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H# 42/A D block, Gulshan-e- Tel: +92(0) 42 37410146

Lahore, Mob: +92(0) 335 0140234
Pakistan e-mail:

Faryal Tahir
2015–2019 Bachelor of Computer Science (BSCS)
Lahore College for Women University, Lahore CGPA: 3.45

2013–2015 Intermediate Degree in ICS (Physics)

Lahore College for Women University, Lahore

2011–2013 Matriculation Degree

Qasim Ali Shah School, Lahore

Technical Skills Technologies Java Script, PHP, Unity

Languages: C/C++,SQL, HTML
Development Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio
Databases: MySQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server

Academic Projects Event Management – Event management project enable the user to organize their event according to
their desire and they can also book their order for any event online. You just need to tell us what you want
and using the theme as a guideline we will organize and execute the event wonderfully. This will save you
from all the hassle and headache of doing everything by yourself and in the end make a huge mess. We
will manage everything for you.

Major Responsibilities

- Lead the project team

- Designed the basic structure
- Assigned tasks to the team and integrated the whole project
- Worked on features such as
o Registration
o Login
o Verification and validation
o Uploading images, displaying items
o Plan Events
o Manage Events
o Display list of events

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Student Record Management – This project enable to add, modify, delete or search a particular
student on the basis of roll number. This program enable user to enter marks of student in each subject and
it will produce output by calculating percentage and grade. Each functionality has a function call in switch
statement on the user choice control transfers to a function.

Major function:

- Add student record

- Create student record
- Modify student record
- Search student record by their roll number
- Delete student record
- Display all student record
- Display class result

Basketball game – This game is developed for a single player in unity. Player try to score by shooting
a ball through a hoop elevated 10 feet above the ground. The game is played on a rectangular floor, and
there is a hoop at each end. Player can set camera position through mouse.

- Lead the team
- Defined the basic structure
- Design user interface

- Member of Dean’s Honor List during the academic period.

Honors & Awards

- Volunteer in Arfa Karim Foundation


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