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12 MEALA   

Mr. Bedar   
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (1948-Present) 
Essential Questions:  
1. How has Israeli possession of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem since 1967 affected 
both Palestinians and Israelis? 
2. How have the relationships between Israel and surrounding Arab states evolved? 
3. What are the major internal divisions within the Israeli society and Palestinian societies? 
4. What have been (and continue to be) the major impediments to the peace process? 
5. What has been the U.S. policy toward Israelis and Palestinians throughout this conflict, 
and what shapes it today? 
6. What are the pros and cons to the one and two-state solutions? 
ID Terms: 
Read each assignment carefully & identify the ID terms below in your own words. These will 
serve as excellent study tools. For each ID term, make sure you are able to A) define/describe 
(who/what/when/where) and B) explain why it is​ historically significant. 
Israel-Palestine  Settlements 
Labor Party  1973 Yom Kippur/October War 
1956 Suez Canal Crisis  OPEC oil crisis 
Gamel Abdul Nasser  1979 Camp David Accords (Anwar Sadat) 
1967 War/ “Six Day War”  Menachem Begin, “Greater Israel”; Likud 
West Bank  Party  
Gaza  1982 Israel-Lebanon War 
Golan Heights  First Intifada (1987-1993)/Hamas 
Sinai  Hezbollah 
East Jerusalem  Yizhak Rabin/1993 Oslo Accords 
Yasser Arafat  Ariel Sharon 
Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)  Second Intifada​ ​(2000-2006) 
“Occupied Territories”/ “Disputed   Palestinian Authority 
Territories”/ “Judea & Samaria”   
Dear MEALA,  

For HW due Wed (G)/Thurs (E), please read the following articles on ABC-CLIO and define the following terms: 

1956 Suez Canal Crisis 

Gamel Abdul Nasser 

1967 War/ “Six Day War” 

Areas taken by Israel: Golan Heights, Sinai, West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem  

“Occupied Territories”/ “Disputed Territories”/ “Judea & Samaria” 

Yasser Arafat 

Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)