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Project Rubric

Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1

Presentation • Demonstrates thorough • Demonstrates good • Demonstrates some • Demonstrates limited

(C) understanding of the chosen

type of POL
understanding of the chosen
type of POL
understanding of the chosen
type of POL
understanding of the chosen
type of POL
• Provides clear purpose and • Has somewhat clear purpose • Attempts to define purpose • Does not clearly define
(30%) subject
• Demonstrates strong
and subject
• Shows some enthusiastic
and subject
• Shows little or mixed
subject and purpose
• Fails to increase audience
enthusiasm about topic during feelings about topic feelings about the topic being understanding of knowledge
entire presentation • Raises audience presented of topic
• Significantly increases understanding and awareness • Raises audience • Shows no interest
Enthusiasm &
audience understanding and of most points understanding and knowledge •Presentation type does not
Audience Awareness
knowledge of topic •Presentation type mostly and of some points match topic and shows little
•Presentation type clearly and matches topic •Presentation type slightly and/or no thought or
thoughtfully matches topic matches topic but shows little planning
thought or planning
Research •Research is thorough, fully •Research is sound, complete •Research is somewhat •Research is incomplete
Information complete and extends beyond and answers original research complete and addresses the and/or does not addresses the
the original research question question original research question in a original research question
•Extended evidence of •Evidence of connections basic fashion •Limited evidence of
connections made among made among concepts •Some evidence of connections made among
(30%) concepts
•Directly relates with real world
•Relates with real world connections made among
•Does not relate with real
•Somewhat relates with real world
Conferencing • Information was thoroughly • Information was discussed in • Information was somewhat • Information was not
discussed in conferences and conferences, and a good discussed few conferences, and discussed through conferences,
(K/U/A) elaborated on, showing in understanding of the topic is some understanding of the and little to no understanding
depth understanding of the shown topic is shown of the topic is shown
topic •Can discuss topic and •Can somewhat discuss topic •Has difficulty discussing topic
(10%) •Can discuss topic and research research with confidence and research only by referring and research; cannot
thoroughly with great to notes participate in conference

Research •4-5 research questions created •4-5 research questions •less than 4-5 research •less than 4-5 research
Questions & that show evidence of ability to created that show evidence of questions and/or questions questions and/or questions
ask “thick” questions. ability to ask somewhat created show evidence of created show evidence of
L.P. •Research is reliable and “thick” questions. asking only somewhat “thin” asking only “thin” questions.
(T) thorough
•Research is mostly reliable questions. •Research is unreliable and
• LP is thoroughly completed
(10%) and thorough •Research is mostly unreliable not thorough
•LP is complete and/or not thorough •LP is incomplete
•LP is somewhat complete
Use of Class •Always comes prepared for •Usually comes prepared for •Is somewhat prepared for •Is typically not prepared for
Time class
• Uses all class time for assigned
class class class
• Uses most class time for • Does not typically use class • Does not use class time for
(20%) research and presentation
assigned research and time for research or research or assignment and/or
presentation preparation assignment and/or requires requires frequent redirection
somewhat frequent