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ip hakan PLASTiK GF HAKAN HT-PP WASTE WATER PIPE SYSTEMS ———— +GF+t Ina Pp eee HEPP WASTE WATER PIPING SYSTEMS hakan iaeity GF HAKAN PLASTIK is one of the worlés largest plastic piping systems manufacturers, The company develops, produces end markets a comprehensive range of piping systems and components in 2 variety of materials used worldwide to transport water end gas at the highest quality, service and the right price. GF HAKAN PLASTIK operates in three core segments of piping systems; Bulding Technology, lity and Agriculture, Its certified products are used in more than 70 countries in § continents worldwide. With more than 10,000 products, GF HAKAN PLASTIK manages a land and maritime transport operation seamlessly and is able to meet the needs of its clients fully wherever they may be in the world + uistorY HAKAN PLASTIK was foundes in 1965 by the Karadeniz fami, Snoe its foundation, Hokan Plas has continuously expanded ss presence athe manufacturing and In.2002, the company invests in a state of ar madern tacit in GarezkoyInauatnal Zane (GSB), ene ofthe three production capacty. HAKAN PLASTIC opened up es eecond roec: Industral zones in Trkey Te nerense fs ty n 2012 n Sanur. Both feces eoaly cover an aren of 170.000 In. 2013, the leaing paste pipe manufacture of Exrope and the Mile East, HAKAN PLASTK and the worfs lesing manufacturer of pining systems, Swiss-based [amrgany, GEORG PCHEM joned forces under the name of “GF HAKAN PLASTIK" to penile © unique patton for Trche> grown worawde, [GEORG FISCHER, founded in 1802 is hondavarcered in Switzerlnd and has 125 companies, 4 of which are production facies, in 32 countries with » workforce 1f 13.800 employes. The comaary ganeraved soles of 3.8 bilan Swiss francs in 2012. Gearg Fischer operates n Unee core businesses GF Pang Systens, (GF Automate and GF Machinng Soliton Gr Por Sytem Dion ae supper of anc ping yz oh onan of Lie and es nny bling acegy any pletion * ABOUT GF HAKAN PLASTIK GF HAKAN PLASTIK operates in 2produccio fcities equgped with the latest manufacturing technologies in Ceceztoy and Ganka with a workforce of 730 employes. Tes hosdquareene 'n Gorkeioy The compan has G regional azeezonates. offi and wareheses in Tey ‘The company has taken its pos emang the top 500 Enterprises n Trkay according to the \wortswce known, prestigious Fortune SOO ranking and slo one of the’Top S00 Largest Conpanes in Tarlay scoring to Tstorbul Chamber af Industry CSO oF tan Pac ais Faay ‘The system quay of OF HAKAN PLAST hes bee cersfes by SVOL 160 9001 nd 150 1400". Asa resu ofa metieveus — {uty contra eporosch and contunus research and develomere, grotict quay ofGF HAKAN PLASTIC cortrmed'y c= | SESTOSY ‘Sernatona quay cerscatae a Te company gives top priority to using the highest standards of technology to manufacture user-friendly praducts with the highest quality and service, HFPP WASTE WATER PIPES & FITTINGS APPROVALS & CERTIFICATES ‘ume UKRAINE eR SEPRO qm 1U081.0170179-193 ee Sh swenen, V i Wy ees +GF+ ; GF HAKAN PLASTIK Iq ® HEPP WASTE WATER PING SYSTEMS hakan PLASTIK HT-PP WASTE WATER PIPING SYSTEMS GF HAKAN HT-PP Pipes and Fittings are made of polypropylene that guarantees lightweight, high resistance to chemical agents, excellent resistance to abrasion. These perfect characteristics are suitable for the construction of waste and drainage systems of buildings and other underground systems in accordance with EN1451-1 and they have a very good resistance to fire with DIN 4102, Sse = GF HAKAN HT-PP Waste Water Pipes end Fittings can be used for waste systems at low and high temperatures, ventilation systems for waste networks and for rainwater drainage systems inside buildings for civil and industrial use, hospitals and hotels. '= They can be produced in various diameters from 32mm to 200mm and in various lengths from 150mm to 6OOOmm. «= They have a wide range of transition fitting for connection to other waste systems like cast iron, PVC and PE. = They are economical compared to other kind of pipes. ® They have excellent: mechanical and acoustic properties. = They meet ecological criteria, do not allow the attack of microorganisms and they are environment friendly. Gevea * High Stroke Resistance Because of the flexible molecular structure of its raw material, it has higher stroke resistance than other rigid plastic pipelines under low temperature environments. * High Temperature Resistance It can be used confidently in installments which produce waste at high temperature in short time like washing machine, dishwasher and alike. = Smooth Inside Surface Having smooth inside surface it provides smooth flow and prevents deposits formation. * No Poisonous Gas Exhaust When GF HAKAN HT-PP pipelines caught fire, there will be na gas exhaust: other than carbon dioxide and steam. There is no poisonous waste exhaust dangerous to human health, = Easy Montage Special dual lipped sealed bell-mouth system ensures tight: and enduring montage. It is light, easy portable and provides fast’ montage. It does not need any special tools, * Superior Chemical Resistance GF HAKAN HT-PP is one af the chemical substances that have the highest resistance to chemical agents dissolved in waste waters, Accordingly, GF HAKAN HT-PP waste water pipeline and joints provide the most: suitable installment solution in chemical waste drainage They have corrosion and abrasion resistance. +GFt