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Typology can be termed as a division of individual units into the set of categories which are
valuable for some specific purposes (Blunden et al., 1998). It serves as a source of appraising
several diverse indicators in fundamental manner which are based on identifying the solid
interconnections (Andersen et al., 2007). Spatial characteristics like high ceiling create the feeling
of liberty and squat ceilings limits and confine thoughts. The impacts of the alteration in spaces
like reflected difference between the large speech halls and small class rooms can influence
learning. It is extensively applied for explaining the forms of longitudinal modification that are
linked with the procedures of environments, social and economic. A perfect typology proposes to
identify the specification about places. It is also significant for in terms of research alliance that
underlines the economics, social and environmental systems.

St john’s Church is an Anglican church in Fremantle, Western Australia, that was commenced in
1843. It’s also recognized as St John the Evangelist Church. It was originated after requesting to
the governor “John Hutt” of Western Australia to make an Anglican church near king’s place. It
was stood at the square’s center of the high street. It was encompassed the by the zone of land that
was surrounded on the south, by Newman Street and William street in the West and it embraced
of queen street and Adelaide street in north and east. The place of the old church that was the
segment of existing high street lies between the present church and town hall compartment. In
1882, it was substituted with the vast building. Still, the sketch of the old building of the church
can be seen in the street of western Australia (St John’s Anglican Church, Fremantle).

St John church, Fremantle

Round house was the ancient remaining integral building in western Australia that was recognized
between 1830 to 1831. It had eight lockups that unfastened up in the central squares. That allowed
all the prisoners to be monitored from a fundamental position. Below the midpoint of the round
house, a cove whaling was taken by the beach and a mine was located under the round house. It is
in Fremantle west land. The round house has the twelve sides and was constructed as a jail in the
year 1830. It is neither a house nor its round and its made by local marble. It is the oldest public
building in the state of western Australia that was designed by Henry Revelry. The round house
was the first residential in the colony and it is recognized as the ancient persisting building in
western Australia. The design of the round house indicates to be inclined by beach fort buildings,
that are the component of Italy (Head,1931).

Round House in Western Australia

During the history of architecture, buildings with religious structure indicates the bent and high
places that promotes religious and heavenly thoughts. In the case of public building, room
constructions either of the organizations or houses can dictate the behavior of human (Hall, 1988).
In our daily routine, the spatial features of rooms in the houses have the potential to effect
unconsciously and oversee the performance of humans. Moreover, Yerkes (1908) emphasized on
the significance of emotional features of human in a constructed environment. Therefore, some
elements of interior environments can influence human sentiments (Franz, 2006).

First structure of the church that was manufactured in western Australia, Fremantle was contained
by two labor-intensive, nine halts and gearstick. The church has stained glass windows with seven
lancet and with three windowpanes that are imported from London and was made by A.L. Moore.
These seven lancets show the individual’s work of kindness. The church that was made initially
was comprised of the local marble. It was an airy and high ceiled building. The outstanding ceiling
of constructer Jarrah contained top quality furnishings. The quality of the windows of the stained
glass was outclass that indicates the work of A. L Moore and Co, London (Western Australia Pipe
Organs, 2013). In 1975, government decided to make alterations in the church and they replaced
the old marble with pebbles. As far as interior spatial structure is concerned, the St john church is
cross in square with ceiling.

The association between St john’s and Round buildings and high streets:
The high streets are the main roads running over Fremantle city in Western Australia. The streets
pass by historic milestones that designates the Fremantle’s round houses, town hall and war
commemorative across two town squares and west end tradition area. The association between
these two is that the St john church was originated at the center of square at the high streets and
after pulling down the previous church, the high street roads were protracted in 1881 for the
Fremantle town hall of king’s square. The relationship can between the st john’s and round
buildings can be seen in relevance to spiritual satisfaction. As in the past the criminals were locked
up in the round houses and even they were being murdered as a punishment for their sins. The
society can be influenced by making good deeds and make their life peaceful by solving their
problems in church. While indicating the outlook of Fremantle city in 1832, it can be realized that
high streets meticulously resembles a quagmire than a major road and the round house was the
first public building of western Australia (Campbell, 1980). With the passage of time high streets
were not remain like swap after being improvement.

Church, round house impacts on society of Fremantle:

As people are living in hazardous and severe times, they are required to encounter the mystical,
emotional and physical needs. In this sense the church like St johns church in Australia deliver
suggestions, needs and encouragements to the people, that will be helpful to encounter their
desires. They provide services the publicly for adjacent societies and they are making variations
in the lives of people that is useful for the supporters as well as for the community. The deeply
entrenched church in the society and its membership as a public servant can influence the people’s
life and their mission on earth. The church was constructed with the high and airy ceiling that
indicates that promotes the feeling of freedom among societies to express their feelings and
problems with the advisors of the church.

The round house in Fremantle was been made for the recidivists that belonged to foreign and
indigenous until 1886, and after that it was used as a police prison till 1990. Then it was become
the living accommodations for chief constable and his family. Now it has become the tourists place
that by the historical society of Australian western. Visiting such places can make people familiar
about an interesting history of prisoners that had been locked up here. That creates interest and
attraction towards the Australian society. The construction of round house was lessened, and the
eight lockups was made at the central of building that promotes the restricted thoughts among the

Rituals as manifesting buildings:

Rituals are of diverse kinds may create wakeful thoughts. Occasionally, the feelings are involved
in rituals and most of these stimulate logical understandings, for motivating our senses and
appealing our minds, they are often stated the replication of an act with the cultural or legendary
significance. The ceremonies of rituals are often fixed with some instinctive and monotonous
responses of the participants. Significantly, the simple man found it to have an important effect in
his life. Therefore, it is continued to be applied in religious ceremonies and daily life as well.
Nowadays, rituals are viewed as an illogical cultural performance and they have extensive
purposes to create a suitable environment using the imperceptible forces of nature for life. Rituals
that are assorted with building with some of the categories of location such as structure of rituals,
refinement of houses, placing the foundation of the religious buildings, main door location and
edge beam background. There is a significance of selecting accurate location for rituals
psychologically and physically. The composition of Rituals behaviors can participate for the
formations of places that can be beneficial emotionally. Contrasting, ignoring the cultural
principles and means of upholding synchronization with ordinary forces besides the technological
actions can be the reason of creating disturbances among human health (Patterns of rituals in the
construction of traditional Architecture).


The study was about the St john Church, round buildings and high streets in the Fremantle city in
western Australia. The locality of the ancient church that was the section of current high street that
remains between the present church and town hall partition and the round building was an old
constructed area for the prisoners. That has now become the tourists place. The high streets were
the main roads running through this city in Australia. The association between st john and round
house and high streets show that after the demolishing previous church, the high streets roads were
extended and there is spiritual association between the round building and church. By visiting the
round building people can get awarded with the history of Fremantle and they can improve their
spiritual deeds by visiting church. The proposals brought by the st john’s church can inspire the
people to make their needs possible. It facilities overtly to the adjoining cultures that produce
distinctions in the lives of people and that is use full for the wellbeing of society. The deeply rooted
church in the society and its associations as a public service can affect the lives of people and their
missions on earth. Similarly, the creation of ritual performances cam contributes for the
development of religious building that can benefit us ardently and disregarding the cultural
principles can make the disturbances among the health of individuals.

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