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Task 1: Read the sentence. Circle the correct answer. klasSi. Damaviwyda micema da 22 maiss agmovaCine 
mivcem shemdegze.

Task 5: find mistakes and write correct sentences on

the line

Task 3: read and circle correct answers.

Task 6: read the text and answer the questions.

. My name is nick and this is my garden.
I have got an apple tree in my garden. It is
short. My apple tree has got many apples.
The apples are red. They are very
2 .
. delicious! Pete come to my house on Sunday and eat them
together. I am waiting for you.

I also have got flowers in my garden. They are beautiful.

3 1. Nick has got:
a. Two apple trees b. one apple tree c. many apple trees
2. Apple tree:
. a. has got red apples b. green apples c. have not got apples

3. It is :

a. Nick’s garden b. Pete’s garden c. nick’s and Pete’s garden

Aqedan wordSi akrefilia da zemot suratebad devs.

I has got / have got / got a cat and two dogs.

b. She is got / has got / have got a rubber.

c. He haven’t got / hasn’t got / hasn’t any brothers or sisters.

d. They haven’t / has / haven’t got a car.

e. We have got / ’s got / are got blue eyes.

f. They has / has she got / has got she a computer.

g. I have got / has / has gotting some chocolate.

h. My house have got / got / has got a garden.


a. She have got a rabbit. _____________ has got

My b.
fish It is got a blue tail. _____________

c. They haven’t a lot of homework. _________

d. I got two sisters. ______________

e. You has got a lot of books. __________

f. Have got you a garden? ___________