The cutting edge is convex and the bevel face slightly widened to chop or split firewood.55 kg 33 cm WILDLIFE AXE The raw steel is heated to 1200°C and cut into suitable lengths depending on what type of axe is to be made.LARGE HUNTING AXE HUNTING HANDFORGED AXES Finely-balanced and functional hunting axes. All axes have a polished poll so that they can be used as a hammer or to skin animals. HANDLE WEIGHT LENGTH LARGE HUNTING AXE SMALL HUNTING AXE SMALL HUNTING AXE WILDLIFE AXE TUR 070 TUR 070 TUR 055 20H 16H 13H 0. 6 .7 kg 50 cm 0. Hunting axes are supplied with a protective sheath of tanned leather. ART. NO.7 kg 40 cm 0.

Well-dimensioned and finely balanced for precision when chopping.85 kg 65 cm FOREST AXE The blacksmith hammers the glowing steel in a forging press. NO.CHOPPING HANDFORGED AXES Chopping axes for felling smaller trees and limbing logs. The handle is of prime American hickory and securely fitted in the eye of the axe with wooden and steel wedges. HANDLE WEIGHT LENGTH CHOPPING AXE FOREST AXE TUR 140 TUR 085 32H 26H 1.4 kg 81 cm 0. CHOPPING AXE ART. The steel is handcrafted and can be ground to perfect sharpness. 7 . The skill of the blacksmith determines the final product.

The splitting maul has a tempered poll that can be used in combination with a splitting wedge that is both twisted and rippled to deal with the most gnarled logs. not cut it. 8 . The hands of a blacksmith are still the best tools when producing an axe.5 1. Therefore the cutting edge is shaped at an aggressive angle and the bit is ridged. This makes splitting easier and ensures the axe doesn’t get stuck in the wood.5 0. ART. Splitting axes are meant to split the log along the grain. HANDLE WEIGHT LENGTH LARGE SPLITTING AXE SPLITTING MAUL LARGE SPLITTING AXE SMALL SPLITTING AXE SPLITTING WEDGE 141EX 250 7EX 150 77EX 90 2 32K 29K 20H – 2. NO.0 kg kg kg kg 82 74 50 20 cm cm cm cm SMALL SPLITTING AXE SPLITTING WEDGE The hammer and anvil are used for the finishing touches.9 2.SPLITTING MAUL SPLITTING HANDFORGED AXES Powerful axes made for splitting logs and large chunks of wood.

This gives the steel superb durability and means a very sharp edge can be achieved. 9 .0 kg 1.CARPENTRY HANDFORGED AXES CARPENTER’S AXE Precision instruments for carpentry and other wood work.The straight handle is of prime American hickory. The Swedish broad axe with its long. Handcrafted from top quality Swedish steel. and the head of the axe is constructed so that the hand gets as close as possible to the cutting edge for maximum control. NO. ART. HANDLE WEIGHT LENGTH CARPENTER’S AXE SWEDISH BROAD AXE 31EX 100 20C 90EX 160 26H 1.The cutting edge of the carpenter’s axe has a straight edge used for whittling and carving. rounded cutting edge is used mainly for hewing logs.6 kg 50 cm 65 cm SWEDISH BROAD AXE During the whole process the axe heads are heated up repeatedly.

2 2.6 1. HANDLE WEIGHT LENGTH YANKEE AXE 180 YANKEE AXE 100 YANKEE AXE YANKEE AXE YANKEE AXE YANKEE AXE YANKEE AXE YANKEE AXE CLEARING AXE 91 220 91 200 91 180 91 160 91 140 91 100 180 34H 34H 32H 32H 30H 26H 20R 2. It is delivered with a hickory handle. ART. All bear the trademark of Wetterlings – excellent quality and function. . The clearing axe is designed for clearing brushwood and the like.0 1. The Yankee pattern chopping axes were originally an American design. NO.9 kg kg kg kg kg kg kg 87 87 81 81 75 65 65 cm cm cm cm cm cm cm CLEARING AXE 10 The handle is of prime American hickory and securely fitted in the eye of the axe with wooden and steel wedges.8 1.0 0.4 1.YANKEE AXE 200 CHOPPING DROP FORGED AXES Chopping and clearing axes for work around the home and the garden. Choose the size which best fits your requirements.

However. The small clearing knife is handy for limbing small branches or clearing shrubbery. CAMPING AXE ART.5 kg 0.6 kg 50 38 35 33 33 30 47 cm cm cm cm cm cm cm Care instructions An axe from Wetterlings is made to last. MINI-AXE Sharpening your axe Sharpen your axe regularly. For those who want a basic axe at a good price. HANDLE WEIGHT LENGTH SCOUT AXE WOODSHED AXE CAMPING AXE CAMPING AXE CAMPING AXE SCOUT AXE MINI-AXE CLEARING BLADE 91 085 91 070 91 060 91 050 113 050 91 030 451 20B 15B 14B 13B 13B 12B Plast 0.WOODSHED AXE CAMPING DROP FORGED AXES Lighter axes with a simpler design for outdoor activities.6 kg 0. Use a whetstone or a wet grinding stone. Do not use your axe as a wedge Do not use your axe as a wedge or a sledge hammer unless it has been designed for these purposes as metal slivers may break off and cause injury either to yourself or bystanders.85 kg 0. though not too warm.The mini-axe and scout axe are suitable for hiking or canoeing.7 kg 0. you will need to take good care of your axe in order for it to retain its functionality over time. NO.3 kg 0.5 kg 0. Oiling and greasing Oil or grease the axe head now and again to avoid rust. Store your axe in a dry place. NB! Always use protective eyewear when using an axe! You will find more care CLEARING BLADE 11 .

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