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2018-2019 Mandarin 1st Year ​Curriculum (Grade 5)

Term/Date Thematic Topics, Focus Questions, and Assessment

Term 1-1 Unit 1: ​你好中国​Hello China! - ​China, Pinyin & Greetings

8/29-10/17 1) What is Pinyin? How does the Pinyin system help to learn the standard spoken Chinese-
2018 Putonghua or Mandarin?
2) Why is speaking with the tones important?
3) How to greet and say goodbye in a culturely appropriate way?
4) What do I know about China and Chinese culture?
* Performance Assessment: ​Birthday Cake Card

Term 1-2 Unit 2: ​汉字五千年​5000 Years of Chinese Characters - ​Chinese Written System &
10/18-12/17 Self-Introducing
2018 1) How have Chinese characters evolved over years? How can the written system canvas such
a strong vitality and stability?
2) What is the official Chinese written system used in China and around the world today?
3) How to apply 6 basic strokes and the stroke order rules in writing Chinese characters?
4) How to introduce my Chinese name, nationality, status, and birthday date?
* Performance Assessment: ​China Map Poster

Term 2-1 Unit 3: : ​数字我你他 ​Number I You He

12/17-1/25 1) How to say, read, and write Chinese number 1-10, 11-99?
2018-2019 2) How to ask and respond to the questions of people’s names? What does the culture beliefs
related to Chinese names?
3) How to use Chinese personal pronoun: I, you, he, or she?
4) How to ask and respond to the questions of grade levels?
* Performance Assessment: ​Chinese Name Card and Self-introduction Video

Term 2-2 Unit 4: ​日期和日历​Date & Calendar

1/26-3/29 1)​ ​How to state the date (year, month, day) and days of the week?
2019 2)​ ​How to ask and respond questions about today’s date, and various Chinese and American
3)​ ​How to use Chinese lunar calendar to identify the Chinese traditional holidays?
4) What is the zodiac animal sign of the Chinese New Yea in 2019?
* Performance Assessment: ​2019 Calendar with Paper Cutting Zodiac Anima​l Signs

Term 3-1 Unit 5: ​家人和职业​ ​Family Members & Occupations

3/30-5/3 1) How to identify family members?
2019 2) How to introduce family members and their occupation?
3) How to inquire about someone’s occupation & what they want to be?

​Term 3-2 Unit 6: ​宠物和动物 ​Pets & Animals

5/4-6/17 1)​ ​How to ask and respond what pets someone has and how many of them?
2019 2)​ ​How to describe and compare pets?
3) ​How to talk about what pets you like or don’t like?
4) How to describe what animals can, can not, and also can do?
* Performance Assessment:​ If My Family Was A Zoo

End of Year
1. What makes a community?
2. How can I contribute to my school and local community?
Summative Assessment 1: ​Chinese Rhyme Show Time
​Summative Assessment 2:​ ​A Book About Me