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At Research Center of Transport Planning
and Traffic Engineering

Presentation about myself

Keijiro Yano
University of Tokyo
Department of Civil Engineering
11/08/2010 1
I will introduce from now about… 

Myselfand my family 
My university 
My education 
My home country 
Some information about its
transportation systems.

11/08/2010 2
About Me 
My Name is …
Keijiro Yano (Call me Kei !) 
How Old I am is …
I’m 21 years old. 
My grade is …
I’m in the forth year in my university.
I’m a bachelor student. 
When and Where I was born are …
I was born on 27.01.1988.
(It is same as Mozart’s.)
I was born in Mie prefecture in Japan.
11/08/2010 3
About My Family
There are 4 people and 1 dog in my family.
Father, Mother, Big sister, Me and a very
very pretty dog.

11/08/2010 4
About My hobbies 

Watching Motor Sports 

Watching Movies

11/08/2010 5
About my University
The University of
Tokyo was founded
in 1877.

The University has 10
faculties and a total
of about 30,000

11/08/2010 6
Six alumni of University of Tokyo
have received the Nobel Prize

In the ranking of colleges published
by The Times Higher Education
Supplement in 2008, the University
of Tokyo ranked 19th in the world
and first in Asia.

11/08/2010 7
About my Education

From April 2006 to Present
University of Tokyo
-Department of Civil Engineering

I am a Bachelor student.

11/08/2010 8
Why do I choose the department
of Civil Engineering?
It is because… 
I like bicycles and automobiles. 
I like also the related society and
I want to get the job concerning these.

For the same reason,
I applied to this internship.
11/08/2010 9
What is my internship program

I am NOT an IAESTE Student.

I participate the internship program
which my university department

11/08/2010 10

Prof. Ieda Prof. Knoflacher

Flight tickets

No pay
Department of Civil
University of Tokyo

11/08/2010 11
The program in detail is… 
My university department hopes that
students will be competitive people in
the global world and provides them
with opportunities to study abroad. 

5~10students are chosen for this
program every year. 

They have to pass the selection.
11/08/2010 12 
They do one project concerning about
Civil Engineering at foreign universities.

11/08/2010 13
Darmstadt University of Technology :Germany
University of Karlsruhe :Germany
University of Turin :Italy
University of Naple :Italy
University of Pisa :Italy
University of Cambridge :UK
Czech Technical University :Czech Republic
University of Gdańńsk :Poland
University of Notre Dame :USA
Columbia University :USA
University of Michigan :USA
Oregon State University :USA
University of Nebraska :USA
Tsinghua University :China
University of Tehran :Iran
11/08/2010 14
About my home country


11/08/2010 15

11/08/2010 16
About Tokyo

11/08/2010 17
Tokyo is the capital city of Japan.
Tokyo is famous as the most populous city in
the world. 

Area 415km2
Population 1.7 million About 5times 
Area 2,200km2 About 10times
Population 12.8 million 
Greater Tokyo Area (Tokyo and 3prefectures)
Area 13,750km2
Population 35 million
11/08/2010 18
The sights to see in Tokyo

Shibuya Junction Akihabara
Electric Town
11/08/2010 19
The sights to see in Tokyo

Tokyo Imperial Palace

11/08/2010 20
The sights to see in Tokyo

Sensoji Temple

Tsukiji Fish Market
11/08/2010 21
About Kyoto

I recommend you will
go and see Kyoto in
11/08/2010 22
About Tokyo’s transportation

The most convenient way to travel
inside Tokyo is by train or metro.
Buses are slower and more
expensive than trains, and taxis
are very expensive.
Trams are not common in Tokyo.
11/08/2010 23
11/08/2010 24
Situation of
bicycle use in Tokyo
※There are about 8.4 million bicycles in
Tokyo and population of Tokyo are
about 13 million.
⇒2 bicycle for 3 people (about 70%).

The modal split of bicycle in Tokyo is 8%
from the 2000 census.

11/08/2010 ※This is based on the survey of Ministry of Land, Infrasturucture25
Transport and Tourism in 2005
Problem of bicycle use in Tokyo 
Cyclists are allowed to cycle on the
sidewalks legally in Japan. 
There are 78 thousands km’s cycle
ways in Japan, but 72 thousands km of
that are shared with pedestrians.

We can’t enjoy cycling safely and
comfortably at all.

11/08/2010 26
Number of the dead
by bicycle accidents
1980 2002
Japan 1366 1305 96%
USA 965 665 69%
Germany 1338 583 44%
French 709 223 31%
UK 316 133 42%

To be more bicycle-friendly city,
We have to improve security of
cyclists at first.
11/08/2010 27
From International Road Traffic and Accident Database (IRTAD)
Please remember these at least!! 

My name is Keijiro Yano 

Please call me Kei!!

11/08/2010 28
Thank you for your attention.
Thank you for your patience.

11/08/2010 29