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Abi: That’s a nice and cute T- Andrian: What a great Lucy: Hi Meda, how are you? Susi : Hi Susi, g your bag Ani : Hey, you looked
shirt you’re wearing. Motorcycle you have, Trisna. is really nice. great at the drama
Andromeda: Fine, how about
performance last night!
Bia: I appreciate your Trisna : Thank you, Andrian. you? Agnes : Oh, thank you.
compliment. It was a birthday I just finished modifying it. Boby : Thank you
Lucy: Fine too Susi : Could you tell me
present from my mother.
Andrian: You mean this is the where you got it? I have been Ani : How long did you
old motorcycle that you used Andromeda: Lucy, how looking for one like that for a
Abi: Where did your prepare for it?
to drive to school? beautiful you are with that red long time.
mother buy it?
dress Boby : About 2 months
Bia: My mother said that Trisna : Yes, it is. Agnes : It’s from the Java
Lucy: Really? My mother Store in Jakarta. Ani : Who guided you?
she had bought it for me when
have just bought it for me
she was in Singapore
yesterday Susi : Oh, thank you very Boby : Mrs. Rara. She
Abi: You look handsome much. trained us patiently and
Andromeda: Yeah, you look worked hard to make the
with that expensive T-shirt
so nice performance a success
Bia: Thank you but this is
Lucy: Thank you Meda Ani : You're right! I could
a really cheap T-shirt.
tell that all the characters
played very well

Boby : Thank you