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Southern Oaks Middle School

An “A” Rated School


Home of the Mighty Hawks

October 1, 2010
Mrs. Lisa Sullivan – Principal Mr. Dave Slover – Assistant Principal
5500 N.E. St. James Drive, Port St. Lucie, FL 34983 Ph: 772-785-5640 Fax: 772-785-
Office: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Students: 9:40 am – 4:10 pm


Southern Oaks Middle School (SOM), in partnership with parents and community, will become a premier center of
knowledge that is organized around students and the work provided to them. SOM’s name will be synonymous wi
continuously improving student achievement and the success of each individual. Our school’s promise is to move
good to great focusing on our core business; the creation of challenging, engaging and satisfying work for each stu
every day.


It’s hard to believe that October is here already Important Dates
and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We October 7 – SAC/PTO Meeting 8:00 AM
would like to thank you for the continuous support October 8 – Dodge Ball 5:30 PM
you provide to your children and to Southern Oaks. October 13 – Picture Make-up Day
We appreciate your involvement and invite you to October 26 – End of 1st Nine Weeks
join our Parent-Teacher Organization and/or the October 28 – Early Release Day
School Advisory Council (Next meeting date is October 29 – No School for Students
October 7th at 8:15 AM).
We also would like to let you know about the Coming in November – Renaissance Fair
“Positive Referrals” that we are using again this
year. Students will be recognized for their positive Intramural Sports
behavior and/or their academic leadership.
Our next “Hawk Chats” session will be held on Volleyball
October 27th at 8:30 AM. During these informal ● Tryouts: October 4th, and October 6th.
sessions, we discuss academic concerns, ideas and ● Practice/Game: October 11, 13, 18, 20, 25,
suggestions for our SOMS students. This is a great 27, 30,
time to meet teachers, staff and administration in a November 1, 3, 6, 8, 11, 10, 13, 15, 17, 20,
friendly, casual environment. All are welcome! 22, 29,
Please visit our Blog at December 1
http://SOMSBlog.edublogs,org December 4 Tournament
Thanks again for your support and involvement; ● Practice Time: 4:30-6:00 PM. Monday and
it is truly appreciated by all of us. Wednesday
● Game Time: 9:00 AM-1:30 PM. Saturday
● Cost: $ 2.00 students $3.00 Adults

8th Grade Students

REMINDER if you receive 3 referrals or Out-

Bus riders will not be permitted to walk off campus without prior approval.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep our students safe.
Southern Oaks Middle School October 1,

6th Grade/Intensive Reading News

Mr, Hibbard–Team Leader and Social Studies, Mr. McGarry-PCSD, Mr. Barrish-Language Arts,
Mr. McInerney-Reading, Ms. Thompson-Science, Mrs. Peterson–Math, Ms. Babcock–Math, Mr. Hills–
The Sixth grade Talons have turned into professional cartographers (map makers) by constructing thematic
maps of Florida, showing the five different climate zones. We connected this learning experience to Science,
learning how certain plants can only live in certain zones of Florida. The students have been actively
involved in our daily "History of the Day", with bits and pieces of our past joined into a slide presentation.
We will soon explore the Beginnings of History, dating back several millennia. In Language Arts class with
Mr. Barrish, we are completing our first unit on Nouns. By understanding Nouns we will be better able to pick
out the subject of a sentence, and as a result, write sentences of varying complexities. Consequently, our
next unit will entail learning about Simple, Compound, Complex and Compound/Complex sentences. Ms.
Babcock's Math classes have diligently been trying to master the multiplying of decimal numbers. They have
also been uncovering a few of the many secrets of solving real-world problems. Practice math facts at home.

Mrs. MacLachlan-Team Leader and Math, Mr. Robinson-Intensive Math, Mrs. Gavoni-Inclusion,
Mrs. Ciccarelli-Reading, Mrs. Neil-Language Arts, Mr. Vessels-Science, Mr. Babcock-World Cultures,
Mrs. Kennedy-Language Arts/World Cultures, Mr. McGarry-PCSD (both 6th grade teams)
On the Accipiter's Team, Mrs. MacLachlan has been working hard with adding, subtracting, multiplying, and
dividing decimals. The students are really stepping up to the challenge of the work and we are happy to see
the learning that is taking place. Mr. Vessels' Science students are choosing a science research project this
month. We looked at plant science projects in early September. We are now studying energy resources.
These would also make a good science research project. Project guidelines will be given out and parents can
find them in the student's notebook. Mrs. Ciccarelli would like to remind you that the FAIR testing will be
taking place in the month of October. It will be taken during the Reading class and is computer based.
Reading 30 minutes a day will benefit your child and their vocabulary. Mr. Babcock's class has diligently
been working on creating Robinson Projection Maps. They will continue to work on Geography throughout
the remainder of the 1st Nine Weeks, following the new Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for 6th
Grade World History.


Mrs. Worthington, Ms. Denning, Ms. Steinberg, Mr. Ramirez
Intensive Reading classes have gotten off to a great start! Most Read 180 students have taken their SRI
(Scholastic Reading Inventory) test, received a lexile score (number that matches them to their appropriate
reading/grade level), and are now able to work at the computers with our Read 180 software. We are
focusing on Main Idea, Cause and Effect, Comparing, and Inferring (predicting). Students are working
through these strategies using Thinking Maps (Multi-Flow and Double Bubble), short passages, read
aloud/think alouds, question answering read strategies (look-back and keyword), small group instruction,
journal tasks, and group projects. These practices also include our words of the week and defining words in a
Circle Map. There will be frequent quizzes, as well as a unit test coming shortly. Please encourage your
children to read for at least 20 minutes nightly. Mr. Ramirez' Language classes are engaged in many
creative lessons focused around phonemic awareness (sounds of language), word recognition and spelling,
vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading comprehension, as well as speaking and writing. Don't hesitate
Southern Oaks Middle School October 1,

7th Grade

Mr. Kohanski-Team Leader and PCSD, Mr. Flores-Science, Mrs. Smith-Reading,
Ms. Italiano-Language Arts, Mr. Wright Jr.-Geography, Mrs. Wick-Math,
The students in Mrs. Smith’s Reading classes have been engaged in activities focusing on the Main Idea
for the last few weeks. Students are now going to incorporate what they know about Main Ideas in
reading and apply that knowledge as we do a variety of non-fiction activities designed to help students
see the fun in non-fiction and the ease with which it can be read! Read every day! In Miss Italiano’s
Language Arts class, students have been analyzing elements of a short story as well as themes, and
character traits focusing on the short story, Rikki Tikki Tavi. Next the students will begin to look at the
five paragraph essay in extreme detail. Mr. Kohanski’s PCSD classes have been working on grammar,
vocabulary, and math. Students are working toward getting their reading requirement completed before
the end of the 1st nine weeks. The deadline for turning in a final reading summary is October 22.
Students are currently working in teams on a Poster Contest on the topic of Bullying. Students from both
7th grade teams will get to vote for the best poster. The first and second place poster teams will get a
prize and their posters will be displayed in the main office. Math classes just finished up with integers
and the use of a four function calculator to obtain the correct answer when working with negative
numbers. We are now focusing on rational numbers. Vocabulary is a big part in math. In Mr. Wright’s
class, students are currently learning about the various landforms and forces that are shaping the earth’s
surface. Students will soon learn Longitude and Latitude. In Mr. Flores’s classes, we began the year

Ms. Barrett-Team Leader and World Geography, Ms. Bruchal-Reading, Mr. Rivero-Math, Ms. Davis-Science,
Mrs. Bennett-Intensive Math, Ms. Schrader-PCSD. Mr. Wright, Sr.-Language Arts
Ms. Barrett Social Studies classes will be spending the next few weeks learning about our 50 states.
Students will be rotating around the class through centers that are set up by regions of the United States.
On October 8th, students will be tested on all 50 states and their capitals, help them study. Ms. Bruchal's
Reading classes are reading the book, Monster. The book is very interesting. If you would like to know
more, please feel free to ask your student. The students are learning how to identify main idea and
cause and effect through many different and new reading strategies. In Ms. Schraders PCSD classes, we
are studying writing friendly letters and applying that knowledge. We are also working on reading
informational text on the subject of bullying. The next unit is using reference works, especially the
dictionary. In Mr. Rivero's Math classes, we are currently reviewing adding, subtracting, multiplying and
dividing fractions. Next up - solving equations! In Mr. Wright’s Language Arts classes, students are
continuing to work on the five paragraph essay and sentence construction. In coming weeks, students
will review the eight parts of speech and explore the Elements of Literature. Ms. Davis' Science class has
been exploring force, motion, velocity, and speed. The students did a "Heavy Hitter" lab to help them
understand force and motion. Mrs. Bennett’s Intensive Math class is a 90 minute block. We have started
using learning stations. Our learning stations will help students comprehend math concepts easier. It
gives them many hands on opportunities. Assignments are given weekly on the first day of the week.
Southern Oaks Middle School October 1,

8th Grade

Mr. Annis-Team Leader and History, Ms. Dietderich-Language Arts, Mr. Snure-Math
Mrs. Vessels-Science, Ms. Campbell-Reading, Ms. Walsh-Math, Mr. DeLaPena-PCSD
Welcome, to October. The Harriers are a busy group. Here is what is happening on the Team. Ms.
Campbell's Reading class is finishing up on reading four selections of the Bluford Series. Our word wall is
in connection to our novels and our final products of the series will be displayed for viewing. In Ms.
Walsh's Math class, students have learned about variables and expressions, absolute value and integers,
solving one- and two-step equations, and are beginning to learn about linear equations, powers and
exponents, and rational numbers (fractions). Language Arts classes are building on their knowledge of
the writing process. We have explored sensory imagery, hooks, and literary devices such as rhetorical
questions. From word choice to sentence structure, we continue the journey of discovery by analyzing
how professionals write. We will be working on our Campfire Stories. Mr. Snure’s Algebra class will be
focusing on the use of real numbers. In addition, the students will be creating and interpreting line plots.
Mr. Annis’ History class will be working to complete the study of colonial America as we prepare to
declare our Independence and examine the Revolutionary War period. In Mr. DeLaPeña's PCSD class,
students will be analyzing nonfiction articles to demonstrate understanding as well as completing hands
on projects about a mathematical concept. In Science, Mrs. Vessels wishes to remind everyone of the
help available with Science Fair projects. The 500 building will be open and staffed with
The Harriers Science teachers from 8:10 AM to 9:10 AM on Monday and Friday. Any and all are welcome

Mr. Plowden-Team Leader and Math, Mrs. McNally-Science, Mr. Maxon-History,
Mrs. Woods-Language Arts, Ms. Bauer-Reading, Mr. DeLaPena-PCSD, Ms. Gehrt-Math, Mrs. Howard-
Mr. Plowden’s Math classes are continuously using cooperative learning in groups/stations and students
are able to work together to solve Basic Computation/Real Life Problem-Solving situations pertaining to
mathematics. Parents check to make sure students are doing their homework, because they are
assessed weekly. The students in Ms. Bauer’s Reading class are beginning to work cooperatively through
the literacy station's set-up throughout the classroom. Students are able to work together using hands
on materials that focus on the different strands that they will be tested on for the FCAT this year. We are
focusing on nonfictional text with an emphasis on explicit vocabulary instruction. As a reminder, students
should be independently reading (a book of choice) every night! Mrs. Woods' Language Arts classes have
been focusing on writing to create visualization. Students learned to use adjectives, sensory words,
similes, metaphors, idioms, and onomatopoeia in their writing to improve support. Currently classes are
creating "visual" poems and paragraphs. During October, students will be learning how to analyze
writing prompts and write 1-3-1 expository essays. Mrs. McNally's Raptor scientists are investigating

Southern Oaks Middle School would like to thank all of our Business Partners for “making a difference” and
supporting our school.
Hungry Howies on Midway McDonald’s St. James Drive Coca Cola Golden Coral
Antonio’s Pizza on Arioso Blvd Walgreens on Prima Vista ProMed Solutions,
LLC Huntington Learning Center
Outback Steakhouse Custom Monogramming Tami Karol Agency Big Apple Pizza on
Southern Oaks Middle School October 1,

Elective News

Mrs. Mathews-Team Leader/Physical Education, Mrs. Robinson-Business Education, Ms. Kinder-Band,
Mr. Jones-Industrial Technology, Mr. Mathews-Physical Education, Mrs. Lugo - Spanish
The Gyrfalcon Hawks are off and running this Semester! Activities are varied and plentiful. First, in
Mrs. Robinson's Business class, students have been writing, writing, writing! Students have been
typing out blogs about their summer, poems about themselves, essays about their careers, and news
articles. The Yearbook Staff has been discussing a yearbook theme and creating a cover. Yearbooks
will be going on sale soon. The cost will be $30.00 until December 17, 2010. Save your money now
for the book of the year, produced by students, for students. The latest news from Ms. Kinder's Band
room -This year’s Tri-M Chapter has elected new officers as follows: President: Jeremy Marte, Vice-
President: Elizabeth Martin, Secretary: Aaron Rice, Treasurer: Alexis Sharot, Historian: Samantha
Burke, and Historian And Alumni Coordinator (HAAC): Bryanna Sharot. Tri-M students will be playing at
nursing homes/assisted living facilities and at day cares. Along with these events, they will be
planning to perform at a variety of places such as: Wal-Mart, Publix, the Library, the Mall, etc. In Band
news, tomorrow, Saturday, 10/09/10, is March for Music Walk-a-Thon. It begins and ends at Centennial
H.S. – 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Parents are invited and welcome. "Congratulations!" to Alison Caron,
Jeremy Marte, and Sean Phillips who have auditioned for the Florida All-State Band. They are in
competition with thousands of other middle school students. Only a few make it. We wish them the
best of luck. Jazz Band and Drum Line are in full swing. Beginning Band is working on basic tone
production, posture, and hand position. Intermediate and Advanced Bands are currently working on
scales, tuning as a band, the Flex Study and our National Anthem. Very soon we will begin MPA
practice and working on concert music. Our “Spooktacular” Talent Show is scheduled for October 27th,
6:00 p.m. in the Cafeteria. The price is $2.00 at the door. There will be Halloween type snacks for
sale. See Mrs. Kinder for more details. A word from Mrs. Lugo (Spanish class) - HOLA parientes y
amigos! Hello parents and friends! The Spanish “rincon” is up and running. My name is Señora LUGO
and the students at SOM have begun a fantastic year of Spanish language and culture. The 7th grade
is learning just how many Spanish speaking countries there really are, and the 8th graders are already
speaking! We have several projects in mind including some cultural celebrations in the near future…
so keep an eye on us. Coach Mathews and Coach K down in the Hawks Nest (GYM) are keeping the PE

I want to thank everyone who came out and supported our school at McTeacher Night. We would like
to give a special thank you to all the teachers who came out and made this event a success. Our Fun
Pasta Fundraiser was a success. Thanks for your support.

PTO will be selling Boo Grams in the Cafeteria October 25-28 during your student’s lunch time. The
cost of each one will be a $1.00. We will need some volunteers with this event. Please contact Hilda at if you’re able to help. Thank you
Southern Oaks Middle School October 1,

Our teachers are continuously developing new teaching skills/strategies and acquiring increased
levels of content area expertise.
Section 1012.42 of Florida Statutes states when a teacher in a district school system is assigned
teaching duties in a class dealing with subject matter that is outside the field in which the teacher is
certified, outside the field that was the applicant's minor field of study, or outside the field in which
the applicant has demonstrated sufficient subject area expertise, as determined by District School
Board policy in the subject area to be taught, the parents of all students in the class shall be notified
in writing of such assignment.
The following teacher(s) have been assigned one or more classes outside their areas of certification
and are required to take the appropriate steps to comply with the statutory regulation.
Teacher Current Certification Out-of-field Assignment
Sara Bauer Elem. Ed. K-6 ESOL Endorsement*
English 5-9
Reading Endorsement
Lisa Bruchal Exceptional Student Education K- ESOL Endorsement*
Elem. Ed. K-6
Reading Endorsement
Joann Campbell Elem. Ed. 1-6 ESOL Endorsement*
Reading Endorsement
Catherine Ciccarelli Early Childhood (Nursery-K) ESOL Endorsement*
Elem. Ed. 1-6
Sara Denning Primary Ed. K-3 ESOL Endorsement*
Elem. Ed. 1-6
Reading K-12
Ed. Leadership (All Levels)
Tricia Dugger English 6-12 ESOL Endorsement*
Exceptional Student Education K-
Vincia Gavoni Exceptional Student Education K- ESOL Endorsement*
Elem. Ed. K-6
Amanda Gehrt Elem. Ed. K-6 ESOL Endorsement*
Math 5-9
Anthony Hills Exceptional Student Education K- ESOL Endorsement*
Brian Jones Business Ed. 6-12 Technology Ed. 6-12
Ramona Neil Elem. Ed. K-6 ESOL Endorsement*
Hildegund Ruiz-Puyana Exceptional Student Education K- Elem. Ed. K-6
Math 5-9
Foreign Language-Spanish K-12
Foreign Language-German K-12
MG Integrated Curriculum 5-9
Mary Schrader English 6-12 ESOL Endorsement*
Middle Grades Endorsement
Patricia Sledjeski Elem. Ed. 1-6 ESOL Endorsement*
Specific Learning Disabilities K-12
Mentally Handicapped K-12
Reading Endorsement
Tricia Smith Art K-12 ESOL Endorsement*
Reading Endorsement
Ronald Wright, Sr. English 5-9 ESOL Endorsement*
Ed. Leadership, All Levels
*Teachers responsible for Language Arts/English, Developmental Language Arts, Intensive Reading, or Reading classes to one or more students
identified as ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) requires the ESOL endorsement.

If you have any concerns regarding this information, please contact the school Principal.