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“Every year, in the UK, thousands of babies are born with congenital heart disease. This was brought home to us when our youngest son was born with a serious heart condition that required life saving surgery when he was only two days old. As you can see from the picture you really wouldn’t know of his condition from looking at him. We owe a great deal of gratitude to the British Heart Foundation who continue to fund pioneering research into congenital heart disease, helping heart specialists save babies lives. This is a charity that is very close to our hearts (literally) and we pledge to donate 1% of our annual sales to help towards further research into congenital heart disease and care for the families a ected.”
Magnus & Fiona Smyth, TotsBots.
British Heart Foundation. Registered Charity Number 225971

Directors of TotsBots – Fiona & Magnus, with their son Darach.

TotsBots are raising funds for the British Heart Foundation, the nation’s heart charity.

All prices correct at time of going to press. Colours may vary from catalogue depictions. Printed by Beacon Press using their environmental print technology. All the electricity used in the production of this catalogue was generated from renewable sources and vegetable based inks were used throughout. Printed on 100% recycled paper. #2

they come in a fantastic range of rainbow colours with waterproof wraps in funky designs. www. This is your guarantee that no harmful chemicals have been used in the production process. It’s slim-fitting. Bamboozles nappy 10 FlexiWrap 11 Rainbow Wraps 12 Fleece Wraps 14 Liners 16 Bathtime 18 Bits ‘n’ bobs 20 Bundles 22 Taking care 23 We’re doing our bit… why choose TotsBots? cost cheaper than disposables in the long-term saving approximately £500 per baby* Designed for 21st century mums. Easy to use (no excuses for daddy!). Make sure your baby not only has the softest bottom but the best dressed bottom in town! Mother & Baby Testers say: “The popper fastenings are really easy to use. *Source: Womens Environmental Network. the awardwinning shaped design fits snugly and the elasticated legs and waist means no leaks. They’re cute too – in addition to traditional white and unbleached. super absorbent fabrics which are beautifully soft and kind to your baby’s skin. Organic Cotton nappy Original .3 contents 4 6 8 9 The whole package… FlexiTots nappy Original Tots. TotsBots nappies are made from the fluffiest. give good fit and are totally toddler proof!” “I really love everything about this nappy.wen. incredibly absorbent and easy to put on” “I could go on and on about the softness of these nappies – it’s a major selling point” comfort super soft and breathable containment gently elasticated for a snug fit means no leaks convenient easy to use cute adorable designs and colours caring kind to the environment and ethically produced We love textiles almost as much as we love babies so all of the fabrics used in our nappies are covered by Oeko-tex 100 certification.

regardless of how much moisture they can absorb. Teeny tots might need a size 0 in the early days and the chunky monkeys out there might need a size 3 when they approach potty training. Our nappies have three different types of fastening: 1 2 3 1 liner 2 nappy 3 wrap Aplix (Cotton. You might also want to consider using: Remember you don’t need to change the wrap every time you change the nappy. which acts as a oneway barrier and helps to keep your baby’s bottom dry. A word about sizes Nappies: Aplix fastening Size 1 8-18lbs birth up to about 10 months old Size 2 18-35lbs potty training for most babies Nappies: Popper/Nippa fastening Size 1 5-18lbs premature to about 10 months old 4 wraps NAPPY The absorbent bit + Shaped like a disposable + Elasticated for a snug fit Inside the nappy. should be changed with the same regularity. Bamboo & FlexiTots) Fastens just like a disposable with patches of hook and loop. It has small plastic teeth that grip the terry loops giving it a snug. All nappies. Most preferred by our panel of dads! Popper (Cotton & Bamboo) Rows of little plastic poppers to give a secure fit.4 5 What you’ll need… 15-20 nappies You will change a newborn 7/8 times per day. you should put a fresh wrap on with every 4/5 nappy changes – quite often the wrap can simply be rinsed to clean it. Size 3 nappy is available for those really chunky monkeys but most will not need it. Wraps: Four sizes of wrap available. As your baby gets older. Extra boosters can also be placed between the nappy and the liner to further increase the amount of wetness the nappy can hold – good for heavy wetters and night-time use. versatile fit. All babies are different shapes and sizes and the age/weight ranges in this catalogue are a guide only. BOOSTER Holds more liquid A booster is a pad made from layers of fabric. but most babies will only need size 1 and 2. Totally toddler proof! Nippa (Cotton only) Toddler proof stretchy fastener that is safe and easy to use. whether they are cloth or disposable. All TotsBots nappies have an integral booster which folds out to help reduce drying time. Size 2 10-35lbs once your baby puts a little weight on this makes a very effective birth to potty nappy WRAP The waterproof bit + Worn over the nappy. . we recommend using: LINER Catches the poo Available as washable fleece. 20 fleece liners will last right through to potty training. This is to prevent bacterial build up in the nappy which is the main cause of skin irritation (nappy rash) – it is not the wetness or the nappy that causes this. 15 nappies are enough for a daily wash – if you want to wash every other day add another 5 pack to your set. keeps wetness in but allows skin to breathe + It doesn’t need to be changed with every nappy change as the nappy is designed to contain everything + Being separate means the nappy will dry a lot quicker 100 flushable biodegradable liners or 20 fleece liners 100 biodegradable liners will last a couple of weeks. or biodegradable if you want the convenience of a liner you can flush down the loo. you will only be changing 4/5 times per day so 15 will be plenty.

ea + Slim fitting with multidirectional + Unbelievably soft and comfortable + Quick drying MultiTex Core – All the absorbency is between your baby’s legs where it is needed! Bamboo velour lining – the yummiest. softest. comfort and containment stretch – fits like a glove every time! f! sy of neede d i t’s on . Rapidly absorbs liquid through the liner. stay dry fastenin chy g– ret St e a sy Our stretchiest. fit and drying time… + technology – superior fit.7 6 n ew .25 . best fitting nappy ever… Putting performance into nappies so nothing gets out. away from babys’ skin Microfibre core – absorbing twice as much liquid as cotton. softest fabric we have ever made. Our new flagship nappy has been designed to strike the optimum balance between absorbency. fastenings and sizes: tc ov hy –p rov i d e s a s nu g fit e y ve r tim ab le b o o st e r – ex t ra a rp bso ti o wh n e Su p en Re er st r e m white aplix 8-18lbs size 1 size 2 18-35lbs £9. this is as thirsty as you’ll ever need Technical outer skin – helps hold wetness in the core whilst allowing babys’ skin to breathe NB. wrap needs to be worn over nappy available in the following colour.

9 8 A comfortable.75 £9.25 natural aqua lilac green yellow popper size 1 size 2 . silky soft nappy made from the finest East Asian bamboo. this offers exceptional value for money. fastenings and sizes: + Elasticated legs and waist for a snug. + Tests have shown bamboo fibre to be over 60% more absorbent than cotton + Naturally antibacterial + Tumble dry if desired on a low setting aplix both types are available in the following colours. leakproof fit + Integral fold-out booster + Organically produced cotton + Soft and absorbent + Tumble dry if desired on a low setting 8-18lbs 5-18lbs 5-18lbs size 1 size 2 size 1 size 2 18-35lbs 10-35lbs 10-35lbs £9. + Elasticated legs and waist for a snug.25 organic only nippa orange £8. At the same price as our Bamboozle. leakproof fit + Integral fold-out booster + Slim fit Hurrah! A cotton tots nappy whose cotton has been grown completely naturally without the use of chemicals.

+ + + + Soft. lightweight wrap made from soft. leg binding to prevent leaks Made from a single piece of PUL for improved performance and a neater fit Snug fitting with Aplix fastenings Crossover tabs enable them to expand as your baby grows + Soft.10 11 ew n HOT TIP Our covers will enhance the performance of disposables too.00 . Made from super high-spec PUL with the same multidirectional stretch as the FlexiTots nappy – your baby will love wearing this. you need look no further than our eyecatching rainbow wraps – for the best dressed bottoms in town! A stretchy. anti-wicking. anti-wicking. down with changing baby vests between nappy changes! For a splash of pure groovieness. New FlexiWrap is our best fitting wrap ever.50 Rainbow Wraps £8. knitted material with a PUL membrane. leg binding to prevent leaks + Made from a single piece of PUL for improved available in the following colour and sizes: performance and a neater fit as your baby grows available in the following colours and sizes: size 0 white birth-12lbs size 1 10-20lbs size 2 20-35lbs size 3 35lbs+ + Crossover tabs enable them to expand + Ideal for using with FlexiTots nappy aqua star orange star green star purple spot yellow spot size 0 birth-12lbs size 1 10-20lbs size 2 20-35lbs size 3 35lbs+ FlexiWrap White £8.

these lovely soft fleece wraps are ideal for night time or warm summer days (if we get a summer that is!). A good choice for babies with sensitive skin.50 . It allows excellent airflow so wetness from the nappy inside evaporates. helping to keep your baby cooler and drier. + Shaped design + Super soft and extremely breathable + Snug fitting with Aplix fastenings + Crossover tabs enabling expansion as your baby grows + Quick drying available in the following colours and sizes: red size 0 size 1 size 2 20-35lbs size 3 35lbs+ birth-12lbs 10-20lbs £7. Fleece is water-repellent whilst being very breathable.12 13 Used with any of our nappies.

14 15 Liners make the removal of poo from the nappy much easier! Choose from reusable fleece or new biodegradable spunlace. . man-made cellulosic fibres are completely biodegradable and can be recycled. incinerated. landfilled or digested in sewage. + Made from 100% biodegradable cellulose fibres + Softer than a standard paper liner + Convenient – disposable. These liners have been hydro spun (spun with water jets) without the use of the chemical bonding agents associated with standard paper liners. Unlike synthetic fibres. simply flush down the loo + Comfortable – silky soft next to your baby’s skin Fleece liner + Reusable – simply dispose of poo down the loo and wash along with the nappies + Comfortable – wonderfully soft next to your baby’s skin + Stay dry – allows the wetness to soak through into the nappy whilst acting as a one-way barrier Cellulose is the most abundant and renewable biopolymer on Earth. New Flushable liner The very latest thing in biodegradable liners.

99 £12.99 . Enjoy snuggling with your baby at bathtime! + 100% biodegradable + Naturally antibacterial + Tests have shown bamboo fibre to be over 60% more absorbent than cotton + Extremely durable and hardwearing + Wash at 40ºC. pack of 5 Hooded towel £7. No need to rub dry with these towels – simply cuddle up and let the bamboo do the work! available in the following colours: natural aqua lilac green yellow orange Face cloth.16 17 Luxuriously silky soft towels and face cloths made from the same eco-friendly bamboo as our Bamboozle nappies. Tumble dry if desired on a low setting Towel dimensions: 75cm x 75cm Face cloth dimensions: 30cm x 30cm The exceptional absorbency of bamboo fibre means it absorbs moisture far more easily than cotton.

Ideal for night time. Totally safe. and a soft absorbent terry side with a waterproof backing should your baby catch you unawares! Dimensions: 68cm x 48cm Colours: orange. white.99 each . Holds 8-10 wet nappies.50 each Fleece topped nappy boosters Two layers of absorbent terry towelling with a fleece top to keep baby’s bottom dry.85 each Changing mat With a gorgeous fluffy fleece side. yellow. Colours: white £3. red and purple £5. lilac or green £7. all shaped for comfort. Also ideal for your swimming kit. heavy wetters and long journeys. Colours: white cotton.85 Nappy boosters Choose from three layered absorbent terry towelling or quick drying microfibre. unbleached cotton. Pack of 3 – £3. pink. they flex as baby moves. Shaped for comfort. which can also be used as a kick mat.18 19 Nappi Nippas The modern day nappy pin for a really snug fit. unbleached bamboo or white microfibre £1.50 each Out & about bags A waterproof bag with a drawstring closure to store soiled nappies. Simply tighten the drawstring when the bag is full and pop into your washing machine.45 each Laundry mesh bag Durable nylon mesh laundry bag fits into a standard nappy bucket. Colours: white cotton or unbleached cotton £1. aqua. Colours: blue.

lilac. green. Simply buy both newborn and toddler sizes if you want nappies from birth through to potty.20 21 Our bun dle include t s now he new… discoun Our bundles are designed to allow you to be flexible in your choices. orange and yellow. . clear. 3 of each colour are included in Maxi bundles. The packs come in two sizes – newborn and toddler. there’s a combination here for you. 5% t* Maxi bundle This is the option for you if you prefer one particular type of nappy. Whether you want to use cloth nappies on a part-time basis or buy a complete set from birth to potty. Includes: FlexiTots Organic Cotton or Bamboozle Organic Cotton Aplix or Popper Nippa Natural or Rainbow Natural or Rainbow £52 £50 £165 £163 + 5 nappies from the choice opposite plus 1 white FlexiWrap + Packed in a reusable. Mix & Match Instead of buying one Maxi bundle why not mix it up a bit and choose three different Mini bundles. 1 of each colour is included in Mini bundles. Ideal if you plan to use cloth nappies part-time. Rainbow colours are: aqua. zip up pack *Save 5% on individual nappies when bought in packs. Includes: + 15 nappies from the choice below 4 white FlexiWraps 100 flushable liners + Packed in a reusable cotton drawstring bag + A pack of 3 Nappi Nippas are included where required NAPPY FASTENING Aplix COLOUR White MINI £52 MAXI £165 Mini bundle A great way to split up the cost of your nappies over time.

To make life even easier you can use a laundry mesh to line the bucket. You can then transfer all the nappies in the mesh bag to the machine. remnants are sold to re-claimers who process it back into yarns and fillings for pillows.22 23 Caring for your TotsBots + There’s no need to soak your nappies. Our nappies are manufactured in Turkey using the finest quality terry. Why not wash at 40º and save a bit of energy/dosh? + To ensure minimum carbon emissions all fibres. + Don’t use fabric softeners as they leave a residue which will decrease + Nappies and wraps should be washed at 60º in non-biological powder/liquid (a couple of tablespoons is enough). The nappies are transported to us by truck. Everything is filtered. used in Turkey are sourced in Turkey (bamboo fibre is the only exception as China is the only source currently available to us). . WATER NAPPIES Soft Medium Hard Cotton. FlexiTot Bamboozle. the absorbency of the nappies. FlexiTot + There are no harmful emissions to air or water from any of the factories. Simply put them in your nappy bucket until it is time to wash. are paid fairly and are well looked after. of your nappies and those nasty chemicals are bad for the environment. and therefore does not produce CO2. Turkey has the same labour laws as the UK so you can be sure that all workers involved in producing our products are over the age of 16. + Don’t use bleach or any other harsh stain remover. HOT TIP If your nappies aren’t too heavily soiled. This can shorten the life TotsBots wraps and accessories are manufactured in Scotland. Six nappies is not going to fill your machine so give them a rinse and simply add along with your normal laundry or on a half load wash if washing separately. All This map shows which of our nappies will retain their softness best depending on the type of water in your area. FlexiTot Bamboozle. yarns etc. + 90% of grid electricity used is Hydro generated + There is absolutely no fabric waste. Bamboozle.

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