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iii,AEON Credit has the absolute right and discretion not to release or make avarlable the Facility or any

AEON i-Cash Personal Financing Facility - Terms & Conditions pa( lhereof or ro mnrel. withd;w and/or temrnate Ihe Fac,lity thereir gralteo lo the Custo-er
;mmedia€lv upon AEON C'ed( bemming aware tl^ar t\e Custorea n3s been irvestigated or is allege0
1.Overuiew to be ,nvolved ard/o' rad commrtled a1! rllegal actvities or cr:mrnal offences of any nature whalsoever
The terms and conditions herein shall apply to Approved Applicant ("Customei') who has been granted or will De or hds Deen alleqeoly Suojected to anr, .nmindl prosecJilon and or Conviclion. aqd'or dr)
AEON i-Cash Personal Financing Facilily ('Facility') by AE0N Credit Seruice ([I) Bhd ('AE0N Credil'). secu-tv n respect of lhe Falilty helo b/ AEON Cred,t ,s sLolected to or at risk o[ teezing. se,zure ard
2. lnterpretations fole tJie b! the Govenment a1d or olher relevaql aulhor.lres o' regulato.y boo es. ln all everls
a. This iems and conditions, along with the Sale & Purchase Agrement, mnstitute an agreemenl that AEON Credrt s dec,sion shall be fnal and conclusrt e
establ'shes the terms ano condilions in 'especl oI lhe Facilily 18. Seilice and/or Notifications
b. The tems and conditions set forth herein are rn addrion and supplemenlal to, and not in substitution for Arv deaald for pa,/aerts dLe lcludinq Wrir o{ Sunmols aad.or any notice Io be given In con-ecttol
or in derogation of. any other tems and conditions binding upon the Customer {rom time to time. wirh hrs ters ahd'conortrons shall be wi{houl preludice Lo doy oll'er melhod or serylce ano shall be
3. Purpose o{ Facility deemed to be sufficiently serued to the Customer if it rs grven by AEON Credit by prepaid post addressed
The Customer l-ereov undertakes that he Customer shall use the Faclily solely for the puQose to the Customer ai the last known address grven by the Customer or at such other address as the
specrfieo by the Cusiomer in the AEON -Cash Personal Financrng Apolcanon Fom { Applicalior customer mrql^t l-ave nolrfied AEON C'ed't by giving nottce in wntrg of nis rew address and ,n sJCl-
Fom'). cases, rt shail be deemed to have been received (whether it is successfully delivered or not) by the
4. MechanicsofFinancing Customerwithin forty-eight (48) hours after the lime of posting or when such nolice would in the ordinary
The Facility is an unsecrJred financing facility and is based on Shariah @nrepl o{ Bai Al lnah (sell-buy course have been delivered to the Customer.
back with instalment paymenl). 19. Variation, Revision and Amendmenls
5. Facilitv Amount a. AEON Credit reserves ihe riqht to:
Facilily Amount shall be the Pnncipal Sum ol the Facility approved by AEON Credli and notified to the i. vaft tne orofit rale dnd/or delaLlL Orof,t rate or methoo o'calcJlar'on of seryice tee,'ees and olhe'
Cusloiner rn wntng and/or in any manner as AEON Credit deems fit, which sum shall not exceed the chaiqes. minim,m pay-enl dbe. p.otl and any othe'appl'cable fees. chatges o'levtes provjded
sum applied for. hereir for any reasbn wnatsoeve; lwhelher anirng ko- tre cnange tq he eusrorers rilk profile or
6. Prescribed Profit Rate olhetuiseJ rnclud nq tFe effecrive oale of an! such cha^ge; ald
The respective profit rale(s) applicable to the Facrlity as stated in lhe Payment Schedule, which ii. vary lwtrether by aodrlron. deletion. noorncation amendrent o'otheryrse howsoe!er) any o't'ese
exoressrbn shalll wnerever the irjntext so permis, inclute any and such otne'iale which AEON Creo'l ler4rs and cocdri.ons at any Lme ard f'om time to time lcolleclively 'elered to as "Changes ) by g v rg
mjyatanylmeorfromtrmetotme,strpulatealitsdiscreton.Theeffect'/eprofitraterangesfrom 9.60 the Customer at least twenty one (2 l, calendar days prior nolice. The Changes shall apply or t\e
o; t6 1 8.0 0; per anqum. depending on tl'e tenure of the Facility. etfecilve oate sDecified bv AEON Credit.
7. Gross Monthly lnstalment Calculation b. All terms and condrtions. fees rate, taxes, charges, profits and levies may be varied at any time and from
Facility fu,lonlhly lnstalment is derived based on the fomula: time to time atthe sole and absolute discrelion ofAEON Credit by notitying the Customer at least twenty
[{P-l'Y) +P]/m, oqe (21 ) calendare dav in advarce. Nolice o' sLcr va'iatron. revis,oa or change may oe eifected by
Where, i. Displaying the same at lhe premises or AEO\ Credil oI its Brarcn o"ices or by mailing the aforesa d
P = Principal Amount. notice to the customel or

y| = Pront Rate per annum. ir. By sending nolice of the same by SMS to the customer or by posting the notice ofthe same on AEON
Eacility Tenure in yeare. Credit s websit-".
= App.oved
m = App'oved
traciltty Tenure in Molths 20. AEON Credit',s Rioht to Disclose
8. Pavment Schedule The Customer herely agrees to be bound by the Declarations and the disclosure clauses setforth in the
Paiment Schedule is the schedule of payment specitr/ing the details of the Facility approved, including Aoplimtron Form wh:ch s a pre-requisrte document 10 fi,s product including bLt lot llm,ted lo all rhe
the approved Facility Amount, Monthly lnstalments, Prescribed Profit Rate. Payment Due Dates and oi'sclosure proMsrons n relat;on to pesonal data and tl-e oisdosure for purposes of cross selling ard
Tenure ofthe Facility. mari(etrnq of products wrthin AEoN Credit and its skategic partners if the Customer had opted for the
9. DisbuEement ofFaciliw same and fudher the Customer hereby authonses AEON Credit and/or its officers to:-
AEON Credit shalt drsburs'e the Facility Amount tothe Cuslomer, afterdeducting all fees and charges as a. Make use of, disclose, divulge or reveal any Lnlormatron relating to hrs/her AEON ioash Personal
identirled in the Application Form. Financino ALcounl for DJrpo#s of or in corndction wrth dny actrorior preeedinq laken for lhe purpose
10. lmposition of Goods & Seruices Til of recov6ry ol no"ies dLe a1d payable by the Cuslomer to AEO\ Creorl under lhis le'ms a1o
All applicable Goods & Seryices Tax ('GST") and taxes of a similar nature herein shall be payable by the conditions.
CJSrorer. For tJrtner detarls please log on to \^' b. The disciosure of any iniormalion pertaining to the credil standing of the Customer to any other Bank
11. Payment ano/or flnancial institLro"(sl as is neressary rn sLch Tanner an0 to sJcl- extenl as lhe comoa^y s^ail
a. I h6 Cuslomer snall adhere to the monthly lsulnent amodnt and payment due date as stdled in the cons,der 4ecessa^/ in colneclon with such ?Leres and to the disclosure of the account 1u-be(s) to
Sale and Purchase Agreement entered betvveen the Customer and AEON Credit. an/ other irteresleo pe'so1{st,party(,esJ sucr as deDt mllectior agells. ar} person(s/ i" o'odISde
b. The Customer undenakes to make satisfactory arrangemeni for payments of lris,{ler Facility Accounl in lvdlaysia includrnq bJt no1 irmiled lo companres wrthir the AEON group. whether sucT group of
accordance with this terms and conditions in the event oi his/her absence abroad. comfanies are reiiding. srtualed carrying on business, incoporated or constituted within or outside
c. Where Customer intends lo make payment by way of the Auto debit Facili$/, the Customer hereby l\.Ialavs'a rndudirq but nol lim,teo to Ihe respectrve dgells. adlhonzed. maintain,nq a1d sloring records
iaevocablv authorires AEON Cred,l lo instruct tne Custoners bank o. frnanc,al irstitLtion to deb't the ilinaricral or otherivisel. at any time and witnout liabllity. any rnformation and pa"rliculars rfin-anc'al or
Customer's ac@unt for eacn ol lhe sa,d monthlv rnslalne4l. otl.eruse) relaing to CJSlomer's affairs and accounts, financing and conduct thereo'.
d. TneCustomerherebyaqreestopaytheAulo-oebrtcnargesrortheprovisionoflheAutlDebitserytce c. Disdose infomati-on to Bank Negara Malaysia or such other ,uthority havrng jurisdiction over AEON
by debitinq rrom rl'e Cuslo*els acCount. the CLslomer furtFer understands that such charges may be Credir .eqardrnq the Customer s Facrlity or ihe Custome/s Account. ai may oi'required. AEON C'ed(
varied from time to lme as determined by the Bank andior AEON Credil without prior notice to the shail noibe l;ble whether directy oi indirectly to the Customer or any other person(s) for such
Customer. disclosure.
e. lf promissory notes, negotiable inslruments or bank orders shall be qiven by the Customerlo AEON 21. Appointmetrt of Agent
Ciedit at any time in resfiecl of any moneys herein, the Customer rrrevdcabiy duthorizes AEON Credit to ln amplfication and not in deroqaron ot its rights unde' tl" s lerms and cono tiors AFON Credl shall
nsert thereih the appropriate dates rn accordanre wrth th s Agreement on which payments become due l-ave the riqht al ;ts sole d scretion. to appornt an agent o' .ts choice to collecl all a1d any surs due Io
hereunder. AEON Credit from the Customer under this terms and conditions
f. All oavments must be made addressed to AEON Credit as set out herein or to an address for the time 22. Telephone Monitoring & Recording
oernctlpproved andlo'notifieo by AEON Credrt writing and any payment senl Dy post shall be at lte AEON Credit is entited to monilor and record for its own purposes, any €l(s) made wilh lhe Customer
Cusronier's risk until reeived by AE0N Creort at the appioveo address. No paymeni by cheque snall be at AEON Credit's absolute discretion wthout nolice to or furlher approval from the Customer. The
deemed received until clearance. Cuslomer agrees lhat AEON Credit shall be entitled to use such recordings and transcripts thereof as
12. Statement of Account evldence in any disputes.
The Cuslomer herebv expressly aqrees hat stateme4ts of accoull ,ssued by AEO\ Creoit or 23. lndemnity
corpJte'{ele'ateo r6tice! oy eEoNt creo t shall be inal and conclLS;\e ormf of ihe rroebtedless o' The Customer shall hold AEON Credit hamless and indemnify AEoN Credit againsl any liability lorloss,
the Customer. damaqe. msts and expenses (legal or otheMise including costs on a solicitor and cllent basis) which
13. Events ofDefaults AEONCredit may rncur by reason of the provisions herein or in the enforcement of its rights hereunder.
Without orerdd;ce to AEON Creoit s iol"L to 'ecall the FaciliW with D"or 1ot.ce on demano. AFON C'edit 24. Goveming Law
shall be ent'tleo, at rls aosolute discret"ion 10 reEll lhe Faoliti and deaand paymenl oftne lndeoteoless Th s rerms a1o mndilions shall oe govemed by the laws of \4alaysia.
Jpor the occur.ence of any of Il-e 'ollowina events: 25. TimeofEssence
a. if'the Customer shall defadlt in payment ofmonthly Instalments or any sum due and payable under this Time wherever mentioned shall be deemed to be the esrcnce of this terms and conditlons
lerms and conditions {whether demanded or not); 26. Assignmenl
b. f the Cusroner ,s ,n dreach of any prov s,ons ol lh,s lerms and cororiors: AEON Credit shall be entided at any lime without the consentofthe Customer to assign the whole or any
c. f for anv reason Dis terms and cohditions is or beLomes invalid o. .nenforeable: part of its rights or obligations hereunder with or without noti€ to the Customer.
o f a banlruptcy proceedrng is ,n]tiated aga,nst the Custome.: 27. Conflict between English Text and Others
e. f tne CLstomer dies or tlecomes of unsound mtnd: a. Where this tems and conditions is lranslateC into a language other ihan English Language. ln the event
f. if any of the Customers indebtedness lo a thrrd party rs not pard on lts due date or bemmes due priorto oi conflicl disc,eoancies or variances betlveen tne terms and condilions set oul in the Enqlisl^ Lanquaqe
its Suted raturtV o. a"V qUaffintee qiven by tne CUstome. is nol honored wnel OUe or called upon: vers,on and that of tl'e othe lanquaqe(s). tne Erql sl' -arguage venror snall prevail.
q. if anv documerts'and nloimatron su"pplied riy tre Custo*er ,s ialse. unkue or n,sleadrng: b. ln this tems anC condilions unless lhere is somethrnq rn the subtect or context inmnsistent with such
h. rf thdre rs ary fctiLous, forqed or fraudulenl m,s'epreselEUon in the Faciliiy apphclion o[ the Customer construction or unless it is olheruise expressly provtded. words appllcable to natural persons indude
then, and in ani such case, AEoN Credil may g,ve sever (7) oays w'itten noice 10 tfe Customer to persons, company, corporation, Ilrm or partnersh p corporale or unincorporaled. and words importing
ierminate thrs Fac,lity whereupon the whole of ihe Balarce Sum shall lodhwitl" bemme payable and the the singular number nciude the plural number and vice versa and words impo(ing the masculine gender
Cuslomer shall pay: rnclude the femlnine and neuter oenders.
r. lale charged on the outstandrng Balance Sum (before judgement) until lhe whole of the Balance Sum 28. Publication Of This Terms andConditions On AEON Credit's Website
rs fully paid; a. A copy of thrs Terms and Conditions is published at our website ln the event
. all expenses ano other cnarges 1'nduding AFoN Credit s solr.rtors mst) ircLr.ed by AEON Credit ir AEON[ Credrt chanqes or varies any tenis and conditions herein, the amended and updated version will
enforcrng payment of any sums payable by the CLStome. to AEON Credit: be posted on the aforesaid websrte
14. Cross Default b. ln the event of any queries relating to these Terms and Conditions, the Customer may contact AEON
AEON Credit reserues ihe right to proceed with legal proceedings against the Customer or to recall the Credil's Customei Care Cenlre at the followtnq address, e-mail address telephone and fa6imile
tracilily, profit €te thereon arld all otner mon,es patabie to AEOi.1 Credit under this terms and cordihons numbers (or such address, email address telep-hone and facsrmile numbere which AEON Credit may
o. willihold or withdraw tne Facil Ly f tqe'e is a cefault in the pay-ent of any monres due by the Cuslomer change by notification 1o lhe Customer):
lereuqder or under any other ac;oJnt with ALoN Credt or wtn an! othei financral'nsiitJtion or if thele
ls a default in the payrient of any monies under the accounts of ani other pany of which the Cusiomer Customer Care Centre
ts a ouarantor. Level 18, UOA Corporate Tower,
15. Earli Settlement Avenue '10, The Vertiml, Bangsar South City,
Thetusbmer may qr\e sever (/) oay's pror wnrcn lotrce 1o AEON Credll Io settle lhe outsEndlnq No. 8 Jalan Kerjnchi. 59200 Kuala Lumpur
balance sum by payiig to AEON Credii the outstanding Balane Sum less such rebate as AEON Credit Tel: 03-27'19 9999. Email:
ma! determine and aoree uoon al its sole a"d dbsolute discretion. Website: my
16. Amendments ofTerhs and Conditions
The use oi the Facility is subject to the lems and conditions herein contained. AEON Credil reseryes the 29. Force Maieure
right a1 any time and'by giving twenty one (21) mlendar days notice, pnor or otheNis to the Cuslomer Wrthout pieiudrce 10 any ol lhe provision of lhis tems and condilions, the Customer agrees not to hold
to-add, alt6r, delete, mbdify. change'or vary all or any of those tems and conditions stated herein. The AEON Credit liable in the event that AEoN Credrt rs unable to perfom in whole or in part any of its
commlnimiion of slch vaiiations"may taxe any form. and may be qtven via letler to the Customer or via oblioauons under th,s Aoreement. attrbJtable d{ectlv oI indrrecdv to the failure of arv qechanrcal or
AEON Credit's website or any other manner as AEON Credit deems flt. elec"tronicoevice,dalapiocessrnqsystem uansmissi6nline.elecricalfailure.inoustrialdispule andaly
17. Rights ofAEON Credit act beyond AEON Credit's control or due to any factor in a nature oi a force majeure.
a. No time orother indulgence granted by AEON Credit to the Customer shall operale as a waiverolAEON
Credils rights lsave io the"exrent nilicaLeo by AEON Cre0;t 1 wr'tng, i" .especl of a^y mrrnJirg
recurino or subseouent breach.
b. AEON Credrt has the nqht at rts absolute discretjon to Co the following at any time whatsoever whether
or not the Facility herein have been disbumed or utilised:
. Review the Fdcility at any time and fiom time to tinre irespective of whether or not an event o{ default
has occurred and'any review, if conducted, shall be in the manner determined solely by AEoN Credit.
Any delay or omission to conduct a review shall not be mnstrued as a waiverofAEON Credits right to
review nor prejudice AEON Credit's right 1o recover all monies owing.
i. At any one time hereafter to withdraw or not make available or cancel andlor terminale theFacility or
anv olrt thereof upon the haooening of any event which in AEON Credil's opinion would affect in any
way'the Customei s financrai ircsitio"n and/or hindel tlre carrying on ofthe CListomer's business affai16
in ;^.^rd.n.6 ullh cnrrnd finen.i,l idd,,cl.ial nr nnmmornial rnd .nd/^r s,^,ild