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McCune Cran Comet 6 Last Seo Dover, NI R4203768 Ph 1.10306 a (60) A542 + ec loon oy wy dover STATEMENT OF EXISTING USE Occupant and Property ower voluntary submit this document tothe City of Rochester Planning & Development Department to describe Occupant’ existing use ofa portion of Property Owners building at 63 South Main Street. Both Occupant and Property Owner assert ‘that Occupant's use does not constitute a Change of Use ofthe bulling for zoning and ste plan review purposes, This submission is without prejudice tothe rights of Occupant and Property ‘Owner. Date: Sentember 26,2018 PROPERTY INFORMATION TAXMAP #0120 LOT #-0343 ZONE: DTC PROPERTY ADDRESS/LOCATION: 63 South Main Steet, Rochester Nit [NAME OF OCCUPANT: Dover Adult Learning Center of Strafford County, Adult Basic Education ‘and Ena for Speakers of other Languages programs ‘occupant NAME: it Learning m a i "MAILING ADDRESS. 61 Locust Srast, Dover, NH 3820 TELEPHONE #: 603-742-1030 EMAIL ADDRESS. dstrand@doveradullenning.ore PROPERTY OWNER IF DIFFERENT FROM OCCUPANT) NAME (INCLUDE NAME OF INDIVIDUAL): ist Church Congregational U.C.C, MAILING ADDRESS: 63 South Main Street, Rochester, NH 3867 ‘TELEPHONE #: 603-337-1121 EMAIL ADDRESS: fstucc® ‘exISTING ACY Hours of Operation: wr = 12:30PM, Twesdas Number of employees: 5 Square footage being used: re-exst 7.2 together: a. f, We also nd 454 so, fe i in Anca oppor. eo gee wring With Doe Seal Dena wth ‘ute wouphnt Safir Coon ove ea rd etn open Transforming les through education for over 40 yenrst