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Purpose: To develop and demonstrate effective communication skills

You and your group members will be subject matter experts on a topic of your choice. Prepare a tutorial
on a subject that you or your group members is comfortable with and passionate about. Your task is to
engage the audience and convince them that they have gained something beneficial from your tutorial.


1. Create a list of ideas with the following question as a guide:

“What could you teach your classmates?”

You must discuss interests/hobbies with your group members. You must brainstorm possible topics
that can be taught to the rest of the class. This is not a research assignment so group members must be
familiar with the topic.

2. Select the top 3 ideas.

3. Conference with your teacher. Choose the best idea.

4. Answer the following questions:

a) What is the objective of your tutorial? What will your classmates learn from your
b) Is your tutorial useful? Explain.
c) What jobs will be assigned to your group members?
d) How will you get the class to participate in your lesson?

5. Prepare a “Tutorial Outline”.

You must have your outline ready by ____________________________________.

The following format should be used for your tutorial outline.

Tutorial Plan

Topic: _________________________________________

Group Members: ________________________________


Objective of Lesson: ______________________________

Introduction: ____________________________________

Lesson Agenda/Step by Step: _______________________

(Be sure to include what your group will be doing to promote student
participation and a description of what group members will be doing!)
Conclusion: _____________________________________

Please review the evaluation schemes for both the presentation and written components
of the assignment. Be sure to consider and include all requirements.
Names: _______________________________________

Written Component -- Evaluation:

A list of possible lessons Y N
Top 3 ideas identified  
Lesson Objective: Y N
What will the students learn?  
Usefulness of lesson? Y N
Explanation  
The roles of group members are Y N
clearly identified  
Class participation? Y N
How will it be encouraged?  


Lesson outline 5 4 3 2 1 na
 Typed
 Appropriate spelling/grammar
 Detailed
 Organized
 Complete (includes all
components/format followed)


Presentation -- Evaluation:
Clear objective/introduction 2 1
Creative idea/useful lesson 2 1
All group members equally 2 1
participate in lesson
Presentation Skills: 4 3 2 1
 volume
 pace of presentation
 eye contact/minimal reading
 vocabulary
 enthusiasm

Followed “Presentation Tips” provided 4 3 2 1

in class (ex. the provision of support
materials, thanking the audience at the
end, obtaining feedback etc.)
Positive response of 2 1
audience/participation of audience

TOTAL: /16 marks