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Wey t ” 7 05 yo le > volume sixty-four, issue two cctober te S018 Masthead ‘managing eitor-in-hiet ‘anlitsang ‘content editor-in-chief ‘net sharma ‘production manager ‘ofa champion a a, : : Editor’s Address ee — ‘What's in a carpeted bathroom? A carpeted bathroom by any other an tame wba ay (oa ou ee sper pe rete epeenoe woreda bedi hame alerac accel ‘We just really love furniture. Prepare to get tacky, whacky, and a en aca rape eg arts, a se ence eee ome Stay grow, the truths out ther, comics Aan Li Teang & Avneet Sharma alice yang Baitors-in-Chief illustrator jodi euteneier copy editor fermma kelly front cover jodi euteneier back cover kitkeston ee an tang, staff ateaton bani ara contributors silver liam p. bryant iam Keating mattea roach ay shit saisten zimmer ‘perches About us ‘The Garyosle is University College's greases student newspaper and publishes every two weeks ‘Weare a paper that believes that sometimes you should be angry, ad hat sometimes you show be loud, and if you have not had a voiee before, you deserve a voce. We donot give print space to bigots and we donot feign neutrality on issues of social justice. At this moment, everythi submissfons@uegargoyleca At the Table with Jennifer Keesmaat ‘we're real journalists now sofia champion & hani imran The real journalists atthe UC Gargoyle had the ‘Opportunity to ston. a panel of student journalists who presented. mayoral candidate Jennifer Keesmaat with their questions and ‘concerns about the direction ofthe ety now and tude her potential dieetion low vole patiation, especially along Torontss. pebphen’ and among ts lege immigrant popeltion, pnts 2 dismal image: whatever the results of i election should be, They do not ncesaiy rele the ill of the inajosty of Tovontontate, but rater the wl of Thowe who show upto he ballet box vas oar purpose in sing at he table wih Keemaat {Si her to adres those ses wbich personal aha store 1 began with a question about Keesmaat’s Planned solution to Toronto's ongoing housing {ris wheres the Tory campaign has pledged to build 40,000 affordable nits inthe nex 12 ears, Keesmaat has offered 100,000 affordable units fo. Iwas under the impression, before coming to the roundtable, thatthe majority ofthese units ‘woul be constructedby private developers under the condition that a certain proportion be ‘AMfordable' Keemaat defines an ‘affordable’ unit ‘as costing maximum 80%, of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.'s average market ste for a unit of its type. ~ the standard of fafordablty” under Tory is currenty CMHC furket rate, so this would not only De an Improvement on his planned number of unis but nimproverent on thet affordability) ‘asked her why affordability was being pursued Dpavate route, rather than by Caublishing new. co-operative housing Sreunizations and public housing units, 1 also mmente hat the planned 100,000 units were felatvelyunambitous in comparison (0 Torontos public hosing programs during the Ini late 20" centry ~ trom. 1965 to 1975, the City produced about 8000 public housing units, feared to rent, every year, Keesmaat responded {fat co-operative housing organizations would be “Xmong the organizations called upon to build her planned 100,000 units, Keesmaat’s ‘opening up of sity lands for AScopment rll not necessary exacerbate a trend of sling off able asses, Kees tld tne tat it and already footy ld mrivate developers, but without the condition of ‘ordain the contrat. City land is already Heing turned into luxury developments, Keema acest hat her lan wl pu sme of that land being sold to better ase. ‘The Gargoyle also asked whether her campaign would focus onthe maintenance of existing public units or the building of new units Keesmaat suggested that she would do both, following a.mode she had advanced as Chiet Planner in the early 20108, whereby the value extracted from new units is used to reinvest in Also onthe table was the subject of renovieton J efcmomenon in which landlord wil allow helt Siaperty tn grow derelict to the. point of PiNRhabitbiig, evict tele low-income tenants and then refurbish the property to demand higher femts, One starkexampl that of Heron Gate in ‘raw where more than 100 families have been Chere from. igo units Tet derelict by their Ftndords, with onpotable water and unusable Hlumbing left unattended for months before the Tlanned renovation’ apparently necessitated the ition of its mostly low-income, immigrant tenants (Al Jazeera), Kecamaat responded that municipal lw in ‘Reema prowtes rater Tea protection fr a auch a cmt renviion doe, Teeter ten ocaunde the ble in Toronto, soni aay cing tt th eae eating tenant as the property as vga edlence o exling het tenant Hee rwieg or acces to knoe about ‘helo is they ae eed tin Toronto, ‘Concerns raised by others in the room included {he partclar vulnerability of many of Forontos Intentional students t0 landlords ho keep them ignorant of thelr housing rights ~ one 8 anita asd the cae of Helen Gv, a8 38- Pega UTSC student who perished in fatal ites fin ay of ae yet ae ow tovetgting the house which she ved with 3 ‘ther intemational students asa possible Mega ‘Romingthouse. Another property rented. to Jpternational students on the same Scarborongh street, was found to have only one fre eseape, in ‘olation of municipal aw 1 is unclear what strategy the Keesmaat fompaign wil gse_ in reaching out to. and fccating, ‘Toronto's vulnerable populations Shout their rights and the standards to which theirlandlords ist be held and many tenants fare reluctant to confront oltors, fearing th frackdown on legal rooming: houses would lead to higher rents. Keesmaat bas suggested that ireater access to affordable housing, including Feel rooming-houses,shonld remedy this isue wwe should hope to se, then, an investment in SNodent housing by a potential" Keesmaat -Keesmat is ambitious inher plans to invigorate transit links between Toronto's outer heighbourboods and. the downtown core proposing a light-raHine connecting Black Creek {othe Bloor Danforth Tine. She believes that “Toronto haste to fear fom its current density Kecsmaat argues that cities such as Rome which have been dense nrban centres for millenia before the advent of modern transportation, have bem able to build much more sobust transit stems than that hich currently exists inthe felatively new, vehielecentre City of Toronto ‘What we want tobe dane ean be done, ‘ther concerns addressed by Keesmat from the ‘Student journalists in attendance igladed the proper vay to address Toronto's ‘gh surge’ — 3 fotion often’ spoken of in the wake of the Danforth shooting although some mesia outlets have called into question the idea that Toronto has actually suffered say major inerease inthe continued, politics I