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Finite element software for civil engineering

Software dedicated to the pre-design of underground structures

C-Tunnel is a product from the new generation of C-Tunnel combines state-of-the-art analysis
professional applications developed by itech. Dedicated methods validated by the CETU with a modern gra-
to the pre-design of underground structures by means phical user interface characterised by its intuitiveness
of finite element method, C-Tunnel was developed in and its user-friendliness. It integrates all the specific
collaboration with the CETU (French research centre tools required to achieve the pre-design of tunnels in
dedicated to the design, construction, maintenance geometries and in situ configurations the most various
and operational management of road tunnels). as possible.

Definition of the geometric data and automatic mesh for one of the standard
configurations. Lining and arch wizard

C-Tunnel allows carrying out a tunnel pre-design in an optimized ENGINEER EXPERTISE
amount of time. This is achieved thanks to an entirely guided and Two wizards have been added to complete C-Tunnel in terms of
parameterised model generation process, including the use of embedded engineering expertise.
templates for geometry description and the guided definition of
Bolt system wizard: it allows assessing the apparent cohesion
calculation stages.
increase in the reinforced zone from the mechanical and geome-
• Parametric geometry definition, trical properties of the bolt system.
• Layered soil formations,
Lining and arch wizard: it allows assessing the mechanical
• Automatic definition of the steps of the calculation
properties of a homogenous support equivalent to a composite
• Top heading and bench excavation,
structure made of lining and arches.
• Application of groundwater load on impermeable lining,
• Parametric study: definition of variation ranges for parametric
study, eased comparison of results, ...
• Calculations with the famous FEM kernel CESAR from the LCPC.


Speed, flexibility and security of a parameterized tool for the definition phase of your projects

ITECH: 12-16 rue de Vincennes - 93100 Montreuil - France T. +33(0)1 48 70 47 41 • F. +33(0)1 48 59 12 24
Research &
• The “convergence-confinement” module, revisits this C-Tunnel unifies the design approach by gathering in a single pro-
well-known method in a very didactic way that enables to test ject file all the necessary analysis steps – wizards.
very quickly the influence of a parameter.
The generation of a project report provides a clear overview of the
The convergence curve of the soil is assessed by selecting one of design steps.
the following material behaviour with or without softening: The report includes project assumptions, results consisting of
- Mohr-Coulomb, screen captures, all or parts of individual sub-studies…
- Hoek and Brown.
The displacement curve at the time of the support installation is
defined from the elastic method (AFTES) or from the similarity
principle. C-Tunnel v2
• Based on geometrical data and material properties, the conver- the comfort of a software designed for
gence-confinement curves are calculated and plotted in the
toolbox. Numerical results are presented: the tunnel engineers
- Pressures, displacements, confinement loss at support
installation, at the equilibrium, and without support.
- Normal force and normal stress in support at equilibrium, …

Example of a Convergence-confinement study Extract of a report for a plain strain analysis

Minimum system requirements :
· Windows OS
Software developed with the CETU · RAM: 500 Mo
· free space on hard disk: 250 Mo
· SVGA display.

ITECH: 12-16 rue de Vincennes - 93100 Montreuil - France T. +33(0)1 48 70 47 41 • F. +33(0)1 48 59 12 24
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