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'Homeless' Monoge Smile To Kids
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i havechanged attitude," my saidGuy,the spokesman for a committee older childrenthat he represents of at Hillcrest. saidthestaff is givingthekidsa biggersay He I motners and fathers were the only major things in howthings run andlife is a lot better. are :rl Christmas eelebr:iiion Day !missingfrom yesterday's planspartiesand settlesdisputes Gny'scommittee Hillcrest Receiving Home. fi thecounty's over thingslike dividingup the "good clothes."He at being awayfromtheir I For manychildren thehomc, game,a gift from his around new computer a parentswas a holidayin itself" tariir-:cl or { abusive batterin.g motlitr,whohewould beseeing Christmas. not on (whosrlrves Fiillcrest's bakertherestctf Claus, as i Santa Walter Shjelds, juniorsocial a worter at Hillcrest sat morning withgifts,candi theyear;brightened rarn.y the i oli a c0unt()r, surrounded his youngfriends, by candy who havebeentakenawai for andsmiles the children and mostlyfor' \fl&ppcrs tovs. from their parentsfor a variety 0f reasons, "liurprisingly enough, lot of thesekids say they a or abused neglected. being ratherbehere thanat home because wouldn't they "Being here today is not the greatestthing, bul would the of yesterday hada pass visit my grandma," saidGuy getnearly amount gifts," saidShields. I to l-lillcrest supervisor Roger Essex saidyesterday a was his dayat Hillcrest. 13andbeginning 47th good Christmas most of the childrenwere because "I havea record going AWOL 18times, latel,; but of spending day out of the home.About20 went to the partiesat the homes employees volunteers. of or The remaining alder childrenwere takenon an afternoon harbor cruise aftera speciai Christmas iunchof ti;'lro.v. potatoes peas. cranberry sauce, and Two wceksago, thert:rvereabout60 chiidren;by Christmas number dropped about [hE had to 20. r,'hildren l.hing these wantis a family "Theoverridiirg anda home," sard Pr:rry, corrections services f'ai ;i and officerwho rccentlyl;:anst'eried l{illcrestfrom the to Comnrunity Mental IlealthClinicin Oceanside. "Parents kidshereareundr:r of dtress. Theviendto be immature, a lowthreshold pAtiencr-'," said. with 0f Pt:rry paperand rrbhons Pilesof torn wrapping der:orated thefloorof a big playroom. decorated ,,iominated A l.ree onecorner. Children munched candywhileteslingnew groups. by toysdonated several Fourtow-headed brothers sisters, and ranging age in from I to 2, hadarrtvedat Hillcrest weekbefore. a The children been thehome had at several timesbefore. Most recently livingtogehter a fosterhome in theyhadbeen pqoblems but the eldestwas creatingdiscipline and grouphad beenreturnedto the homeiust beforethe holiday. Neighbors, apartment managers police usualand are iy theones whoinitiate steps bringther,'hridren the to to poorlyclothed Hilicrest. Ciriidren are underfcd, who or visiblybeaten frequently are brought the homeuntii to countysocialworkers and the coufiscan dr:cide their

lVo youngsters frol' ickingwith a ball and bubbles- at the HillcrestRe' ceiving Home found that on alone theyweren'treallY' Christmas.

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in girl Iitile g-year-old was foundsleeping the at restrooni HorionPlazali'Perrysaid."Her inofherhad her OroppeO off at the moviesand nevercamebackto oickher up.,' 'to '-i; take theii minds off sad thoughts,the 6y carols,gifts, handehildrenwere treatedto Christmas m6mbers puppet showb-y *ioe'.iroilno in impromptu w.ere!r!f HolidayHospitalFroject.The carolers of the who o[aFiduates ini fridnds, said Irene Shansby, iized the visit. Michael Rtter the carolinganrlgift.giving,l2-year-old was waiting.pxiogllV for a-friend who works at the

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dinner' to home pick him up lbr Christmas. "I wotildrather be home,but I'm not sayingI don't said. appreciate this," Michael - nThere all at and party-'givers is no lack of volunteers saidsocialworkerBim Plumb.He saidthe Christmas," spirit, butwouldalso all appreciates theChristmas home people durhg the rest ofthe year. seeing appreciate ';'It wouldcomein and if.groups of.neat wouldbe t<ind havea no4tlly party," hg.Plq. sittingin the especialll eighttoddlers Butthechildren, to dinner,seemed high chairsenjoyingtheir Christmas by organized their friendsand the ap-preciate fbstivities the Hillcreststaff' . ,::-.,rii):,.i,iri*6.