ACE Evaluation Form

As a part of our continuing efforts to offer high quality education programs, Autodesk has prepared this evaluation form to assess the candidate for the Autodesk Certified Instructor (ACI) program. Listed below are several statements which describe the qualities of the candidate based the specifc presentation indicated. Please rate each of these items as thoughtfully and carefully as possible. Your responses and comments are very important to Autodesk.

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Evaluation Criteria

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Session Time: Note to Evaluator: Fill in ONLY the lined entry boxes.

Scoring Range: 1 = Poor, 2 = Below Average, 3 = Average, 4 = Above Average, 5 = Excellent

1. Accuracy
How technically accurate and appropriate is the candidate's presentation of the lesson?

Candidate demonstrates technical proficiency with software Candidate communicates technical concepts clearly and accurately Candidate delivers presentation at the correct/ appropriate level Candidate is knowledgeable of presented concepts Candidate is successful in balancing tools and workflow
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% 2. Presentation Skills
How effective are the candidate's presentation skills and the use of materials?


Candidate commands attention / has presence Candidate displays enthusiasm about subject matter/maintains energy level throughout the presentation. Candidate is able to deliver concepts clearly Candidate is able to adapt and be flexible to any classroom dynamic Candidate engages the audience, establishes eye contact (vs talking to monitor) Candidate outlines practical applications for presented concepts. Candidate generates interest in topic and provides interesting explanations Candidate uses voice and intonation well to attract and hold the attention of the audience Candidate used files/materials/examples suitable for subject matter and level.
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% 3. Lesson Execution and Audience Interaction
How effective is the candidate in organizing the lesson , executing the topic and interacting with the audience?


Candidate outlines the objectives of the lesson were clearly outlined Candidate maintains focus on objectives throughout presentation Candidate displays a logical flow of subject matter and lesson was well organized. Candidate balances topics and used allotted time well Candidate uses questions constructively to foster understanding Candidate clearly concludes presentation Candidate maintains contact and communication with audience Lesson examples work as intended Candidate understands audience level Candidate handles questions and audience interaction well
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