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The Teacher


Dr. David Franklin
September 23, 2018
Norman, Jessica, Cassidy, and Jesus
Table of Contents

● Norman Robinson- The Ethical Teacher

● Jessica Pina- The Motivated Teacher
● Cassidy Klohr- The Dedicated Teacher
● Jesus Salas Jr.- The inspired Teacher
The Ethical Teacher
(Norman G. Robinson)

● Code of Ethics

○ Preamble

○ Principle 1

○ Principle 2

● Pragmatic Ethics

● Socratic Wisdom
Code of Ethics
(The National Education Association)

● Preamble: The pursuit of truth, devotion ● Principle 2

to excellence, and the nurture of
democratic principles. ○ Commitment to the profession

○ Protection of the freedoms of ○ Teachers must be above reproach

learning and teaching with equal
educational opportunity for all.
● Principle 1

○ Commitment to the student

○ Basic equal treatment and fairness

with education open for everyone
Preamble to the NEA Code

● “The educator recognizes the magnitude of the responsibility inherent in the teaching
process. The desire for the respect and confidence of one's colleagues, of students, of
parents, and of the members of the community provides the incentive to attain and
maintain the highest possible degree of ethical conduct. The Code of Ethics of the
Education Profession indicates the aspiration of all educators and provides standards by
which to judge conduct.”
Principle 1

● “The success of students is the success

of teachers.”

● “Fairness is paramount in teaching”

Principle 2

● Commitment to Profession
● Lawyers have guidelines, and so do
doctors; teachers are no different than
these two career choices they need
boundaries clearly defined.
● Furthermore, teaching is not a job it is a
full on career that educators must take
seriously in order to retain credibility in
the public eye
Pragmatic Ethics
(Ethical Fence)

● The educator should follow guidelines as stated by NEA and reinforced in credential programs like
National University.
● Teachers are in the public eye and by simply following NEA ethical guidelines will protect their careers
and provide an ethical fence for themselves for any future litigation.
● Also, by following guidelines you reaffirm those very same guidelines helping keep peers, students and
administrators on the straight and narrow path of educational freedom
Ethical Wisdom

● “The only true wisdom is in knowing you

know nothing.” (Socrates)
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Examples of What Drives a Dedicated Teacher

● TPE #6 Developing as a Professional Educator

○ Subset 3
● TPE #2 Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for
Student Learning
○ Subset 5
The Teacher

● What is a Teacher?

● The Importance of a Teacher

● Characteristics of a Great Teacher

The Dedicated Teacher
● Dedication

● Showing dedication
in ones work and in
the students work
The Inspired Teacher

The Teacher Candidate values the

profession of teaching and exhibits a
positive attitude towards schools,
teaching, students, and parents.
(Professionalism and Ethics PP)

The professional educator continues

professional growth. (Code of Ethics)

The professional educator strives to

create a learning environment that
nurtures to fulfilment the potential of
students. (Code of Ethics)
Personal Beliefs of what an Inspired Teacher
should posses

The inspired teacher must have:

Endurance to be able to withstand the early morning and late nights.

Persistency to keep returning for more and more; no stop.

Humidity to understand that there is always more to learn.

Adaptiveness to change with the never ending modes of technology.

Love to show the students that they are there for them.
The Motivated Teacher

The Motivated Teaching Candidate values :

● Planning instruction and designing learning experiences for all students

● Assessing student learning
● Developing as a Professional Educator (California Teaching Performance

The professional and motivated educator endeavors to maintain the dignity of the profession
by responding and obeying the law, while demonstrating personal integrity.

The professional and motivated educator applies for accepts, or assigns a position of
responsibility on the basis of professional qualifications, and adheres to the terms of a
contract or appointment. (Code of Ethics)
Personal Beliefs The Motivated Teacher Must Obtain

While motivation stems from passion, A Motivated Teacher must have a passion for her job,
students, and the subject material.

A Motivated Teacher must create a positive environment for themselves and their students in
which they feel valued and respected.

A Motivate Teacher doesn’t focus on the students who she doesn’t change or teach but the
students she does.

A Motivativated Teacher stays uplifted and focuses on the positive pieces of her job, her
classroom, and her students progress.

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