get down? " litt le Polar Fox wailed. " You'll pu ll me
up, but how ' lI 1 get down again? "
" Don't worry, I'll help you . I'll just push you off! "
What a friend'

• S' • tV'



Vixen was very angry at Round-Ears , the polar fox , for having
tricked her so many times. She decided to teach him a lesson and
have a good laugh at his expense .
One day she hid behind a rock on a cliff above the sea. As soon
as she spotted Round-Ears in the distance she shouted ,
" Help ! Hurry! "
Round-Ears hurried to where Vixen was and said , " What' s the
matter? "
" I' m calling for help. If we don 't hold up the cliff it'll fall and we 'll
both be killed! "
Round-Ears was really scared . "What' li we do? "
" Hold up the cliff! Get your back up against it and hold it up,
while I go off for stones to reinforce it! " Vixen said.
Round-Ears braced himself against the cliff. Vixen , meanwhile,
trotted off, but stopped to look back. There he was , straining hard,
holding up the cliff. She laughed and ran off home. .
Round-Ears stood there on trembling legs for a long time,
because he was afraid to be standing there 'under the cliff, but more
frightened still to let go. He even rubbed a bald spot on his shoulder
from straining so against the rock.
If you ever see a polar fox with a bald spot on its shoulder you 'll
know it's Round-Ears , the one that held up the cliff to save Vixen .


" I worked harder t han yo u. Thei r squeaking and squawking could be heard all through the forest. until at last a sing le g rain remain ed. I hunted for eac h grain as I flew about. "This should last us the w inter. • • BRAVE BEAR Bird and Mo use we re neighbors. They pummeled each other and screeched . on e fo r Bird. After a whi le Bird said." They argued and argued . 84 • ." said Bird . I hunted for each g rain as I flew about. on e fo r Mou se . I had to fly so much my wing s ache. on e for Mou se." " It's mine. Who was to have it? "It's min e. but neither could get th e upper han d. " I wo rked hard er t han you. and finally began to fight. Fin ally. they ran off for help. One day they were gathering grain." said Bird." They began dividing it: one grain for Bird . Now let's d ivide it up. I had t o fly so much my wi ngs ache.

stepping on some bark as he hu rr ied away . • . Bear was st ill mo re frig hte ned . The wi ng broke. " They' re shoot ing! " brave Bear said to himself and streaked off. But it was only Mouse's teeth chattering . and thunder crashed . Something rattled under the bark . She darted under a piece of bark. Mouse brought along a big strong helper. f • ' ' -' • Bird asked Thunderbird to come and help her. Bear. Mouse became very frig htened. He was so frightened he ran off. " Where's Mouse? " he shouted. Bear swung and hit Thunderbird 's wing .

Bat? " " You can 't be serious. t oo. They strolled about in the taiga and soon came upon some running boars . " It' s war! All the birds have sent their children off to war." she said ." Just the n a flock of geese w inged by. The geese looked after her." Bat said and flew off." Bat ch uckled as she hurried along . But I'm no bird . Boar. Once again Bat and her children fell in with them . children . but here you are. singing a happy song . " You' re luckier than anyone 'else l You 're better off than anyone else! You can fly like birds and run about like beasts. The birds and the beasts destroyed the enemy ." Bat replied. " Indeed. As the beasts marched home they sang a happy song . " Bat' s a beast t hat runs on all fou rs and can't f ly. but we 're going for a wa lk . stopped and said . What 're you waiting for. The boars were astonished . " It 's war! Al l th e beasts have sent th eir children off to wa r. I'm no beast . The birds were flying back from the war." she said and scurried off into the forest. Never have bats run on all fours since then . gazed at her children and said ." The war ended . " Bego ne!" the beasts shouted and chased Bat and her child ren away." they said. • BAT Bat perched in a tree . " What stupid geese they are! They can go to war if they want to . The lead boar saw Bat . Bat and her chi ldren fe ll in wi th them and began to sing . " Indeed. 86 • . stro lli ng alo ng wi th yours !" " Why. "That' s what the birds did. The lead goose saw Bat and cried out. Bat 's a bird that flies and can't run .

• . " Bego ne!" th e bird s cried out and chased Bat and her c hiid ren away . and even then t hey are very ca utio us. fo r they 're afra id of t he bird s and the beasts . Ever since then bats have on ly come out at night. She f lew away and hi d. Bat beca me very fri ghtened .

WHAT'LL I BE? One day Kainehak the Cub stopped obeying his mother. and there were flowers everywhere. Her front paws were curled under in front as she leaned back on her tail and wh istled a song . The sun was shining . It was beautiful there. Gopher was sitting outside her burrow . Then he tried to whistle. Kainehak wandered on and on until he came to the tundra. " Kainehak said. "I don 't want to be a bear! I want to be somebody else. It frightened Gopher. and whistle like Gopher. sat back on his tail and held out his front paws just like Gopher had done." he said and ran away. " I want to sit up straight like that . who darted into her burrow. 88 • . The sound was quite a roar. too . He climbed a little mound.


Kai nehak was awfully di sappo inted. The w ater in the lake was ice cold . " Let' s go to th e cliff by the sho re. Kainehak foll owed her example but landed in th e water with a great splash and went under. Let' s race! " As Kai nehak toddled off on his stu mpy paws Rein deer gall oped away and was go ne." " I' ll be a reindeer." Kaineh ak muttered and trudged on. It ju st waddles alo ng." ." He got up o n his hind paw s. When he popped up again he coughed and thrashed his way back to the shore. He went up t o one of them and said . It was no fun bathing when it made your teeth chatter. shaking water off his fur." Kainehak said to h imself. . They were chattin g as they headed slowly for the berry patch ." Who' re you ? I've never seen an animal with antlers before . • • . " Being a reindeer' s no fun . Besides. jumped as hi gh as he could and plopped right back down again . " I' m go ing to be a d uck. flapped his front paws . " Want me t o t each you to fly ?" Duck said. " I guess I'd rather be a good bear than a no-good somet hi ng else. He set off again and soo n came upon a herd of reindeer. it can fly. Du ck perc hed on th e edge of the cl iff. It's easier to pract ice th ere." " I'm Reindeer. He saw a duck near a lake." "All righ t. spread her wi ngs and fl ew away over t he water. too . He stood t here. As Kainehak trudged off he saw his mother and brother.

BIRDIE AND RAVEN B ird ie perched beside her nest and four fledgelings. "That 's no swo rd ." Birdie replied . " Vixen carried off my fledgeling. VIXEN . She saw Birdie and said." " No! Look someplace else.'" The next day Vixen came by again and said. Let her cho p down th e t ree. "II chop down your t ree. " Give me one of your fledgelings. She 's got a sharp sword in a f ur sheat h. but th e tree did not even sw ay. " If you don 't. " What' s th e matter. V ixen sat down t o rest and said. because she wa nted t o chop down my tree . " " I had t o g ive him to her. I won 't. " Who told you you cou ld disobey me? Was it Raven ." " No. V ixe n was just passing by. Birdie sat mourning in the tree when Raven wing ed by. " I' ll do as you say. This made Vixen very angry. It' s a tail. You'll see she wo n't be ab le t o." And she did. " Don' t chop down my tree !" Bird ie cried . Next ti me V ixe n co mes by don 't give her a fledgeling." " How co uld she have done th at? Your nest is so hig h up." Raven said . "Then I'll chop down your tree l " She began slapping her tail against the trunk. " Give me one of you r fledgelings." " You silly bird . Vixen was pleased and ran off to the woods. Bi rd ie?" Raven asked . See my sword in it s fur sheath? " Vixen raised her tail and swished it back and f ort h as if she were chopping down the tree . by any ch ance? " 91 • . It swished and slapped t ill he fur flew." .

• • .

lay down in it and let her tongue loll out. "Then that's exactly what I'll do. " Whatever you do. He swooped down. Raven must've helped you . " Raven must be someplace here." She set Raven on the very edge of the cliff and backed away to get a run ning start and shove him off. you know. "Aha!" Vixen said to herself. Raven had spo tted Vixen 's red tongue and was wondering what on earth it could be. " You taught Birdie some sense. • • • . Vixen grabbed hold of him ." " You' re not smart enough to have figured ' that out. ." she decided . Ever since then she 's stopped t ry in g to out-fox Raven. but now I'll teach you a lesson !" Vixen sa id. When he was close enough . I have a mind of my own . As Vixen lay there she saw Raven flying overhead . I guessed it myself. "No. Her tongue was red and could be seen from afar. It was a fine lure for any bird . don 't set me on the cliff! Don 't push me off it! Spare me !" Raven pleaded. . Vixen was run nin g now and cou ld n't stop . I'll teac h him to meddle in my affairs! " Vixen ran off to look for Raven. There were several tents on the bank. dug a hole. but Raven spread h is wings and flew aw ay. She searched for many days u ntil at last she came to a big river. She tum bled head-aver-h eels down the slope and nearly broke her legs.

h a rn essed id to th e sa lm o n ." I' ll feed ey c o u ld . h e w a s a n d k ept th e . " If y o u p u ll h a rd . b ig o n e s . k e d o u t fo u r o f th e la rg e st ready to g o h o m e h e p ic th e m to h is sl e d a n d w a s o ff . H e t o s se d th e It w a s K u tk h a 's lu c k y d a y . " ir c h co p se th ey s to p p e d a n d sa a b 94 • . H e g o t o u t n e d a y K u tk h a th e R a v e n d e c id e e O Wh e n h e re a ch e d th e s h o re h n d h e a d e d to w a rd s th e se a . " F e e d u s n o w ." K u tk h a sa y o u a t e v e ry st o p o n th e w ay . H e had a fi n e ca tc h . • KUT K H A T H E R A V E N d to g o fi s h i n g . h is s led a s a t d o w n to fi s h . W h e n sma ll fr y b a c k in to t h e w a te r s a lm o n . " I' ll f e e d yo u w e ll. W h e n th e y ca m e to lm o n p u ll e d a s h a rd a s th Th e sa id . K u tk h a.

Kutkh a. ever faster. He had a hard time getting back t o shore. Raven Kutkh a nearly drow ned . " Wait ! Stop! I'll feed you now! " Kutkh a sho ute d. We're hungry. But th e sa lmo n didn 't tru st him any more. The salmon bec ame angry and headed pell -mell for th e sea. Ju st th en th ey reach ed th e sea. The sa lmon pull ed as hard as t hey could ." Wh'en th ey reac hed a g ully th e salmon said . "We' re tired. When t hey came to a bi rc h copse they stopped and said . Feed us now . I'll feed you then . " Feed us now." " Let 's go ju st a little farther. Kutkh a knew he w as headin g for troubl e. - . I' ll feed you th en . " Let 's go a little farth er. Kutk ha.t ried t o jump off th e sled. The salmo n pulled t he sled ri ght into the wate r. ." Kut kh a promised. He . but hi s leg got stuck." Ku tk ha replied. They paid no attent ion t o Kutkha the Raven and sped on .

She asked Shaggy Dog to go along with her. right onto ice on the river. Then she glanced up at the sky and saw her dog and her frog on the Moon . carrying water and chopping wood. At last she went down to' the river. The old woman loved her and cared for her. croak! " They wept and wailed . "Oh . I cherished you as my own kin . She had a granddaughter. They were sitting side by side. They looked up at the Moon and wept. croak! " Green Frog wailed. and she always went to bed feeling hungry. " Come down from the skyl Croak . Frog felt very weak . • POOR FROG There was once a small house on the bank of a big river. but she dared not disobey the old woman . the old woman was waiting for Green Frog to bring back some water. a shaggy dog and a green frog . The old woman shouted and called to Shaggy Dog and scolded Green Frog . Meanwhile. No one answered her call. which was only scraps. Moon picked up Shaggy Dog and Green Frog and flew back to the sky with them . " ! fed you. Shaggy Dog was not as lucky. have pity on us. for the old woman did not care for him as much and made him wo rk hard for his food . for the old woman did not care for her at all. That evening she sent Frog to the river to draw water from a hole in the ice. Green Frog was the worst off . but neither Frog nor Shaggy Dog were there. and now you 've gone and left me. sat down by the hole in the ice and began to cry. Frog worked hard day and night." 96 • . An old woman lived in the house. and finally Moon heard them . Croak . She dressed her in pretty clothes and cooked her tasty food . One day the old woman scolded Green Frog all through the day and then didn 't give her a bite to eat. I cared for you . The little girl was happy in her grandmother's house. croak ! Take Shaggy Dog and me up to live with you . He felt sorry for them and came down from the sky. "Dear Froggie! Dear Doggie! " the old woman cried . They came out to the river. playing . Moon! Croak.


• • . She still lives in her house with her granddaughter. but Shaggy Dog and Green Frog have been living on the Moon ever since. her helpers did not return. • But no matter how she wailed . If you look up at the Moon you 'll see them .

Alth ou g h th e neighbors did not es pecially like her. One day she dec ided to amaze her neighbo rs. Siki k t ol d t he gop hers and mice t hey were all invited to a song fest ival. Sik ik was envio us. YOU 'RE LUCKIER THAN WE ARE O ld Goph er Siki k lived in the tu nd ra. She'd show t hem how ric h and smart she was. they came all the same. mean and mo re st uck-up t han any oth er th ree gop hers. . She prepared some food and wai ted for her guests. enjoyed some herse lf and t hen said . Sikik treated them t o the food . • - .

" the eldest of th e guests replied . The guests exchanged glances and began beating their tam- bourines . • . "You' re making so much noise I can't hear myself sing !" "Then you 're luckier than we are. whistling and sq ueaking as loudly as they could in order to drown out her awful singing. it 's best not to sing at all !" But there was no stopping Sikik. If you try hard." At this she began to sing as loudly as she could. and I want you to JOin in. put down her tambourine and went home. it should sound very nice. The guests winced and whi spered among them selves : " How awful!" " Sikik can 't carry a tune! " "If that 's the best you can do. "I'm going t o sing now. " What ' re you doing ?" Sikik shouted angrily .

dry burro w at the f oot of a high hill. If packed snow falls on you you 'll be hu rt and buried under it." said their parents. There are avalanches there. He had three brot hers and two sisters. We'll wait till summer wh en th e snow 's all melt ed. but you may not go to the big mountains yet. They all had fluffy ta ils and red dish co ats. A ro ck may seem wedg ed on a slope . The wind always howled th ere. " In summer rocks come rolling down the mountain side ." 101 . If you get caug ht under those rain ing rocks you ' ll be ki lled. " "All right. Tim e and again t hei r parent s w ould say to t hem. Th ey all barked loudly." " No. and you 'll never get out. " We won 't go t here in wi nt er." th e cubs repl ied . "When you g row up and are on your own you can go wherever yo u want to. The fami ly lived in a warm. FOX CUB AND ECHO L itt le Fox Cub was born into a red fox hu nting family. Beyond the hill we re th e g reat snow-cappe d mountain s. but if Wind blows ha rd and sta rts it roll ing it'll carry other rocks down w it h it.

" Wh at fin e. because l'rn no t afr aid of an ythi 102 • . Th ey 're jus t try ing to sc are us . wa it till we Bu t Lit tle Fo x Cu b sa id to him se lf. tum bli ng str ea ms the se are . St rea ms of me lte do wn the mo un t ain sid es . an d the bir d s ret urn ed . So w ha t's the re for me t o be sc are d of? ng . ht. It mu st be lot s of fun up th ere an co mi ng I gu es s I' m sca rey at all. Mo un tai n s are n't da nge ro us g row at all. Fo x Cu b ga ze d at the m an d wa te r rush ed id t o him se lf." d sn ow Wi nte r pa sse d . " It's t oo lon g t o up . Th ey 're sa d no t fro m th e mo un tai n s. we wo n 't go wh ere the re are av ala nc he s in wi nte r an d " All rig rai nfa lls of roc ks in su mmer." b raver th an my pa ren ts. " t he cubs sa id.

103 • . " Yip ! See how brave I am!" Nearer Echo came right back at him : " Yip !" And it rolled off along the mountain tops: "Yip ! Yip.. He stopped at the foot of a high crag and barked . " The farther it rolled . " Oho! I'm brave! Yip! I'm not afraid of anything! Yip! My voice is louder than Mountain 's! Yip! Yip! " Echo rolled on and reached Wind .. the fainter it became. Fox Cub trotted off into the mountains. " Mountain looks big . yip. Mighty Wind became very angry . It's even softer. " Oho!" Fox Cub said to himself. So what 's there to be scared of? " He yapped still louder then . but her voice is just like mine.

. I was ju s t fo o a u g h t up w it h h im . a c h th a t li tt le b ra g g a rt a le s son! . " W in d sa id a n d b le w h a rd . fl a tt e n e d h is o x C u b tu c k e d h is ta il b e twee F in c h e d a w a y to w a rd s th e p a th . " Yip !" e re s ti ll c h a tt e ri n g . T h a t 's because h is te e th w • • • ." "I w e n t ri g h t u p to M o u n a c tu a ll y said was .. " B e w a re re p e a ti n g th e c ra s h in g s o u n d e y o u r lif e ! " E c h o th u n d e re d." he y ip p e d and streaked o ff so " Uh . if y o u o f th e fa ll in g ro c k s . I just. va lu n h is le g s . s t e ve n W in d c o u ld n o t h a ve c s to p p ed fa h is b u rr o w . W h e n h e fi n a ll y A t la st F o x C u b tu m b le d in to u t to sa y. th e rs an d s is te rs a n d w a s a b o pan ti n g h e lo o k e d a t h is b ro B u t a ll h e ta in a n d wasn 't a b it s c a re d . T h e ro c d is lo d g in g . . h in g e v e ry th in g in its w a ke b le d . c ru s h o 's th a t y a p p in g ? " E c h o ru m "W h o 's th a t b ra g g in g ? W . d g la n c e d a ro u n d n e rv o u s ly an li n g .. " I' ll te k ca m e c ra s h in g d o w n th e s lo p e a h u g e ro c k . e a rs .

. Then th ey began t o pul l... but sti ll he wou ldn 't g ive in.. Wh al e wou nd th e ot her end of h is arou nd hi s tail.. Reindeer! Let 's have a tu g-of-war. sendi ng Whal e to the bottom of the sea and Reindeer flying off into the t undra.. . raisi ng fo untai ns of spray . wh ile Wh ale mad e o ne of seawee d. Reindeer wound the ot her end of hi s rop e around hi s body." " Let 's !" Reindeer ag reed.. Th ey ti ed th e ends of th e two rop es t ogeth er. Reind eer made a rop e of grass. Sud denly the ro pe snapped . Wh al e's t ail beat ag ainst the water. Rein deer sank knee-deep into t he gro und .. Reindeer has not lived at th e seashore since t hen .. " Hey. . Jib - . Reindeer pull ed towards th e tun dra. WHALE AND REINDEER Rei ndeer was wa lk ing alon g the shore one day when Whale shouted. Whale pull ed out to sea.

" He llo . " Di d you bri ng ba ck any wo od ?" Wo lf asked . " He llo. W O LF . Af ter t he y'd mo ve d an d se t up ttie ir t en t ag ain Wo lf . " Yes. ttin g rea dy " I'm gla d yo u 've co me ." the tw o su ito rs rep lied." Wo lf sa id . "W e we re jus t ge t o move. " sa id. " said Wolf . Raven . bu t saw no th in g. " Wh ere is it ?" Raven went ou t and po int ed to the tw ig . R A VE N A N D M O U N TA IN G O A T e Old W olf an d hi s sister had de cided to mo ve t o a new ho m Ra ve n an d Mo un tai n Go at ca me ca lli ng ." • Wo lf loo ked ou t. left it by the ten t and in sid e. Ea ch wa nte d to ma rry wh en Wo lfs sister. I left it ou tsi de ." " Go to the tun dra for fire wo od . "T hat' s no t en ou gh to bu ild a fire . and we 'll have tea n t we Raven brou gh t ba ck a sing le tw ig . Yo u ca n he lp." 106 • .

. . • • .

You don 't know how t o wo rk ." Wolf said and gave his sister in marriage to Mou ntain Goat. then . " It' s enough to boil a kettle . "Yes. You 're a good worker. "Then you marry her. and there 's a lot of it." " I do! " said Mountain Goat." Mountain Goat said . let 's have te a." " Well. no. " Who else 'li go fo r firewood ?" Wolf asked . " Who wants to marry my sister?" " I do! " Raven shouted. Raven fell asleep ." Wolf said. " Is it t ea t ime ?" Raven asked w hen he woke up. Raven wept bitter tears and flew off to the tundra. Soo n the t ea was ready. He came back with a load of dry wood ." "We've had it. " Oh. Wolf and Mountain Goat drank it all. She' ll die of hu nger if she marries you." Wo lf said ." Raven replied huffily. " I will . • • . Th e next mornin g Wolf said . After they set th e kettle on to boil . "This is fi ne wood .

They had heard the re were many birds and beasts across the river. She steered t owards the bank and said ." • . When she was done she sat down on the bank by her bund les to wa it for her husband . and so the old c ouple decided to move their tent and belong ings there . Soon a little boat came sailing by. " Let me help you . WOLVERINE AND VIXEN One day Old Wolverine decid ed that she and her husband would look for a new home. Wolverine's husband went off to the wood s for birch bark fo r a boat. Vixen was in it. His wife began packing. I'll ferry your things ac ross.

I'll ferry your things across first and then come back for you . When Wolverine finally realized that Vixen had tricked her she sat down on a rock by the water's edge and wept bitterly." . The boat sailed farther and farther away. head ing 110 • . Wolverine was very pleased. She grabbed up her bundles and piled them into the boat. He heard Wolverine weeping . As she was about to get in on t op of th em Vixen said . Vixen pushed off . We'll sink if you do . " Wait ! Don 't get in. listened to her story and flew off after Vixen . but she flo ated down stream with the current instead of paddling across to the other bank. Woodpecker was flying by just then.

Wood pecker hid beh ind Wolverine 's bundles so that Vi xen would not see him . They sailed on . • " Will you give me a ride? " " All rig ht. Water began seeping in through the hole. • st raig ht across th e w ood s t o a large cape . Hop in . He soon made a hole in the thin birch bark . broke off some tw igs and wai ted fo r Vixen to sai l ro und th e bend.Woodpecker pecking away softly at the bottom of the boat in the bow. There he sett led on a bu sh by the wate r." Vixen said. When Vixen 's boat came ab reast of the bush Woodpecker said . 111 • . with Vixen in the stern and.

He made Woodpecker . We'd better tie up. I'll go t o the wood s for some fir sap. Ever since then Woodpecker. She tinted it with colored clay and then made him a bright hat. "You thief! Come back. When they reached the bank Vixen jumped out and said. Woodpecker! " " No. Old Wolverine made Woodpecker a suede jacket. " What' li kind Woodpecker's reward be?" they said. Vixen . The old couple were happy t o see h im. "Yes. Woodpecker looked wonde rful in his new clothes. Then he got into the boat and paddled back to Wolverine. We can sail on again as soon as we stop up the hole. I • ." Woodpecker replied. has been brightly dressed and can drill a ho le in even the sto ut est tree with his steel beak . A seam must've split. These aren't your thin gs. " You t ake out the bundles. At last he reached Wolverine's tent.a steel beak and talons to match ." The moment Vixen di sappeared into the woods Woodpecker bent each of his twigs in two and made a plug to stop up the hole. "H ave we sprung a leak? " Vi xen asked anxiously ." Wo odpecker said . When Vi xen came trotting out of the wood s with some fir sap she saw that the boat was sailing away . Old Wolverine's husband was a fin e smith.

No animal is more crafty than me! " he was saying to himse lf. two! One . "Ahoy. Now t hey looked like a boat. and each 'lI spread out his inside wing . brothers. " No animal is smarter t han me. th ere! Pu ll up and t ake me aboard! Can 't yo u see w ho I am? I'm th e master herea bouts ' Ca n't you see I'm awful ly tired ?" 113 • . As th ey floated alo ng Elder Teal called o ut. two ab reast. . Their o utside wings loo ked li ke oars. "Let's make a boat of ou r wings. Elder Tea l said. Fox 'il thin k we're a boat. Some tea ls were swimming nearby. They lined up two abreast and each spread out a wing. It seemed to him a boat with rowers in it was sailing by. " No soo ner said than done. We' ll lin e up . " One. FOX AND THE TEALS On e day Sly Fox was walking along t he shore. They spotted Fox and decided t o play a t ri ck on hi m. Fox stopped and sho uted. two! Pull on those oars!" Fox was old and couldn 't see as well as he once could .


brot hers. We've had enoug h of swimm ing . Fox shook hi mself. for Fox's wet tail was pull ing him down . He c limbed a little hill and sat dow n t o d ry in the sun . " Let 's fly now. They'd all gathered round and were laughing at him ." It was hard going . don 't let me down now. clam ped his wet tail between his teeth to make th e going easier and dashed off as fa st as he c ould into the t undra. They've disgraced me. The teals headed in to sho re. Fox climbed into their midst. sat down. tellin g everyone of t he cold bat h they'd g iven Fox . So Fox's t ail became a rudder. th e teals were flying over the tundra. All of a su dden Fox heard El der Teal say. saying to himself. Fox paddled back t o shore. Th e boat moved qui ckly away fro m th e sho re. The teals were wi ng ing away. " Hey. Meanwhile . Fox loo ked around and saw a great number of large and sma ll animals. f luffed his t ail and c losed his eyes co nte nted ly. won 't you tell us how the te als du nked you in the icy sea?" they teased. • • . Fox barely made it back t o th e sho re. puffe d out his chest. • Fox has sto pped comi ng down t o the seashore si nce then . He was bu rn ing up w ith shame." A mome nt later Fox fou nd himself in the water. Help me reach sho re! " he said. " My beautiful tail. Fox. "Those tea ls tricked me.

Thi s is t he tai ga. and th en its b lossom s and berries. This is the au rora boreali s. Such is th e North .fo rt h grass and bu shes. gulls. Their favo rite food . reind eer m oss. Milli on s of migratory birds return to th e coastal tundra in summer. Even ks. du cks. Summe r and w inter th ey hun t in th e sea and t he t aig a. In wi nter th ey are w h ite . brave people li ve in th e North. How ever. FRIENDSHIP BUILDS STRENGTH T he nort h seas are cold . Now and t hen th e dark sky w ill su dde nly becom e lit up by an unusu al pl ay of sh immering . for at thi s tim e of th e year th e su n never sets. the north ern lights.herds of reindee r in the tun dra. Th ere we re no d octors to help th em if th ey were sick. Th is is a happy tim e for t he reindee r. Yak uts. ap pears as soon as the snow me lts . Eskim os. In w in ter the rivers of th e t aiga freeze over and th e sun is rarely see n. No wate r can . Th ere are c ranberries. • • • St ro ng . The w inte rs here are lon g and b itter co ld w it h frequent snowsto seen. snow buntin gs and many. since th e su mme r is so very short . Chukc has . Durin g th e short summer mon ths eve rything comes t o life. They tend g reat . wavering color. many ot hers. swans. Th e October Revo lution cha nged t he life of th ese peopl es. Nentsy. Each is in a hurry to send o ut its sh oots and leaves. Thi s is wh ere they bui ld their nests. Fart her so ut h mighty fo rests cover th ou sand s of kilomete rs of land . Among th em are geese . Itelmens. blueberries and c lo udbe rries everywhe re. Th ere we re no sc hoo ls here. Korya ks. All alo ng th e coast snow b lankets a vast area known as the t undra. Nanaitsy and many ot he r peopl es inhabit th e north ern reg ions of th e Soviet Union . The first warm rays b ri ng . eve n at th e hei ght of the beautiful north ern su mmer a sudden snowsto rm may make eve ryth ing w hi te again. so th at neither c hil d ren nor g ro wnup s coul d read o r w rite . 116 • . for ice and snow st retc h off into th e di sta nce.

Teachers and doctors came to these parts. The local bone-carvers are fa mous for their figurines of people and ani mals. newspapers. and a great construction program was begun. to make it interesting. The story-teller was treated to the best food . doctors. people gathered and made merry after a lucky hunt. films. • Then schools and hospital s were built. he had to tell a story well. snow- covered and swampy lands. They learn to live in this harsh climate. According to an ancient nort hern custom . • • • Th e way of life of t he peoples of the Far North has changed greatly. One must never forget that 60 years ago these peoples did not -even have an alphabet. clothing and many other things to the people of the North. An Eskimo hunter named Kivagme was one of these fine story-tellers lf 7 - • • . Many people gathered round to hear his tales. He also had to have a pleasant voice. In the vil lages people are moving into wa rm. • • • Th e North is a harsh co untry. Besides. Th e best story-te llers were always greatly respected . each of which has its own name : "hare ears" . This was the time for story-tel ling. They are skilled workers. teachers . since th ese peoples had no written books. As always. but it is rich in beautiful f urs and in cou ntless treasures that lay buried for centuries in the icy. toys. The people of th e North teach them t h is. leaving the tents they have always li ved in. coal and oil. fishermen and reindeer breeders. El ectri city. but they have not forgotte n their ancient songs and dances . the women adorn the clothing they wear with beautiful fur designs. diamonds. T od ay there are great electric power stations and large modern cities in the North. Geologists discovered this treasure store of gold. People from all over the Soviet Union come to the North to work at the new sites. sto ries and legends. "fox's chest " and others. A story-teiler had to know many fables • and leg ends by heart. Roads were built. bringing food. books. radios and movies appeared. com fo rtab le homes. medicine. they learn to use mode rn machines and acqu ire new skills. There is an Even k sayi ng : " Friendsh ip b ui lds strength ". Today the peoples of the North are no longer simply good hunters. to build in a way t hat wi ll preserve t he wiid life of the forests and t he rivers. scientists and writers. or in winter when snowstorms raged and they were forced to wait for calmer weather. . In turn . "reindeer antlers ". Heli copters and ai rplanes now ply regular rou tes t o these remote areas .

He se es a fox twitching its furry tai i and a bear turning sharply at the so und of some pt armigan s flying up from a th icket. This is why so many sto ries of the North are about animal s and why the animals in them resemble humans in every way: they li ve in tents. All were handed down from generati on to generation. . Several of his tale s have been . He sees a mou se drinking water and noti ces the wa y its nose will wiggle as it drinks. Nothing will escape a hunter's keen eye. These stories praise honesty. • • • . ride in reindeer sleds and cross rivers in boats . bragging and . known for his many fine illustrations of. espec ially. People 's Arti st of the RSFSR. c hildren's book s. folk tales and . This edition has been illustrated by Yevgen y Rach ov. included in this book. courag e and comm on-sen se and di sapprove of idle talk. lazin ess. • whose name has come down to us. The tundra and taiga have always been full of bird s and beasts.

. A Ch ukcha Story ............ ............ . 58 MOUSE AND FOX............... An Eskimo Story .... A Mansi Sto ry ... A n Eskim o Story . A Nana i Sto ry 78 WHAT A FRIEND! An Eskimo Story to ld by Kivagme 80 WILY TEACHES CRAFTY A LESSON... An Eskimo Story told by Kivagme ................................. 24 MAN AND DOG... A Ch ukcha Story ............. A Ch ukcha Story .....S THE LOST SONG....... .................. 62 HOW MOUSE FROZE FAST.............. A Nenets Sto ry .. ............ A Ch ukcha Sto ry 32 MOUSE........... ........ ............. A Chuk ch a Sto ry 38 HOW VIXEN TRICKED SEAL..................... A Koryak Story 68 BRAVE VUVYLTU. A Nivkh Story ....................... An Eskim o Story told by Kivagme 82 • ............... 49 I WANT TO-DON 'T WANT TO GO....... 11 • TRY TO CATCH ME. A Nenets Sto ry 26 VIXEN THE MERCHANT. A Chukch a Story 65 FOXY VIXEN..... A Chukch a Story . 76 BEAR AND VIXEN .. . 5 HARE. 35 RAVEN AND WOLF....... .... ............ An Eskim o Story to ld by Kivagme 57 FOX CUB AND BULLHEAD.. An Oroctii Sto ry 41 MIGHTY MOUSIE... 23 REINDEER AND BULLHEAD........... ....... ... 52 MOUSE THE BRAGGART............ ........ .. A Nenets Story ................. ..... .... ....... 14 WHY OWL HAS A SPOOKY VOICE....... ........ ..... ......... .... ......... ............ An Eskimo Story told by Kivagme 16 BEAR AND WIND .. ........ ...... A Chukch a Story 30 TRYING TO THINK..... ..... ........... A Mansi Story ....... • CONTENT.. An Eskim o Sto ry 45 HOW GOPHER AND BEAR EXCHANGED HOUSES .. 60 BEAR AND CHIPMUNK........... A Koryak Story :. . An Eskim o Sto ry told by Kivagm e 72 PANCAKES.... . 74 WHY HARE HAS LONG EARS .................... A Ch ukcha Story :............. 19 SLY FOX...

... .... A Nenets Story 84 BAT.. .. . . .. ... . ..... An Evenk Story 109 FOX AND THE TEALS........ ...... WOLVERINE AND VIXEN.. Rechcv Printed in lhe USSR • • .... ... BIRDIE AND RAVEN.. ... ..... . A Nanai Story . . ... . RAVEN AND MOUNTAIN GOAT. A Ch ukcha Story 106 • .... ..... . . 96 YOU'RE lUCKIER THAN WE ARE.. An Esk imo Story 113 FRIENDSHIP BUilDS STRENGTH 11 6 • KUTKHA THE RAVEN Translafed by Fainna Solasko Illustrated by Y.... An Evenk Story . 91 KUTKHA THE RAVEN ............ . ..... An Itelmen Story ... 86 WHAT'l l I BE? An Eskimo Story told by Kivagm e 88 VIXEN. ... ....... .... ... ..... . 94 POOR FROG.. . .. An Esk imo Story told by Kivagme 99 FOX CUB AND ECHO.. An Eskimo Story told by Kivag- me 10 1 WHALE AND REINDEER ... A Nenets Story .... BRAVE BEAR................. . A Ch ukcha Story 105 WOLF. .... . ... ...... ..... .. ......... ..

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