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Nextgile Business Online Agile Business Process Course

Process Agility Online AC


Develop your Nextgile thinking and add further value to your projects.

Nextgile Business Process Agility opportunities and sales. Summarised

Online provides the valuable skills as a the Nextgile Roadmap, the
required to identify and create a process creates an intuitive, simple
business system, from an existing and elegant way to deliver a business R
functioning business, not currently in a process with waste removed. NIN R
systemised state. G COU
This course uses experiential learning
The course is designed for business techniques to allow the learner to truly
owners, managers and team leaders understand and apply the subject
looking to make real and lasting matter with real life examples and Target Audience
change within their organisation, metaphors. The content is gamified to
resulting a competitive advantage improve the learning experience, and
from excellence in Customer ensure the candidates will retain and Current business coaches and
Experience. This prepares the apply knowledge gained. consultants wanting to adopt
organisation for ease of scalability Nextgile thinking.
and growth, together with new

Anyone involved in implement

Business Process Agility who is
Learning Outcomes looking to add more value to their
• Demonstrate a high level • Implement correct organisational
understanding of Nexgile foundations, structure, measure
methodology and process Anyone looking to accredit
their skills in Business Process
• Guide and prepare an organisation • Nurture a business system Agility for recognition among
and its team, with an exceptional utilising the Nextgile Roadmap employers, clients and peers.
understanding of Nextgile theory and Continuous Advancement
and skills methodology

• Align project teams for cultural ENQUIRE NOW

change with new Quality Driven
operational habits

AU: 1300 992 967 NZ: 0800 752 648 UK: 0203 457 5020
Concepts & Terminology
Business Process Agility Leverage within Business Predictability Through (RAS)
Business Systemisation processes Process Structural Change
Continuous Advancement Nextgile Roadmap Quality Structural Improvement
Cyclical Change Performance Measures Responsibility Technology VS Software
Cyclical Improvement Precession Reticular Activating System

Course Content
• Creating directional change to • Implementing the BPA Roadmap • Preparing structures to support
improve business outcomes delivery
• Defining true purpose of
• Principles used in Business organisation • Role identification and allocation
Process Agility
• Identifying the promise made to • Process construct to support
• The BPA Roadmap method, and clients quality and consistency
how it works
• Formulation of predictions from the • Content development for guidance
• Aligning the BPA principals promise
to deliver process clarity and • Implementing the continuous
increased performance • Performance measures to advancement process
evidence predictions

Assessment Further Studies

The Nextgile Business Process Agility Online examination is a • iSQI Certified Agile Business Analysis
closed book, 40-question multiple choice exam. Candidates must • BCS Business Analysis Practice
score a minimum of 26 to receive certification. • BCS Modelling Business Processes
Examinations are via a remote proctoring webcam at any approved
location (home/office). Duration is 60 minutes, 15-minute additional
time is given for non-native English speaking candidates.

Australia: 1300 992 967

New Zeland: 0800 752 648
United Kingdom: 0203 457 5020