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ip hakan PLASTiK SILENTA®::\ LOW NOISE PIPE SYSTEMS +GF+t ip hakan PLASTIK ‘SILENTA=- GF HAKAN PLASTIK is one of the worlds lergest plastic piping systems menufacturers. Te company develops, produces and markets 8 ‘comprehensive range of piping ystems and components in a variety of materials used worldwide to tranaport water and gas st the highest quality, service and the right price. GF HAKAN PLASTIK operates in three core segments of piping systems; Building Techrology, Utiity and Agriculture, ts certified products are used in more than 70 countries in § continents worldwide. With more than 10.000 products, GF HAKAN PLASTIK manages a land and maritime transport operation seamlessly and is able ta meet the needs ofits cients fully wherever they may be in the world AKAN PLASTIK nas founded in 1905 by the Karaten2 fem. Since Ks foundation, Hekan Plas has continuous! expanded ts presence in the manutactuing ood Sales of plastie inng systems witha focus on novation. 15 2008, the company invostod in state of are modern tacity m Garkezkay Indust Zone (GOSB, oe of the tree largest dustrial zones in Turkey Te increases Production capac HAKAN PLASTK opened up ee acond facity n 2012 In Sorkrfa, Goth fates eotaly cover an area of 170.000 1m 209, the leading plastic pipe manufacturer of Europe andthe Nidae East, HAKAN PLASTK andthe wool! lscing manufacturer of piping systame, Swiss-besed Coreany, GEORG FISCHER jned forces under the name of “OF HAKAN PLASTIK" co grovde a unique pattorm fr further growth wore. (GEORG FISCHER, founded in 1802 is headquarcered in Sweerlad and has 125 companies, 48 of which ae production fetes, n 32 counties with workforce 13,500 employees." campany penerstel sales of 8 bison Sas francs n ZO12. Geory Pechur operaces in tives care businesses GF Ping Systane, (GF fucamotive and G= Machining Solitons CF Piping System Division isa global supper of pastic ppg systems forthe conveyance of gus and gases in industry, bling technology and uty appeations Wien over 5.000 employees, GF Piping Sytem: ‘aor of about CHF 1-3 bil in svar 100 eoutree in 2072 + ABOUT GF HAKAN PLASTIK GF HAKAN PLASTIC operates in 2 production faites equpped withthe Itest manufacturing Tectnolgia in Gerkazdy and Santurta wih 2 wertfrce of 720 employees, a headguarters i in Gerterox The comaany has 6 regional directorates, efices and woreneuses in Tuney. The company has talon ts place among the top SOO Enterprises in Turkey according to the wroriguade tnown, prestijous,Foreune S00 ranking and lao one of he Top S00 Largest CComsanes in Turkey according 9 Tetarbul Camber 9 Industry (SO), “ho syetom quality of GF HAKAN PLASTK hos been corsfid by BVO}, 160 900) and 160 14001. As o result of 9 meticulous tical rash donnie rice ure OF aN PSC cones es STG | ES The company gives top priority to using the highest standards of technology to manufecture user-friendly products with the highest quality and service SILENTA 3A PIPES & FITTINGS. APPROVALS & CERTIFICATES & ® Fraunhofer FRAUNROFER INSITUT (hee 186/00 PERTE7 109 1 © .. = Gomme UR SEPRO T0960, Bost coanses7 [SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRES OSTA HYGENE Swences cera ip hakan PLASTIK SILENTA 3A LOW NOISE PIPE SYSTEMS GF HAKAN PLASTIK SILENTA 3A is @ sound-insulating 3-layered sewer pipe system made of Silenta PP which is specially formulated and reinforced for non-pressurized domestic drainage in accordance with System Standards of DIN 4109, DIN 4102. Caan = Silenta 3A reaches a sound-intensity level of 16 dB at Alt/s flow rate by the officially recognized Fraunhofer Institute, Germany. ® Silenta 3A is suitable for hot/cold water and acidic liquid transfers. ® Silenta A can be used at above and Suey a Underground drainage systems, even at areas, Perea with high traffic load. iieMecite macs Pou) * Silenta 3A Products consist of pipes from 40mm to 200mm with and without socket and fittings with complementing accessories, * Silenta 3A is GF Hakan Plastik’ s globally registered ‘trademark, * Provides excellent. sound insulation, creates * The coefficient of thermal expansion is only ideal conditions for buildings and contributes 0.06 mmm. to an increase in the property value slong with 4 Cheam Indiltlen kamen the quality of life climb down ta -20° C "Reduces the vibrations and unfamiliar sounds coming from the plumbing system, ‘= Resistant to organic and inorganic acids. * Flame-retardant, according to DIN 4402 standard. * Suitable for ph value between 2 & 12. «High impaot resistance. * Alternative to cast iron : +GF+