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Ch 5,6 Ninth

1. Who discovered cell, microscope, nucleus?

2. What is Schleiden and Schwann's cell theory?

3. The shape and size of cells are related to the specific function they perform. Justify.

4. How does the movement of the substances take place in and out of the cell?

5. The plasma membrane is made up of______ and______.

6. What is plasmolysis?

7. What is the function of cell wall?

8. Write a short note on nucleus giving it's structure, function and location.

9. Differentiate between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell, simple tissues and complex tissues, rer and ser,

10. Give the one function each of vacuoles, golgi apparatus and lysosomes.

11. Why are mitochondria and plastids called strange organelles?

12. Explain kind of Meristems with the help of diagram.

13. Compare the structures of three kinds of simple permanent tissues.

14. Draw the structure of neuron.

15. Name the kind of tissue present w the following :

- lining of the lung alveoli

- skin

- respiratory tract

- kidney tubules

16. Draw the structure of types of muscles.

17. Give the location of areolar and adipose tissue.