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Avaliação de Inglês

1. Family Age.

Hello! My name is Ethan. I am twenty one years old. I live in an apartment with my wife,
Hila, located in Israel, a city in which I live since my birth. I have only one brother, Sean,
and two kids, Peter and Carol. My wife is older than me, she is 24 years old. My brother
Sean is 19 years old; my daughter Carol is 3 years old and my son Peter is 1 year old.
My favorite hobby is playing computer games with my friends, going out with my wife
and hitchhiking . By the way, I work as a car salesman.

a.How old is Ethan? Write the number down (escreva a idade de Ethan):


b.How old is his wife, Hila? Write the number down:


c.How old is Ethan’s daughter, Carol? Write the number down:


d.How old is Ethan’s son, Peter? Write the number down:


e.How old is Ethan’s brother, Sean? Write the number down:


2.How many brothers and sisters does Ethan have?

a.( )one

b.( )two

c.( )four

d.( )five

3. Family Structure.
Hi! My name is Ian. I’m 26 years old and I live in Colorado. My parents are from Los
Angeles and they moved to Colorado after I was born. My father’s name is Marcos and
my mother’s name is Lisa. My grandfather’s name is Daniel, we call him Old Dan. My
grandmother’s name is Louise. I have a girlfriend named Sarah, and her parents names
are Steve and Carol. We get along really well!

Fill the blanks with the right answer, according to the text, using the following family
members: Father, Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother, Father in Law and Mother
in Law.

a.How is Ian and Old Dan related (qual o parentesco entre Ian e Old Dan)?

Old Dan is Ian’s _______________.

b.How is Ian and Marcos related?

Marcos is Ian’s _______________.

c.How is Ian and Lisa related?

Lisa is Ian’s _______________.

d.How is Ian and Louise related?

Louise is Ian’s _______________.

e.How is Ian and Steve related?

Steve is Ian’s _______________.

e.How is Ian and Carol related?

Carol is Ian’s _______________.

4.Complete the sentence with the right family member:

a. Ali G is my _______________(Pai).

b. Steve Center is my _______________(Avô).

c. My girlfriend’s parents are Josh and Kate. Josh is my ________________ (Sogro) and
Kate is my ______________________ (Sogra).

d. My mother’s boyfriend is Sonny. He is a great _______________ (Padrasto).

e. My father’s wife is Angela. She is not my mother, she is my _______________


5.Complete the conversation with ‘m or ’s:

A. Hello, What _____ your name?

B. I ______ Carter, and you?

A. Hello, Carter. I ____ Thomas.

B. What ____ your friends name?

A. That ____ David.

B. Nice to meet you, David!

C. Nice to meet you, too.