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Mechanics are the inner workings of Dota 2. The following is a list of mechanics topics.

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each topic to view how they are calculated, where they originate, as well as their complex
interactions with other mechanics elements.

kills possessed by units, to be used on the battlefield. All heroes have at least three basic abilities,
and one ultimate ability. Hero abilities are acquired upon leveling up with experience. Most abilities
need to be activated, while others are passive. Active abilities have a cooldown period between

 Strength
 Agility
 Intelligence
Baseline stats that increase with each level. Strength increases health and health regeneration,
Agility increases armor and attack speed, Intelligence increases mana, mana regeneration, and spell
amplification. All heroes are associated with one of three attributes, known as their Primary
Attribute. Raising a hero's Primary Attribute also raises their physical attack damage. Attributes can
also be increased by items and abilities.TalentsBonuses that increase a hero's stats and properties.
Players can pick one of two talents at levels 10, 15, 20, and 25.ExperiencePoints needed for heroes
to level up. Experience is gained from killing creeps and enemy heroes. Maximum level is 25, after
which experience no longer serves any purpose.SpawningHeroes spawn at the fountain, in their
base. Dead heroes respawn after a set amount of time. Respawn time is determined by the hero's

 Health regeneration
The amount of hit points a hero has. Health and health regeneration can be increased by strength,
items, abilities, and talents.Mana

 Mana regeneration
The resource required to use most abilities. Mana and mana regeneration can be increased by
intelligence, items, abilities, and talents.Armor

 Armor types
 Armor manipulation
 Effective HP
Property that reduces incoming physical damage by a scaling amount per attack. Armor comes in
three types, and can be increased or decreased by some items and abilities.Damage blockProperty
that reduces incoming damage by a fixed amount per attack. It is granted by some items and
abilities.Magic resistanceProperty that reduces incoming magical damage by a percentage. Most
heroes start with 25% Magic Resistance. It can be further increased by some items and

 True strike
 Accuracy
Property that grants a percentage chance to completely avoid a physical attack. True strike allows a
hero to ignore evasion.Movement speedThe rate at which a unit moves. Movement speed can be
increased and decreased by items and abilities.Turn rateThe rate at which a unit's model turns.
Most actions require the model to be facing towards the direction of the action about to be
taken.Collision sizeThe internal size of a unit, which is impassable and can block other units. Most
heroes have the same collision size, regardless of their graphical model.AuraPassive buffs and
debuffs that surround a hero or unit in a circular radius. Auras come from abilities and items, and
cannot be dispelled.IllusionsClones of heroes that are generated by abilities, items, or runes.
Illusions come in different types, and possess lesser properties of the original hero.