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The 17TH National Health Research

Forum for Action


Full Speed AHEAD: The 17th National Health Research Forum for Action (NHRFA) is a biennial event organized by the
Health Policy Development and Planning Bureau of the Department of Health. This year, the forum aims to be a platform to
advance conversations and collaborations among researchers, policymakers and policy entrepreneurs, while highlighting
the central role of health policy and systems research in accelerating and sustaining Universal Health Coverage.


We invite submissions from students on the following thematic areas:
1. Health Financing 4. Health Regulation
Sourcing and allocation of financial resources to address Mechanisms to reduce health risks, the formulation of
health needs and reduce financial barriers. safety standards, and monitoring and evaluation schemes.
2. Health Service Delivery 5. Health Technology Assessment
Mechanisms to address and provide for community needs, Evaluation of effects and impact of the use of health
and improve access to health services. technologies across social, economic, and health sectors.
3. Health Governance 6. Access to Medicine
Decision-making, implementation of strategies for health, Reduction of health barriers and assurance of accessible
and the tools necessary for good governance. and affordable medicine in health facilities.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES 11. The author/s needs to submit the complete research article to
AIHO within two weeks after receiving the notification email.
1. Anyone regardless of affiliation and professional The author/s shall also likewise confirm their attendance to
accomplishments, including students, can submit an abstract, the forum. If the author fails to respond, they will be informed
as long as the studies are original and are aligned to at least of the forfeiture of the invitation, and the slot will be provided
one of the six abovementioned topics. to waitlisted authors.
2. Studies already submitted or presented in other forums are 12. For abstracts selected for oral presentation, an AIHO staff will
still eligible. coordinate on the format of the presentation slides. A copy of
3. There is no restriction on the number of abstracts an author the presentation must be submitted to the organizers before
can submit. the event.
4. Interested parties are requested to submit their abstracts 13. For abstracts selected for poster presentations, the authors
via email at on or before 5PM of July will be asked for the initial layout, and the organizers will
30, 2018 with subject following this format: “[Research] subsequently improve the design. The final poster will be
Surname<space>Title”. presented to the author for review. The organizers will also be
5. Submissions must include the following: in charge of printing the poster.
•• Body: Name, E-mail, and Contact Number of Corresponding 14. Travel and per diem expenses of selected authors shall be
Author, funding source, possible conflicts of interest charged to sending institutions. Accommodation will only be
•• Attachment: MS Word document of structured abstract provided to authors based outside Metro Manila. Authors must
of no more than 500 words which contains the following inform the organizers if accommodation is needed. Otherwise,
sections: background, objectives, methods, results, and room or bed can only be provided based on availability.
6. All submissions will be considered for oral and poster
presentations. KEY DATES
7. Alliance for Improving Health Outcomes (AIHO), the organizer
Jul. 30, 2018, 17:00
of the forum, will notify the receipt of the submission via email.
Deadline for submission of abstracts
8. Preliminary screening will be conducted by AIHO. Final
abstracts to be presented in the oral or poster presentation Aug. 3, 2018
will be selected by the Research Division of DOH-Health Policy Notification of accepted abstracts
Development and Planning Bureau. Sept. 19-20, 2018
9. Abstracts will be evaluated using the following criteria:
Forum Proper
•• Originality of work
•• Relevance to theme
For concerns and inquiries, you may contact us at:
•• Research design
10. The author/s of the studies selected will be notified via email
by AIHO.