The Palace of Cadaval, in association with the Steering Committee for the International Conference on Religious Orders and Congregations in Portugal and the Centre for Lusophone and European Literatures and Cultures – University of Lisbon, Faculty of Letters, carries out an exhibition in watercolour painting by th Rouslam Botiev, a Mongolian painter, to take place at Évora from the 7 to the th 25 October 2010. This is a collection of 20 paintings portraying the main monuments connected with the Religious Orders in Portugal (Jerónimos, Batalha and Alcobaça monasteries, among others), to which are added emblematic motives of the artistic imagery of these Religious Orders, such as important monastic figures as well as the recreation of art pieces allusive to the primordial imagery of monastic experience, being the famous Temptations of Saint Antão an accomplished example. These unique paintings were originally painted to be part of a monumental work lead by José Eduardo Franco, which is being prepared for publication by Gradiva Editora, with Preface by the President of the Portuguese Republic. This work is entitled Monasteries and Convents, Orders and Congregations: 1000 Years of Religious, Cultural and Artistic Entrepreneurism in Portugal and it will be announced on the International Conference Religious Orders and Congregations in Portugal: Memory, Presence and Diasporas, to take nd th place at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation from the 2 to the 5 November 2010. ROUSLAM BOTIEV, Mongolian, from the Oirat ethnic group, was born on the 5th May 1963 in the Kalmyk Republic (Mongolia), being Russian by nationality. In 1985 he concluded his degree as Bachelor of Arts in the Kalmyk Faculty of Philology. From 1985 to 1990 he studied sculpture and painting with the grand master Stepan Botiev. He also practiced sculpture and painting at the University of Rostov and the University of St. Petersburg. He taught sculpture and painting in Mongolia where he produced several works of art until 2002. Art Exhibitions in Portugal:
2002 – Cascais. Theme: The Jangar Warriors and Budism. Watercolour painting. 2004 – Lisbon. Theme: Oriental Graphism. Indian ink. 2005 – Lisbon. Theme: Portugal: My Asiatic View. Watercolour painting. 2006 – Estoril. Theme: Portugal and the Trás-os-Montes Province. Watercolour painting. 2007 – Caneças. Theme: The Woman in the World. Watercolour painting. 2008 – Lisbon. Theme: Art of Nomadic Peoples from Mongolia. Watercolour painting. 2010 – Lisbon. Theme: Man, Cosmos and Myth(s). Indian ink. Presentation by Vítor Serrão, PhD, at Faculty of Letters Library – University of Lisbon. 2010 – Lisbon. Collective, at Largo do Carmo. Theme: Mongolian Motives. Indian ink.

The sale of each watercolor reverts in favor of the Organization of the Conference, as a support.