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Who we are

Credencys is a business development house working with enterprises who want to leverage
Mobile, Web, Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things and Cognitive Technologies for their growth.
We have presence in the USA, Singapore and India.
What we do
With our Centre of Excellence (COE) we execute the best in Strategy, Design and
Development using Scrum and DevOps to deliver you the latest in IoT, wearable, mobile,
cloud and emerging technologies.
Brands we have worked with
Completing 300+ projects in 5 years, Credencys’ 200+ strong Agile workforce continues to
strengthen the company’s position in the market as a leading software services and
solutions provider.
Social network app for Salman Khan and his fans Industry
Being in touch with Salman was never this easy Media & Entertainment
Celebrity Social Networking


Java, Swift
This application is a unique platform for Salman Khan fans where this superstar shares his direct
messages and some of his very candid moments along with his biography, workout practices,
personal interests, photos, videos, etc.

This app gives access to Salman’s fan wall and his social media pages with single sign-in to this
Being In Touch

app. It also offers some privileged discount vouchers for his fans and followers on this app.
Additionally, the app has Being Human vacancy dashboard and Salman Khan Game.

Application Highlights
• Salman Khan shares his direct messages and unexplored and unedited real life moments.
• “Salman Khan Fan Wall” where his posts and updates can be seen at first place, before
they get shared on other social media channels.
• Access to Salman’s FaceBook, Twitter, & Instagram pages, with “Single Sign-in” to this
• Salman Khan’s biography, workout practices, personal interests, photos and videos, etc.
• Privileged shopping discount offers or vouchers are available for his fans and followers on
this application.
• Being Human vacancy dashboard.
• Salman Khan Game- The ground-breaking Bollywood Celebrity Game ever.
Hilco Global Industry
Making Asset Valuation Process Hassle-Free Banking and Financial Services

Utility | Customer Relationship


Objective C, Sitefinity
Hilco Valuation Service is a global leader in the asset valuation of all tangible and intangible
asset categories of diversified businesses. Hilco's evaluators used to visit the site and make
necessary notes for valuation purposes. These notes and the data were then matched to a
proprietary database on a web based system, back at Hilco's office. Apparently, it was not a
very efficient process as the clients had to wait for a long time before delving into any
Hilco Global

numbers. To solve this inefficiency, Hilco partnered with Credencys to create a mobile
enabled solution. Credencys developed an iPad application for the evaluators, putting them
on top of their day to day schedule which usually includes on-site visits for asset valuation.

Features of the Application

• Seamless integration with web directory system
• The map helps user in finding the location easily
• User can add assets and related values
• Push Notifications are sent when data is saved to the system
• User can quickly browse through and retrieve asset information
Digital Solution to improve customer engagement in shopping malls Industry
Beacons, Mobile applications and web solutions to engage customers in malls Shopping Mall

Marketing and E-commerce App

JAVA, Objective-C, PHP-yii, Magento,
Elasticsearch, Storm, Hadoop,
iBeacon, Geofencing
Application Overview
Phoenix Marketcity Digital Platform is a mobile and web-based digital platform
that increases customer engagement and awareness for promotional offers. It
Phoenix Market City

also provides an easily manageable backend for Phoenix Marketcity mall chain
with appropriate flexibilities and control.

Application Highlights

Backend Management
Centralized Control System for entire mall chain, WYSIWYG Editor,
Smart Analytic
A comprehensive and simple backend system that provides easy remote
management facility along with central controls. It supports multi-user and
user-specific application sign-in. Admin can utilize its analytics, Geofencing and
email campaigning and many other features.
Marketing Campaigns & Foot-fall Boosters
iBeacon, E-commerce for in mall stores, Recommendation Engine, Geofencing
Phoenix Market City

Increased effectiveness in offering personalized messages to customers and offer most relevant options in a non-intrusive, automated manner.
Brick-and-mortar store owners also get an opportunity to register an online presence and benefit from online bookings. parking space booking,
email response workflow and material management.

Customer Experience Enhancers

Mall-store Locator with Filters, Promotional Offerings, Concierge Facilities
The digital platform with its recommendation engine provides shopping suggestions along with
path indicator and online shopping facility. One can also connect to concierge facilities using a web browser or mobile device.

Operations Management
Digital platform for concierge management.
Employee social network solution for enterprises Industry
Improving social collaboration at workplaces Brand and Reputation
Enterprise Social Networking
(ESN) App


Objective -C | Java
GoScoop is an Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) application
owned by Astrum which is a leading science-based Reputation
Management advisory in India that works as a strategic partner to
the C-Suite helping them in their Reputation Management, Crisis
& Issues Communication, and Corporate Affairs. GoScoop engages
employees, improves knowledge sharing, quickens approval cycles

and eventually makes collaboration and decision making faster, by

removing barriers to communication; at the same time ensuring
that there are controls on what is shared.

Features of the Application

• Employees receive news feeds based on their interest.
• Employees can share the articles on social media.
• Enterprises can effectively define new strategies and set goals.
• Employees can bring their ideas to light through discussion boards.
• Open fire protocol allows a large number of users to chat within a
single chat group.
• Customization - As a white label application, client can modify the
application anytime depending on its business needs.
Health & Fitness

Inspiring & Guiding Healthier Choices that Solution

Members Engagement & Meeting
Transform Lives Management Application

Framework Integration
Java, Swift, PHP-yii2
Application Overview
Credencys understood and offered a user specific mobile App for WW’s weekly
meeting members and leaders aka “Member Engagement App (ME App)”. This
connected platform works as an informal way to motivate members to achieve
healthy lifestyle. It It also provided leaders with an organized way of planning
and commencing meetings.

Application Highlights
Weekly Meeting Management
Enables WW Leaders to manage own profile, meeting schedules, agenda or
topic, events, send meeting invites, get details of interested attendees, record 45000
meeting feedbacks, etc. Weekly
Subscribed WW members can search & register for upcoming meetings. Search
filters such as leaders name, their profile, nearby locality, meeting topics etc.
can be Applied. 20 Major
Social Page
To share their stories, pictures, videos, comments, healthy-recipes, etc. Millions
Leaders can share weekly meeting outcomes, goals or challenges, suggest
of Members
health strategies, diet plans, etc. to keep the members motivated post-meetings.
Other Features of Leaders
Invite and refer friends from personal contacts, message boards, group chats,
voting polls, forums and community posts, etc. .

The App is enabled to support WW’s online store, e-magazine, nearby in-stores,
press releases, etc.
AR app that is changing the way people interact with supermarket bags Industry
Access thousands of deals at your favorite supermarkets or look for in-store offers while shopping using Retail and Marketing
Augmented Reality
Marketing | Utility, AR solution


Objective - C | JAVA | Unity 3D
Restless Entertainment Marketing Group is a US based firm that is a boutique,
marketing, advertising, branding digital media agency specializing in the US
Hispanic market. They felt the need to connect the brand with the hearts and
mind of Latino consumers such to increase and gain loyal customers. Credencys
Brand Bags

worked on the requirements laid down by Restless Entertainment Marketing

Group and developed this particular application in AR. In this application, users
can see videos and images of the company, products via AR. Users can open
URL's that are in the app such to gain more and more loyalty of the customers.

Features of the Application

• View promotional videos and images about the company, products.
• Users have access to the URLs on the same

33% 24%
User engagement through AR app App coupons used in total sales
Mobile App for Experiential Marketing & Promotions
Spin Slot based Game for customer engagement and rewards program Industry
Travel and Hospitality

Enhanced Customer Engagement |
Business Profitability | Marketing


JAVA | Objective-C
Cox & Kings is an established brand in the travel and tourism domain
with more than 250 years of history. The company runs regular
campaigns with innovative packaging, pricing and marketing strategies.
The need to do new prompted Cox & Kings to explore the possibility of a
Cox & Kings

mobile driven campaign for which Credencys offered its consulting,

design and development services. The result was a unique mobile App
which kept on engaging users and provided them with attractive

Features of the Application

• User is navigated to 'spin the wheel'
• User can access notification screen to manage and view send
notifications and its setting.
• User can claim the won prize by tap on the “Claim Prize”, which has an
option “Take Away” or “Send via Courier”.
• App share concept: User can also share their winning prize on social
media (Facebook, twitter, Google Plus).
28% Revenue/business
• Cox & Kings can show all active offers available to users of the App. generated using this app
• Store Locator: User will view all Cox & kings store locations.
IOT app for Halo smart smoke detectors
Intelligent app working proactively to help user keep his house safe from fire accidents Smart Home

IoT Enabled Smart Alarms


JAVA | Objective-C | PHP-YII
Solution by Credencys
IoT enabled mobile application that detects any fire incident and notifies the
connected mobile device/s via server along with the voice notification and alarming
buzz in device.
Halo Smart Labs

The product is integrated with FEMA’s Emergency Alert System (EAS) which creates
voice alerts in case of national or other life threatening emergencies & weather threats
like a tornado or hurricane, etc.

Credencys also developed the application backend for Halo administrators to get app
uses overview, push firmware updates over-the-air, manage fire-station database,
manage detailed alarm events history etc

Other App Features

Multiple smartphones can be connected with single Halo device. Likewise, multiple
Halo devices can be connected to mobile device. Thus, Family/ friends can also be
notified for the same.

Credencys has provided a smart design of controlling and operating this device to
assure that the user doesn’t ignored or mistakenly avoided the warning.

Users can control Halo's the RGB LEDs and can use the device as night lamp with
flexibility to change the light colors and brightness.
Social networking app for diamond traders in India Industry
Helping trader generate demand and interest for their diamond stocks Retail E-Commerce

Website Development, Mobile
Application Development


Objective-C | Java | PHP-YII
VDB – Virtual Diamond Bourse is an online application owned by VDB
Virtual Diamond Bourse

Systems, India which has been present in the diamond trading and
jewelry industry since last three decades. The company wanted to
create a platform which would connect buyers with the specific sellers
or vice versa.

Through Credencys’s consultancy, design, engineering, and web

development, mobile applications were created for both iPhone and
Android. A website portal was created to have a thorough
understanding of VDB as well as better connectivity of the brokers and

Features of the Application

• The availability of certified and uncertified diamonds with stock
• Ease of communication via whatsapp, chat, SMS, call, email, etc.
• Create online groups and follow group trading activity
• Deep information of current market trends
Earning Cashback on purchasing the Beverages
Innovative marketing channel for liquor brands, repeat customers for retailers and great deals Industry
for customer Food and Beverages

Marketing and Advertising,
Commerce, Business Intelligence


Java, Swift, PHP-YII
BevRAGE is an app owned by Bevrage, LLC - a Connecticut based start-up which
works in partnership with liquor companies in the region. BevRAGE observed
that local liquor vendors in the region were investing a lot in print
advertisements, gift vouchers and coupons without achieving any considerable
ROI. Bevrage LLC felt the need for digitizing offer coupons – a solution which had

worked well for other businesses but was yet to be tried by the liquor vendors.
Credencys took this assignment to develop a mobile application, using which
liquor companies can create digital coupons and allow their customers to
redeem the same as per their convenience.

Features of the Application

• Easy to browse offers
• Sharing the coupons via social media
• Coupons distribution based on customer’s location and preference

28% revenue contributed through

this ecommerce channel
Cargo Booking and Tracking App
Moving household, parcels, perishables and small business consignments through advanced mobile apps
Transport & Logistics

Shipment / Truck for hire


Shipping of goods inside India can be a nightmarish experience for
first time shippers - CargoJi sensed the need for a solution. The motto
behind building Cargoji was to connect shippers and mini-truck
drivers in India in a better way so the delivery of the goods can be
done without any hassle. Credencys offered its consulting and

application development services to the client to launch – Cargoji, a

first of its kind mobile application - which is helping small truck
owners in India make big time changes in the industry

Features of the Application

• Coherent details of the drivers
• Current / Advance booking option
• Easy to view driver’s details
• Instant messaging option

Revenue increased from

cargo bookings using app 35%
Taxi Booking Application for SF based Cab company Industry
Mobile solution connecting cab drivers & passengers Transportation & Logistics

Hire Taxi Solution


PHP| Objective-C | JAVA
GoCyty is one touch cab booking solution for Android and IOS, with
power for you to track your rides at any given point. With powerful
Google maps and Distance matrix API, GoCyty gives you the real time
“ETA” by tapping into the real-time traffic situations. With GoCyty,

your card is automatically charged which gives you a hassle free

experience at the end of your ride.

Features of the Application

• The solution features public app for passengers and private app for drivers.
• The application through web control panel is capable of taking booking on phone for user who don't have app
• Using Twilio anonymous phone# API, both the driver and passenger are safeguarded from identity theft.
• The app features a simple but intuitive user interface with no learning curve.

43% 70%
Customer satisfaction
Revenue generation by
Driver's ideal
time reduced through feedback grown new booking channel
Spotting wildlife using mobile app Industry
Social network connecting wildlife lovers Travel and Tourism

Geo-location Based
Wildlife Application


Objective-C I JAVA
Where is the Wild Life (WWL)
WWL focuses on wildlife tourism that attracts ample bird
watchers and wildlife lovers. Apparently, catching on to
wildlife is not as easy as it seems on Discovery or NatGeo
and it also includes some serious danger.

The aim was to create such an app that can enhance the
experience of spotting the wildlife for the jungle visitors and
wildlife enthusiasts. Credencys offered its consulting and
software development services to build an image rich global
geo-location based wildlife application, which allows users to
share images and videos of wildlife, track wildlife and have a
better wildlife experience.

Features of the Application

• Geo-tagging of images
• Turn by turn navigation
• Easy to browse wildlife
• Works in offline mode
Digital directory to discover the best burger in the town Industry
Helping people find the best burger joints and share their favorite burger with others
Food and Beverages

Online search and discovery service,
Online advertisement


JAVA | Swift | PHP-YII
The main aim of BrilliantBurger is to connect all burger lovers and help them find out which joint in their locality offers the best burger. The service
also enables the users to post reviews, read reviews for a better burger experience. Credencys provided IT consulting, engineering and design
Brilliant Burger

expertise in building this mobile app. The burger portal allows customers to view, manage and search favorite restaurants or burgers.

Features of the Application

• Engage with burger fans
• Easy to locate best burger joints via GPS
• Some information about the first slide

1.5 Lac 32% Contribution

Approx. users No. of orders per day/in
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